Wednesday, 7 November 2018


"I took the phone off him and eagerly looked at the screen. As I’d suspected, AJ had messaged Naomi.

“Hey Naomi. This is AJ. Me and your best friend are now officially a thing. You were right. There is something between us. This is all new to me and you’re the first person who knows about us so if you could refrain from announcing it on Facebook or anything that would be great! But I really, really like him and he makes me feel things that I’ve never felt before. Plus he’s got a really cute arse. And a massive fucking cock! x”

I howled at the last sentence. “I can’t believe you wrote that last part!”

AJ was grinning, looking pleased with himself. My heart was fucking bursting at what he’d written."

AJ in Noah's bedroom...AJ being re-acquainted with Noah's mum (much to Noah's embarrassment!)...a text from Eddie (cue AJ's "eeeek" face)...a possible new nickname for Noah...matching "I HEART AJ"/"I HEART NOAH" posing trunks and an exciting invitation from AJ to Noah which sets up the next part. It's all happening in part 10 of "AJ & Noah"!

Twenty Seven

I excitedly jumped in AJ’s car. Before I said anything to him, I leaned in for a kiss.

“Mmmmm! Hello!” AJ said as we parted lips.

“Hey, you!” I said.

AJ twisted his head to look at my house out of the car window. When he looked back at me, he had this mischievous look on his face.

“Is your mum in?” he asked, biting his lip.

I narrowed my eyes. “Ummm … no?” I replied, suspiciously, though I felt like I knew where AJ was heading.

“Can I see your bedroom?” he asked with his eyebrows raised, proving those suspicions right.

Fuck! The idea of AJ in my bedroom gave me an unexpected surge of excitement.

I grinned. “Whyyyy?!”

AJ gave a playful shrug. “I just wanna see it!”

My mum had gone to visit my nan. She probably wouldn’t be back for another half an hour or so, I reasoned.

“Hmmmm. OK!” I said, feeling a pinch of nerves. “Just for a bit though!” AJ was beaming. He looked like he was about to burst from excitement.

“Wow! It looks … different to how I remembered!” he said as we went inside in my parents’ house. “Still kinda smells the same, though?”

That comment surprised me. I’d noticed the exact same thing when I’d first visited his house a few weeks before. I never would have expected AJ to have noticed something like that, though.

“Hello, Little Cat!” he said, kneeling down and put his hand out as our family’s black and white cat approached him. “I remember you!”

I melted at the sight of Little Cat (as I’d named her at the age of ten) meowing as she rubbed her cheek against AJ’s hand and her furry body up against his leg.

“Your daddy’s gonna be a shredded muscle freak soon!” he said to Little Cat in a cutesy voice. I giggled and shook my head, then placed my hand on his back. I couldn’t help it. I just really wanted to touch him in that moment.

AJ stood up and I grabbed his hand and led him to my bedroom. Just like he’d done to me in his house. I felt a surge adrenaline as we climbed the stairs. Taking a boy I liked to my bedroom in my parent’s house for the very first time.

“You re-decorated!” AJ said, as he looked around the room, giddily grinning. “Still only got the single bed?”

“Hmmm!” I replied, squeezing his hand.

“Looks cosy!” he said, cheekily wiggling his eyebrows up and down.

We squeezed on to the bed, me up against the wall with AJ lying next to me, his head next to mine on my pillow, his arm wrapping around my waist. It was such a fucking rush being cuddled up to AJ on my bed. I also loved the fact that he wearing his tight fitted Tesco uniform.

“Soooo … is this where you’ve fantasised about me?” AJ asked. I rolled my eyes and smirked.

“Wanked off over me?!” he asked.

I let out a loud laugh in response. “Mmmm. Maybe!” I bravely said, with one eyebrow raised, remembering the night he’d added me to Facebook and I’d wanked off over a picture of him blasting out a front lat spread on stage in his shiny, lime green posers.

“REALLY?!” AJ asked, excitedly. “That’s kinda hot!” he exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes and just dreamily grinned at him, while also blushing a little.

And then I heard a sound which made my whole body go into a state of panic. The front door opening and closing. My mum had come back home. FUUUUCKK!!

“Shit!” I whispered.

AJ bit his lip and looked at me wide eyed. He looked a little nervous, but, typically, there was a hint of excitement in his expression too. He’d mentioned a few times of how he wanted to be re-introduced to my mum again. It looked like he was about to get his wish.

“Bollocks!” I said, quietly. “We can try and sneak out?”

Something flickered across AJ’s face. Just for a second. I don’t think he was insulted. He more just looked a little hurt. Was I being unreasonable? Did he think I was embarrassed by him? Argh!! I had explained the situation to him. It wasn’t him I was embarrassed by, it was my mother. And all the questions and grief that would inevitably follow. But then, if I was being completely truthful, maybe I was a little embarrassed by him? And worried about what my mum would think? Would I be as hesitant for her to see AJ if he were just a regular sized lad like me? I felt like a dick. A massive fucking dick.

