Sunday, 25 September 2011


1) THE SIZE!! Put simply, the guy is a serious FREAK! Just huge beyond words, a monstrous mountain of huge thick juicy bulbous superhuman muscle.

2) THE PECS!! I'm a big pecs man, and Phil's thick juicy muscle tits don't disappoint. Phil has no use for a dinner tray, he just balances his dinner plate on those HUGE bulbous pecs. He must surely flinch every time he hit’s a front lat spread, for fear of those babies jumping up and smacking him in the face!

3) THE GLUTES!! I’m not ashamed to admit I love to see a nice meaty pair of ham’s trying to struggle their way out a pair of shiny posing trunks. Phil has the kind of “Glutes of Doom” which are so hard and striated you have to rub your eyes to double check what you’re seeing is real.

4) THE ATTITUDE!! Man does he know how to pose. The attitude seeping from every inch of this guy (and that's a LOT of inches) is the stuff of muscle dreams. So cocky and off the chart arrogant. Not least of all when he’s squeezing out….

5) THE MOST MUSCULARS!! When he arrogantly and aggressively opens his mouth to squeeze out those muscle exploding MM's I don't know whether to cream my pants with arousal...or shit them with fear!

1 comment:

  1. Phil is fanfuckintastic, good-lookin', powerfully built, great personality, his posing videos from last year's Arnold Classic, and Olympia, and the live webcast I saw of this year's Olympia were some of the magnificent posing I'd ever seen. His muscularity just exploded at you, and though I think Jay is one of the all-time greats, I'm glad Phil won it!


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