Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Polish born bodybuilder Robert Burneika (who also goes by the name of Hardcorowy Koksu) has had a good few years to say the least! He earned his pro card after winning both the Super-Heavyweight class and overall 2010 NPC Nationals, earning him his pro card. After placing 5th at the 2011 IFBB New York, he then qualified this years Mr Olympia! Here's why I absolutely fucking LOVE Robert Burneika and pretty much think he's a walking God on Earth...

  • The guy is an absolute monster! A planet in a pair of posing trunks!
  • His arms are especially impressive! The word HUGE doesn't do them justice. Try HUMONGOUS instead!
  • His looks are just as appealling as his body! He manages to be both butch and masculine, and extremely cute at the same time!
  • He has an awesome personality! Watch any videos of him being interviewing, or where he's talking, and his cheeky, playful, nice guy personality shines brighter than a pair of posing trunks!
  • He is one HELL of a poser! His attitude onstage is just awesome beyond words. His posing is packed full of personality. When he's not arrogantly scrunching and screwing up his cute face as he's hitting the poses, he's outrageously opening his mouth wide, mouthing "yeah" or sticking out his tongue! It's all just incredibly HOT!
Check out this video of Rob pumping up his mammoth pecs, courtesy of the awesome USAMuscle!

And here are a few of the (many) pics of Robert displaying just how much of a ground worshipping, eye popping, jaw dropping, crotch dampening mountain of huge ripped pumped BEEF he is....

More Robert Burneika in the link below:


  1. This blog is excellent, and I totally agree with you on Bob Burneika. I love his hardcorwocy koksu videos, even though I don't know what he's saying, because of his winning personality, and sense of humor, that are as HUGE as his physique. And he has a really warm smile!

  2. His arms, in the better bodies tank, look fuckin' monstrous!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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