I sank my head into his huge chest and let out a little groan. I knew what I had to do. I took a deep sigh. “Ugh! Come on!” I said, pulling him off the bed.

A big, excitable grin spread across AJ’s painfully gorgeous face as I led him to my bedroom door. “Ready to be re-acquainted with my mum?!” I asked, rolling my eyes.

As we started walking down the stairs, my mum emerged from the kitchen, complaining about something my nan had said. Then she stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of AJ behind me.

“Mum! Remember AJ?” I nervously said.

Oh God!

My mum looked completely gobsmacked at the image of the huge, pumped bodybuilder bulging out of his Tesco’s work shirt waddling down the staircase. The very huge, pumped bodybuilder she’d been telling me about the week before.

“Not little AJ?” she asked.

“Hey, Mrs Cook!” AJ said, grinning warmly.

My mum’s face softened instantly. “Oh, hello, love! Gosh, you’ve grown a bit!” she gushed.

I knew that some part of my mum’s brain would be disapproving of AJ in that moment, or at least his ridiculously muscular physique, but she did a good job of hiding it. More than that, she actually looked pleased to see him. I couldn’t help feeling a warm fuzziness. It was completely unexpected considering how much I’d been dreading this very encounter occurring.

“AJ works at the gym I’ve been going to!” I explained. “As well as Tesco’s!”

“You never said!” She tutted loudly. “Oh, he’s useless!” she said, shaking her head and looking at AJ. “He never tells me anything! God knows why!”

I rolled my eyes. AJ was clearly loving it, though. I was starting to realise how AJ must have felt the week before when his mum had been embarrassing him and making him squirm in front of me.

“How’s your mum, AJ?”

“Yeah, she’s good thanks, Mrs Cook!”

Mrs Cook! I couldn’t help but grin. AJ was such a little charmer. My mum was looking at him all doughy eyed. Seemingly completely over the fact that he was “soooo muscly” and had arms “out here” as she’d demonstrated the week before.

“Maybe you can tell me who Noah keeps sneaking off to see every Friday night?”

I groaned. “Aaaand we’re off!” I said, heading to the door.

“He’s full of secrets, AJ!”

“BYE!” I said, grabbing AJ’s arm and dragging him out of the house.

“Nice to see you again, Mrs Cook!”

“Come round anytime, AJ! And tell him to stop being so secretive!” she called out.

I groaned as I shut the door. AJ was giggling. “Have you been keeping secrets from your mum, Noah?”


“See!” AJ said. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

I breathed a deep sigh, shook my head and just grinned at AJ. He was right. It hadn’t been bad. Despite the embarrassing comments about me keeping secrets, it had actually been really nice to re-introduce AJ to my mum. And she clearly hadn’t suspected anything was going on between us, otherwise she wouldn’t have made the comment about who I’d been sneaking off to see on Friday nights, i.e. the boyfriend she’d accused me of having. She’d obviously thought the idea of me and AJ being anything more than friends was as unlikely as I had just a few weeks before. Or maybe it was just the idea of AJ being interested in boys that was the really unlikely notion?

Later on that afternoon, I was lying on AJ’s bed with my head on his chest and his arm wrapped around me, looking at the poster of American muscle monster Chris “Freaky Peaks” Jackson blowing up his insanely sized biceps.

“I’d love to be able to put pictures of bodybuilders up on my bedroom wall!” I confessed to AJ.

“Why don’t you?!” AJ asked.

“Oh yeah! I’m sure my mum would love that!”

“Well she seemed okay with the fact that I’m a shredded freak!”

I twisted my head up and he was looking down at me with a cheeky grin.
“So … do you not find bodybuilders hot?” I asked AJ.

“Bodybuilders?! UGH! No! They’re gross!” he playfully replied. I rolled my eyes and grinned at him.

“Ermm … some are kinda hot!” he said, shrugging. “I think for me, they’ve got to have a nice face? I mean … Justin Hughes!” he said, his eyes widening.

“Well … yeah!” I agreed, picturing the impossibly cute American bodybuilder and his shockingly shredded physique, who, much like me, pretty much every and any muscle addict went nuts for.

“I don’t think squeezing his biceps would have the exact same effect on me that it would on you, though!” AJ cheekily said.

I looked at me and gave me a coy grin. I felt a surge of bravery. “So you wouldn’t cream in your pants on the spot?”

AJ laughed. “No! I kinda wish I was wired that way, though. All this being turned on bodybuilders stuff. It looks fun!”

“Well, so does being a shredded freak!” I said, grinning.

