Friday, 11 November 2011


My favourite bodybuilding pose, hands down, is the Most Muscular! Nothing shows off huge juicy ripped roided beef more beautifully than a big nasty trap exploding, beef popping, skin stretching, muscle blasting Most Muscular!!

I love how every bodybuilder has their own style of Most Muscular. Some go in for a big bent low down crab MM, traps popping out up to their ears, while some prefer to stay more upright so we get a nice shot of their hot stacked ripped to shreds abs. Another type of Most Muscular I love is when bodybuilders place both hands on the top of the big fuck-off quads and just squeeze the fuck out of their beef.

Another reason why I love the Most Muscular so much is because it's the pose where muscle freaks most typically crank up the arrogance/cockiness/aggression and really give it some attitude!! It drives me crazy when a bodybuilder arrogantly sticks out his tongue like a gargoyle as he squeezes out a big nasty cocky Calvin drenching Most Muscular, or aggressively opens his mouth wide so wide you fear he may swallow the closest audience member whole. Even hotter than that...the thing which gets me *every* time, but something that's not that common, is when a nasty juicy muscle freak squeezes out a big Most Muscular and lets out a big loud, outrageous/arrogant/aggressive grunt, groan, or yell like a fucking animal!! FUCK. ING. HELL. That's just crazy hot beyond words!!

Behold...the ULTIMATE bodybuilding pose in all it's nasty/cocky/arrogant/crazy/
freaky/awesome/hot as HELL glory...


  1. WTF!!!
    incredible.....i want every f*cker here!!
    but top of the pile those daddies.....muscle maturity, massive , rock solid, vein plastered, big vascular bastards.
    come here need to know what it is to be appreciated!!

  2. They deserve to be admired and worshiped for all eternity. I have to agree that some of these mature daddies really get my juices flowing. Hot!

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