Tuesday, 18 October 2011


If the mountain of handsome cocky Hungarian mass muscle that is Zolton Voros got your undercarriage moist, you might just like his fellow Hungarian muscle chum Peter Molnar!

Peter might not look quite as big as Zoltan, but my GOD what he lacks in the size stakes he more than makes up for in other areas. His physique is absolutely stonking! Incredible symmetry, outstanding aesthetics, amazing skin, HUGE biceps, perfect little abs, one HELL of a plump juicy ass and an impossibly tiny waist!

I’m not quite sure if Peter is as handsome as Zoltan (just slap on lots of tan and oil get into a wrestling ring wearing nothing but your posing trunks and fight it out boys), but he’s definitely cruising his car down Pretty Boy Alley. And to top it all, he’s one nasty little poser, arrogantly opening his mouth Zolton-style as he squeezes his perfectly pumped BEEF like crazy.

If either your jaw, or your pants havn’t dropped to the floor after feasting your eyes on this little lot, leave this blog now and don’t ever come back…



  1. I want that bald guy oiling him up. What a beautiful monster. Peter is so lucky.

  2. Peter Molnar and Daniel Toth are the hottest of the Hungarian bodybuilders.

  3. One hell of a post man - keep them coming!

  4. Peter,Peter,Peter...
    Hail to this amazing muscle god...oh mercy!! ��


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