Monday, 26 September 2011


I wouldn't be a genuine muscle junkie if I didn't love the legend that is Branch Warren. The guy is an absolute BEAST! A mountain of thick dense huge powerful mass. He's also incredibly appealing in the looks department. Very butch and oh-so-masculine, and extremely sexy with it. There's a ton of Branch videos floating around on YouTube, but the following, taken from the 2011 Arnold Classic has to amongst the best. Not only does he look incredible, but the quality of the video is amazing.

I have 2 favourite moments from the video. The first is at 1:28 when he squeezes out a lat spread, hand behind his back, his phenomenally huge pecs which look like they're carved out of marble sticking out a mile from his torso, abs popping out like bricks, big traps sticking out where his neck should be, and traps delts for days, and you can hear someone in the audience shouting "OH MY GOD"! My thoughts exactly!

The second moment is less of an actual "moment", and more the last 30 seconds of the video, where Branch squeezes out an amazing volley of Most Musculars. Squeeze after squeeze, displaying his huge God-like mass, each Most Muscular comes complete with a ball load of attitude, a "Fuck yeah I'm the shit" expression on his sexy mush (who are we to argue Branch) and an indescribably hot macho grunt, as the audience go absolutely mental, and show their love and admiration for the jaw dropping physique on this legend of a muscle freak!

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  1. I like his videos that show his personal life at home, with his wife. Branch is so low-key, and gentle, you have to raise the volume to hear him speak!


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