Monday, 31 October 2011


British bodybuilder Thomas Young ticks a LOT of boxes for me! For starters, there’s the hot combination of the mega butch, hard as nails look, mixed with a cute/cheeky chappie quality. I also have a real thing for baldies, especially if we're talking bodybuilders. A completely hairless coconut for a head makes muscle bulls seem just that little more masculine, hard, and butch (always a good thing in my book), and Thomas is as bald as they come, in fact he’d make a boiled egg look hairy. It’s also something you only really see on slightly older guys and daddies, so there’s something incredibly horny about a guy in his 20’s sporting a completely bald bonce!

Then there’s the body. This guy is RIPPED! Incredible condition, awesome size, and a fucking HOT little pair of juicy glutes to boot, which he just loves to stick out, show off, and even outrageously POINT TO onstage!! The nasty cocky little fucker!

Thomas is 26/27 in most of these pics which just adds to the impressiveness. It’s rare to see British guys that young and THAT huge. This hot “little” piece of bald butch macho British beef is definitely one to watch….

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