Saturday, 14 July 2018


Cast your muscle ridden minds back to 2012/13. The blog was in full swing, I was finishing "An American Muscle God" and starting "Charlie's Secret" and pretty much every muscle lover on the planet was going nuts for Antoine Vaillant! He even topped my "Vote For You Favourite of The Year" poll both of those years.

He won his pro card in 2012, did a couple of IFBB shows the following year and then sadly disappeared, teasing a couple of comebacks and returns to the stage which never came to fruition. Until now!!

But Antoine isn't just back. He's back looking better and more insane than he ever fucking has!! And I'm not fucking exaggerating when I say that either. I thought that maybe I was. Maybe he just looks so fucking jaw droppingly crazy NOW that it's tainted my memory of what he looked like back then. But no. I've looked at past posts and old pics. And I can confidently say, the 2018 version of Antoine really is the best there's ever been!


It's like Antoine 2.0! Everything looks so huge and hard and carved and cartoon-like! He's also just as bloody handsome as ever. If not more so! And now he's a little bit woofier and gruffier too as he goes into his thirties in the best way an absolute mountain of barely human, gloriously shredded, ever flexing muscle mass!!

Shall we place bets on who'll be the next bodybuilder to make a triumphant comeback? Will we see a 250 pounds Cody Lewis rocking his mohawk again as a late twenties muscle beast? Or what if an early thirty something Alexey Lesukov dug out his shiny golden posers to show off his now even MORE obscenely massive muscle tits?

Check out what Antoine used to look like in this "Best of Antoine" post from 2014 and judge for yourself whether he looked better then or now! 

This is Antoine at Toronto gay pride. Think Zane Watson was behind the camera dressed as a cowboy?!

Eye spy with my little eye...a pair of shiny posers dangling from Antoine's hand!

The cutie in the blue is Robin Strand! His Instagram is here if you wanna see more of him!

And following on from the shiny pink posing trunks I bought a month or so ago, I've now purchased another pair! This time I went for another colour I've always wanted to own. Move over Alexey and Samuel Dixon. You're not the only ones with a pair of shiny golden posers!!

And here they are with my pink posers! Think my posing trunk collection's coming along quite nicely! Hmmm. What colour should I go for next?! 

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