Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Cody Lewis recently put an advertisement on several job websites in the hope of finding someone to be his "Personal Muscle Assistant"! Here's what the advert said....

WANTED: Personal Muscle Assistant to 21 year old huge roided muscle boy. You will be responsible for buying & cooking my high protein meals (6-8 a day) as well as buying my muscle supplements, and my roids, which you will then inject into my tight hard muscled ass on a regular basis. You will be responsible for buying my posing trunks, which you'll then have to assist me in getting on, as they often get stuck around my big thick crazily conditioned quads. You may also be required to help me tuck the back of my posers right into the crack of my hard freaky striated ass. You will accompany me to all my bodybuilding shows and apply my tan backstage (where you'll be surrounded by a room full of other sweaty oily tanned pumped up muscle freaks wearing nothing but tiny bright posing trunks), rubbing it into every inch of my huge pumped muscle boy body. As a warning, I have a tendency to flex my big hard beef whilst I'm being tanned and oiled up. You will also be required to endure constant flexing/practicing posing on a daily bases. I may also ask you to feel my huge pumped up muscle whilst I pose and flex, just to get a second opinion that I really am growing into an even bigger harder more ripped muscle freak of nature by the day.

Any takers??


  1. Please tell me the above is true!!!

  2. Excellent ad. It made my dick rock hard.

  3. That clip from his Muscle Gallery shoot, where he's lying in the shallow water with his legs all spread out, is so fucking HOT it made me cream myself CRAZY!! What a sexy young stud!!!


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