Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Confession #1: I love British bodybuilders! There's a real raw, rough, gritty quality to a lot of British roid heads that you don't find that often elsewhere. Confession #2: I love muscle daddies!! There's something so horny about a 40+ butcher than butch nasty muscle monstrosity pumped up to hell, greased and tanned up to fuck, and squeezed into a pair of shiny posing trunks. WOOF!! So the combination of BOTH and it's door locked, phone switched off, and Calvins round my ankles. If you're reading this and nodding your muscle loving head and saying something along the lines of "hmmm mmmm I hear that sister" then prepare to spend the next few minutes in Nasty British Muscle Daddy Heaven!!

First up, John Hodgson, who's squeezed his daddy-esque beef next to some seriously BIG fellas in the 202 class of the Mr Olympia contest! He's both very masculine and a bit of a cutie! Daddy-esque and yet..quite boyish looking! Such an odd and not to mention HOT combination! The guy is also one BITCH of a poser! Attitude off the scale! I've seen interviews and videos of him too, and he comes across as such a nice, down to Earth, slightly cheeky, very butch lad, but then he's an absolute BEAST onstage, strutting around, dancing, grinning like crazy, screwing up his face into all sorts of cheeky/cocky/nasty expressions as he shows off his pumped daddy-esque beef in his (quite often) pink or purple posing trunks (hmmm..are you trying to tell us something John). THROB THROB THROB!!

And secondly, Jason Corrick, a lesser known bodybuilder outside of the UK but an absolute MONSTER! If you like your daddies BIG nasty, and veiny, Corrick's your man! He's butch, masculine, gritty, a little rough around the edges and yet...again, there's a real cute, cheeky, slightly boyish quality to Jason! 3 words perfectly sum up Jason: WOOF WOOF and er...WOOF!!


  1. Both of them are cum worthy. Mature muscles are always a major turn on. Put them in skimpy pink posers and I'm in instantly in paradise.

  2. Yes, both men are monsters, but John Hodgson has the more aesthetically pleasing build... and that ass of his is world class.

  3. Agreed anonymous.

    Your commentary MuscleAddict, was extremely hot.

    Corrick - picture 8, wow!!! My favourite from that spread.

    Hodgson - a classy dude.

    No picture friendly poses, just the raw beef.

    Thanks MuscleAddict.


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