He beamed back at me. “Oh, it is!”

“Hmmm. Imagine being a bodybuilder who’s turned on by bodybuilders?!” I said.

“What do you think the Cookie Monster’s gonna be?” he teased.

I giggled. “I actually don’t think I’d leave the house if I was a bodybuilder. I’d probably just spend all my time posing in front of the mirror!”

AJ released a short laugh. “Hmmm. I’d have to come round and try and tear you away from your reflection!”

I playfully shook my head. “It wouldn’t be easy! You’ve have to try and out-pose me!”

“Psssh!! That’d be piss easy! I know what turns you on, remember!”

I raised one eyebrow at him.

“Flexing and posing!” he exclaimed. “Huffing and puffing! Grunting and growling!” And then he curled his hand into a fist, flexed his bicep, scrunched his face up and growled.

I beamed in response, while my dick swelled instantly and pushed against AJ’s thigh. “See!!” AJ said in response.

I chuckled, squeezed him tighter and kissed him. We parted lips and I looked at him. I felt so close to him in that moment. And safe. Which is probably why I was brave enough to ask my new question. “So, you’re not gonna ditch me for a competitive bodybuilder then?” I said, half joking. I don’t know why I said it. It just kind of came out.

He furrowed his eyebrows in a confused look, then playfully shook his head. “NO!” he firmly said, giving me a reassuring look.

I gave a coy grin, half regretting my words. “Not even if Justin Hughes walked in and declared his undying love for you?”

AJ grinned. “I’d say, that’s really sweet of you Justin, but, unfortunately, I’ve got everything I want right here with my little Cookie!”

Fuck! My heart melted as I squeezed AJ tighter than ever.

“Little Cookie!” I repeated, giggling. I kinda loved that.

AJ cheekily grinned at me. “Soon to be The Cookie Monster!”

I dreamily grinned at him. “It’d be a shame not to take advantage of Justin, though!” I said. “I mean, if he’s made the trip all the way over here?”

AJ grinned. “Okay, I’d let you squeeze his biceps! Maaaybe a feel of his shredded abs! No kissing though. That’s just for me!”

I grinned at him lovingly. “Deal!” I said, before leaning in and greeting his lips with mine.

“Oh, Noah! You could have said something!” my mum said as I got home from AJ’s the next morning. I had been dreading hearing what she was going to say about the encounter.

“About what?” I asked, playing coy. I knew what, of course.

“AJ! The other day when I was going on about that muscly guy in Tesco’s! I had no idea it was him! You could have said you were friends with him again!”

I rolled my eyes, but my mum was handling the whole thing a lot better than I thought she would.

“Well I knew you’d just go on and on about it!” I replied.

“Oh, charming! So is that who you’ve been off gallivanting with then these past few weeks?” she asked suspiciously.

Oh God. My stomach twisted. “Erm … he’s one of the friends I’ve been hanging out with, yes. We’ve mostly just been going to the gym!”

She looked a little suspicious. Like she didn’t fully believe me. Fuck. Maybe she actually did suspect that something might be going on? A prospect which made me feel nervous, but something else too. I think maybe deep down I sort of wanted her to know about us.

“I can’t believe that’s him!” my mum continued. “I would never would have guessed. Why on Earth has he done that to himself? Gotten himself so big?”

I shrugged. “Because he wanted to!” I casually said.

“You dare get that big, Noah!”

I shook my head and climbed the stairs to my bedroom. I was partly annoyed by what my mum had said, but I also couldn’t help feeling amused at her comment about me getting too big. In any case, the whole thing has gone a hell of a lot better than I anticipated it would.

I lay on my bed, thinking about the fact that AJ had been lying there, cuddling up to me and kissing me the day before. I wished my parents would go away for the night. The idea of being squeezed up to AJ under my bed sheets with my arms wrapped around his huge mass was suddenly incredibly appealing.

My phone pinged. I excitedly reached for it, imagining it was some cheeky, funny text from AJ. My stomach twisted when I saw it was a text from Eddie instead. BOLLOCKS!

“Hey, handsome! Good to see you again the other night. Any chance I could see you properly soon?”

SHIT, BUGGERY, BOLLOCKS!! I felt so bad. There was Eddie, who I’d slept with a few weeks before, wanting and expecting to see me again. Completely oblivious to the fact I’d spent a large part of the past few weeks naked in bed with a boy who pretty much fulfilled every sexual need and desire I could ask for.

I thought about texting Eddie back and just being honest with him. “I think you’re a great guy but I’ve met someone else. I hope we can still be friends”. Or something to that effect. But however I thought to word it just made me sound like a dick who’d led him on and fucked him over. UGH!

