Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Rob Burneika is definitely one of my favourite bodybuilders at the moment. Three words sum up this YouTube video of the man himself. FUCK. ING. HELL. Now it's a bit of a beast (like its subject) so below I’ve pointed out what I think are the most cream worthy bits. Oh and I've never hated an Eminem song more! Get rid of that shit and lets hear the grunts and pumps of the beast!

2:20 - Look at the fucking state of him, chest puffing out a mile out of the top of that vest, arms bulging out for days, he can't resist gawping at his own freshly pumped beef either. Don't blame him!

2:26 - GRRRRRR!!! Double bicep...give it to ‘em mean Rob.

3:29 - BAM! Close up on a big hard freaky Most Muscular. Look at his arrogant scrunched face as his eyes go from the camera to his beef as he's just holding the pose for what seems like an eternity.

4:38 - YEEEAHH!! Another hard powerful beef popping pant creaming Most Muscular with a cheeky/cocky facial expression..and then..HELLO TONGUE!! Cheeky!!

5:15 - The music's stopped! Time for some posing in the mirror...but what’s with all the cheesy explosion/BOOM sound effects as he hits the poses?? LOVE IT!

5:27 - WOWZA!! Big hard freaky double bicep..the lighting makes the muscle look amazing and the veins are erupting all over the place.

6:03 - In between talking he just suddenly starts flexing his bi, arrogant look on the face and even gives a few grunts. WOOF!

God I love this man. Or should that be, man I love this God??

Saturday, 26 November 2011


I love everything about ripped pumped handsome Canadian bodybuilder Antoine Vaillant. However, I think Antoine needs a memorable nickname like James "Flex" Lewis, and Phil "The Gift" Heath, just to make him stand out from the crowd of muscle freaks that little bit more. I have a few suggestions...

Antoine "Spunk-a-saurus Rex" Vaillant

Antoine "I'm Shit Fucking Hot And I Know It" Vaillant

Antoine "God DAYMN That's One Hot Piece of Ripped Roided Ass" Vaillant

Antoine "I Make Guys & Girls Cream Their Knick-Knocks At The Mere Thought Of Me" Vaillant

Anyone have any others??

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Time for another picture collection of huge, nasty, sexy, juicy, ripped, roided, monstrous, trap exploding, pec bouncing, quad wobbling, bicep flexing, ab crunching, glute clenching, tan drenched, God-like BEEF!!

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