Sunday, 9 October 2011


Here are 5 interesting facts you might not have known about Brazilian bodybuilder Eduardo Correa….

FACT 1: Eduardo is such a beast that he has to turn sideways to walk through doorways. And his upper body is so thick, even *that* is a bit of a struggle!

FACT 2: Eduardo is the first person in the world to be diagnosed with “Muscle Tourette Syndrome”. Instead of being unable to control what he says, Eduardo can not stop flexing his big pumped Brazilian beef. He’ll suddenly and spontaneously just squeeze out a big hard cocky Most Muscular or BAM, a big pec popping side chest out of nowhere, and it happens at the most inappropriate times, usually in public amongst non loving muscle folk who are already shocked at his beastly appearance and unable to tear their eyes are away from his size. Prime examples of where it’s happened are; in the post office queue, in the middle of the grocery store and on a bus full of passengers. What a terrible thing *that* would be to witness!!

FACT 3: Eduardo and his ripped stacked abs are embarking on a world on tour next year, as “THE HUMAN WASHBOARD”. Tickets are already sold out in San Francisco.

FACT 4: Eduardo recently auditioned for “Brazils Got Talent” where he balanced a dinner plate on his huge pumped chest, and a beer glass on his big hard muscled ass.

FACT 5: Eduardo is so big he can no longer reach the middle of his back when he takes a shower. He recently put an advertisement on the net for a “professional back scrubber”. The number of applications he received (mostly from unmarried males for some reason) was overwhelming.


  1. Powerfully developed 202lb. Olympia competitor, who has a good series of videos on, including with the equally impressive Tarek Elsetouhi!

  2. I wanna suck on his nipples SO BAD.


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