Sunday, 9 October 2011


There have been some insanely HOT and huge bodybuilders coming out of Hungary in the past 5 years or so. Maybe there's something in the water over there, but the size and condition of some of the bodybuilders from this small European country is incredible. The most well known Hungarian bodybuilder at the moment is probably a guy/flat out fucking BEAST called Daniel Toth. I love love LOVE Daniel Toth and he's a house on two fucking legs, but there are also a few other Hungarian muscle boys who get my heart fluttering and my underwear twitching.

If you like your boys BIG, but handsome and pretty with it, look no further than Zolton Voros! Very easy on the eye, he also happens to be a tank and a half, and displays the kind of pure, masculine arrogance you wouldn't be able to dream about without waking up in a sticky wet patch the next morning. The attitude on this guy, and the way he aggressively scrunches up his gorgeous face and arrogantly opens his mouth wider than the Channel Tunnel when he squeezes his huge, perfectly pumped beef is just insane!


  1. Hungarian bodybuilders are truly amazing. They're huge and so damn hot.

  2. someone should stuff that ridiculous open mouth with something big

  3. A very handsome man with a physiue to match!

  4. I have read that he is one of the few openly gay pro bodybuilders. All I can say is good for him, a real mans man. He has balls as well as bicpts.


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