Friday, 18 November 2011


I'm thinking of writing to Joe Weider to suggest a new bodybuilding pose be incorporated into next year's Mr Olympia. It's a really simple pose called the "Back Glute Spread", in which the monstrous mass of muscle freaks onstage turn their backs to the audience, either tuck their posing trunks right into the crack of their hard freaky glutes or pull them down so they're resting just under their cheeks to show their butt naked glutes, and then they simply tense their huge hard freaky striated hams as hard as they can!! 

Some of the bodybuilders would, naturally, start to get cocky and crank up the attitude during the pose, some would point to their insanely hard huge glutes, others would cheekily start tapping them, whilst the real cocky fuckers would outragouesly start giving their cheeks big hard noisy SLAPS!! Some may even cheekily start looking over their (huge) shoulders and down trying to get a good old look at their freaky pumped glutes from Heaven, nodding their heads as if to say "yeah baby...that's the fucking shit right there", grunting, groaning and arrogantly yelling out a big cocky "YEAH"!! What do you guys think??


  1. I completely support your idea. These beautiful muscle butts deserve their own pose and consideration when choosing a winner.

  2. Wow. A man after my own heart. Hard, striated, huge glutes are my complete fetish. I'd love if bodybuilders wore jock straps on the stage. I wanna run my tongue in between those freaky pieces of beef!

    BTW, your blog is everything I wish mine were!

  3. Love these posts, man!

    Don't know where you find the pics, but keep 'em coming.

  4. these muscle men sites are a real turn on. Would love to plant my tongue in between those butt-cheeks. Keep those pictures coming.

  5. Bodybuilder Glutes--The pillows of heaven!!

  6. Nothing like it, seeing a muscled guy walking in his posers, and his bubbled, muscled ass cheeks rubbing against one another, accompanied by freaky legs and awesome back - are just the business.

    Bodybuilders with big legs and bubbled asses win over those with string bean legs and masssive arms. If the guys have massive legs and toros - then that is ideal. But I won't passover a guy with quality wheels.

    MuscleAddict, you're a man who likes alot of what I like.

    The sexual appreciation as well as the muscle attraction of this board, is great. A great release for those who appreciate undiluted, raw male muscle and in an unapologetic form.

    Thank you.

    By the way: MuscleAddict, I'm sending you a private e-mail on the subject, please check it out and let me know what you think, thanks.

  7. I think there should be a contest in the US with optional thongs or g-strings -. In Europe they show a lot more glutes and bend over between poses -I truly appreciate your thoughtful up-front gay muscle lover posts--its refreshing and nice to read your salivating intros. If we went to a bodybuilding contest together I am sure we would sit there with raging hard-ons and try to meet the competitors.


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