Sunday, 21 August 2016


I don't feel I say this enough on the blog so here goes. I. LOVE. POSERS!! Tiny, shiny, sticky, slurpy POSERS!! Posers barely able to cover up their owner's huge, shredded glutes round the back! Trunks which stretch and strain with the owners thick bulge at the front! Posers which, on occasion, get plastered and drenched in sweat, tan and oil when worn in competition and flexed, posed and squeezed in for fucking hours! POSERS POSERS POSERS!!

So what make would I classify as being the perfect pair of posing trunks?! In short - they would have have three things! Firstly, they would *have* to be decent sized, i.e. the tinier the better! Secondly, they'd have to be colourful (black trunks are passable in expectational circumstances if they meet the other criteria - Marc Antoine Andrade's black trunks are a shining example)! And thirdly, they'd absolutely *have* to be as shiny as fucking possible!! Matte look posers? Bugger off! Velvet trunks? The work of the devil. My top tip for any bodybuilder preparing to step on stage? Find THE shiniest fucking posing trunks imaginable and wear those babies with pride! Just like every indecently shredded, outrageously pumped, excessively muscular lad in this post!

Links to my previous posing trunk pic collections:

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