Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Alexey Lesukov isn’t the only Russian lad who’s life mission is to consume as many roids as humanely possible. It looks like Alexey has found himself a little muscle buddie, and when I say “little” I actually mean “HUGE TANK OF A BOY BEAST” in the (very nice) shape of Andrey Skoromnyy. 3 words sprung to mind the first time I came across this roided up Russian boy bastard, and those words were “JESUS. FUCKING. CHRIST”. The body on this 22 year old is just phenomenal. Outstanding size, and crazy conditioning. Can you say “F-F-F-REEEEAK”?

I really want to believe that he and Alexey are genuine muscle buddies too. That they train together at the same hardcore hell hole gym, strutting in like they own the place (well…they would really wouldn’t they) everyone staring at the 2 tanks on legs. They’d make loads of noise as they pumped up their ripped juicy beef, throwing weights around, loudly grunting & groaning with each rep like fucking animals, and then of course, after a heavy sweaty session, all muscles pumped and bulging, they’d strip to nothing but a pair of posing trunks each (a gold pair for Alexey of course) and start ordering/barking poses at each other, squeezing and tensing and flexing their huge roided beef for the whole gym to witness, 2 big pumped up muscle boys squeezing and straining their skin stretching vein splattered obscenely huge ripped roid filled muscles, all the while unable to tear their eyes off their reflections in the huge mirrors on the gym wall.

Someone book me a flight to Russia and get me to that gym…..NOW!!!

Link to my 2nd Andrey post below:


  1. I'd love to grab a handful of that hair , yank it back and make him call me "Daddy" while I'm nailing his hot sweet ass !!!

  2. Thanks for this superb gallery of the wonderful Skoromniy. Of course young men will take the risk of steroids if they can get to look like this! These men are gods and they deserve our humble offerings. He's already had mine - three times today! The "spunkometer" went into overdrive gauging the appropriate measure.

  3. OMG he is hot!!
    the depth of his abs is astonishing!!!
    and he most definitely deserves our offerings!!

  4. Skoromnyy-lesukov...together they singularly keep the soviet steroid bloc alive & well...just wanna take a pin a pop their bloated bods...


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