Monday, 24 November 2014


Last week Santi Aragon took to the stage at the NPC Nationals in a) one of the hottest pairs of shiny red posing trunks I think I've ever bleedin' seen and b) his most shockingly shredded conditioning yet, which helped him win his weight class and earn his IFBB pro card! Here are ten things to love about Mr. Aragon…

#1. The fact that he is hands down one of the most impossibly gorgeous and ridiculously bloody handsome lads to ever squeeze his freaky line plastered ass into a pair of shiny posers!

#2. The aforementioned crazy fucking conditioning which Santi always manages to get himself into for his shows. He may have never looked as inhumanely shredded as he did last week but he always takes to the stage looking so dry you get thirsty just bloody looking at him, and so fucking ripped you wonder how it doesn't hurt the poor lad!

#3. The awesome size and incredible thickness in Santi's physique to compliment his anatomy chart conditioning. You only have to look at Santi's mental most muscular's for proof of this, with those granite hard, thick as shit upper arms and his incredibly sized, vein plastered delts popping and bulging to insane degrees!


#5. His fantastic (and bloody hot) taste in posing trunks! The shiny red and bright yellow numbers he wore at this year's Nationals are definitely up there with the best of them but Santi very rarely disappoints on the posing trunk front! A pair of ridiculously shiny bright blue posers and THOSE insanely cut silver trunks (check out my "10 Insanely Hot Pairs of Posing Trunks" for the proof!) are the other ones that immediately come to mind!

#6. Santi's crazy vascularity, particularly in his upper body, where those freaky veins just pop through the dangerously thin skin of his thick delts, and just run fucking riot down his huge, pumped biceps and awesome, freaky triceps (see #9 for more info)!

#7. His fantastically feathered quads which are always both thick and solid, and shredded to buggery when Mr. Aragon's in competition. I love how he often cranks a most muscular with one fist clenched and the other hand resting on top of one of his quads to bring attention to the crazy ass fucking detail in his legs!


#9. His aforementioned freaky as fuck, crazily (and fucking beautifully!) striated triceps, which are brilliantly displayed during those awesome side tricep poses!

#10. The awesome, power packed tude Santi displays when he's flexing on stage, brilliantly demonstrated by those cheeky and endearing facial expressions he pulls when he's cranking all of his hard shredded mass. In particular, the cheeky (and bloody brilliant) way he scrunches up his face as he hits his poses like "eeeeee-can-you-believe-this-fucking-shit-right-here-eeeeee"!!

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