Saturday, 15 October 2011


Good news for fans of the Johnny Deep film “Whats Eating Gilbert Grape”. A sequel is in the works, starring bodybuilder Steve Kuclo entitled “What The Fuck’s Kuclo Been Eating”! Seriously, I’d like to know. The first time I saw this kid was on the 2004 NPC Teen DVD’s from USAMuscle/Repetrope. He wasn’t the biggest or best guy at all, but there was still something a bit special about him. Cut to 7 years later and he has transformed into an absolute MONSTER. The transformation has just been unbelievable. He must have spent every second of every day since 2004 either stuffing high protein food down his cake hole, injecting roids into every vein imaginable, or pumping ridiculously heavy weights at his local hellhole hardcore gym. What I also love is how he seems to have gotten a lot cockier as he’s gotten bigger. Can’t think why personally but there you go! It’s almost as if being a cute HUGE beast of a muscle boy justifies being a cheeky cocky fucker scrunching up your face and giving it attitude as you squeeze your big pumped All American beef for a crowd of aroused, intimidated and envious audience. Oh wait….it does!! If this lad continues to grow the way he has the past few years he’ll be heading for the Olympia in the not too distant future.


  1. The best body I have seen. Muscle worship for sure! Do you travel?

  2. A very likeable person, and excellent American champion!

  3. I had to check out USAMuscle to see what was going on in 2004 and didn't I find Pete Putnam, Jason Huh, Matt Burzacott along with teen muscle boy Steve! Putnam looked especially hot even back then!


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