Wednesday, 2 November 2011



Ok let’s be honest here, Toth is no competition for fellow Hungarian beef buddies Zoltan Voros and Peter Molnar in the pretty boy stakes, but equally, they’re no match for him in the “being a huge juicy freaky muscle BEAST” stakes! Something tells me being a pretty boy isn’t exactly high on Toth’s priority list either. I would hazard a guess that said list would look something like this…

PRIORITY #1 - Being as huge and roided as possible.
PRIORITY #2 - Being as freaky and muscular as possible.
PRIORITY #3 - Being a monstrous mountain of juicy BEEF causing any person lucky enough to clasp their eyes on him to either instantly shit their pants in fear or cream their pants in arousal!

FACT: Toth’s diet consists of exactly THREE things: ROIDS, ROIDS, and more fucking ROIDS! The body is just absolutely brutal. Monstrous guns which threaten to punch 2 holes in the ceiling every time he flexes them, a huge plump ass which would stretch the biggest baggiest pair of trunks you could find, big juicy pecs which threaten to jump up and whack him in the face every time he front lat spreads, and big f-off crazy conditioned quads which probably cause him to get stuck in every doorway he attempts to walk through (which he would actually get a *real* kick out of cause it would highlight how just much of a monster he actually is)!

If you like your muscle bulls big nasty juicy huge and hardcore, feast your eyes on this Hungarian Muscle BEAST from Heaven…


  1. The juicer the better. Definitely not a perfect face, but who really cares when it's attached to a body like that. That pic where his posers are eaten by his huge roided ass is a-fucking-mazing!

  2. Agreed! Who cares that hes not the best looking guy, look at that bod!


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