Wednesday, 26 October 2011


If you like bodybuilders who are so freakishly vascular that they look like human road maps, or muscle boys so outrageously veiny they look like they have a million thin snakes running underneath their paper thin skin and all over there huge juicy pumped muscle, then look no further than French bodybuilder Luc Molines. Rumour has it it's Luc's mission in life to make the Sat Nav completely redundant.

It's not just the obscenely nasty veins plastered all over his beef that I love about Luc. The beef itself is pretty damn hot, especially those juicy muscle tits with the deep groove in the middle. He also happens to be a handsome fucker, usually with a "fuck yeah I'm nasty and freaky and shit fucking HOT with it" proud as punch, cocky as hell grin/expression splashed all over his cute chops. CHOO CHOO...all aboard the Muscle Train, next stop...VEIN CITY!!


  1. Luc Molines is off the charts on the masculinity scale! Fucking handsome and built like a god!


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