So I took the easiest option. I ignored his text. I knew that it wasn’t the right thing to do. I knew that it made me a coward. But I also couldn’t help feeling that if Eddie really knew what I felt for AJ, that I was in hopelessly in love with him, then he’d completely understand. And that if I could somehow transfer some of those feelings to Eddie, so he could know for himself what they were like, he’d appreciate that whatever went on between him and me was completely incomparable to what was now going on with me and AJ.

I chucked my phone towards the end of the bed, rolled over to face the wall and closed my eyes. Maybe at some point I’d face up to the Eddie situation and get in touch with him? I felt sure that I would. But now was not that time. Because now I was more pre-occupied with thinking about what AJ had said to me the day before, when we’d been cuddled up on his bed. About what he’d tell American bodybuilder Justin Hughes if he declared his undying love for him. That he had everything he wanted right there with me. His “little Cookie”.

He had said it with so much conviction. And had looked so sincere. And then I was suddenly thinking about some of those things that I had worrying about that morning I’d woken up really early in AJ’s bed that I had desperately been trying not to think about. The questions of what would happen with me and AJ when the summer was over and beyond. I still didn’t know, but I was now almost sure of one thing. That this wasn’t just a casual thing for AJ. A way to pass the time during the summer. And I was sure that AJ would at least want to try and make things work once I’d gone back to university. Whether or not we would be able to was an entirely different matter.

Twenty Eight

“I’ve got something to tell you!” AJ said, excitedly, as he led me up the stairs to his bedroom by the hand. His lats were bulging out of his tight, black, “I’M IN TRAINING” t-shirt from the Leisure Centre and his big, beefy arse was sticking through the cotton material of his gym trackies. Fucking GRRRRR!

“What are you doing next weekend?” he asked me, as he climbed on top of me on his bed, my hands gripping his huge, boulder shoulders. “Aaaand … how do you fancy going to a bodybuilding show in London?!”

Oh my fucking GOD!!

My whole body felt like it about to burst. Me and AJ at a bodybuilding show. FUCK! “Erm … nothing, and … GOD YEAH!!” I replied, enthusiastically.

AJ giggled. “And that’s not at all!” he said, mysteriously. I looked at him in anticipation as I waited for him to continue, but he wasn’t saying anything. He was just glaring at me with this mischievous but sexy grin.

“What?!” I asked, playfully tapping his shoulder. He was being such a fucking tease.

His mouth curled into a big grin. “I’ve been asked to guest pose!”


“You’re kidding?” I said, my heart starting to pound.

“Nope!” he replied, proudly. I felt like I was going to explode. The idea of going to my very first bodybuilding show with AJ, my (potential, though not exactly confirmed) bodybuilder boyfriend and actually seeing him on stage posing for an audience in his trunks. Fucking HELL!

“Maybe we could get a hotel for the night?” AJ suggested. “Stay over on the Saturday?”

“Sounds awesome!” I said, beaming. A whole weekend away with AJ? Fuck!

“Ever been to a bodybuilding show before?” he asked.

I shook my head and AJ cheekily raised his eyebrows. “All those shredded muscle freaks flexing in their posers! How will you not spunk in your undies?”

I giggled. “I probably will, to be honest! Especially when The Ripper gets up on stage to pose!”

AJ giddily grinned. “I’ve heard he’s a bit of a cocky fucker!” he said. “Aaaand … I’ve also heard he might not be one hundred percent straight!”

I raised my eyebrows, playing along. “No way?!”

“Yep! Apparently he has a bit of a thing for slightly geeky but very cute, muscle loving gay boys!”

“I’M IN!!” I exclaimed. He did one of his cute, little giggles before bringing his lips to mine for a kiss.

Roughly half an hour later and I was standing behind AJ, who was now in nothing but his shiny, lime green posing trunks, while touching and squeezing his huge, pumped lats as he hit a back lat spread. The insane muscle bulging underneath my fingertips. “Fuck!” I groaned. AJ released a grizzly growl. I didn’t mean for it to happen, but the throbbing hard on tenting my boxers brushed against AJ’s huge, beefy arse cheeks, and ended up staying pressed against them.

“Mmmmm!” AJ said in response. Then, amazingly, he actually stuck his arse out so my throbbing cock was pushing into his cheeks further. Fuck!

“What is THAT sticking into my arse?” he cheekily asked.

I laughed, but fucking HELL did AJ’s big, beefy arse feel good against my dick. I knew it was new territory for AJ, but he seemed to fully embrace it, as he then made another unexpected move. He reached one of his arms around the back of him, grabbed on to my arse, and pushed my body into his even further. My hard, throbbing cock squashed right against his thick cheeks. “Fuck!” I exclaimed while also laughing a bit.

AJ spun around, the cheekiest grin on his face. He arrogantly grimaced and cranked out a quick, hard most muscular in an obscenely horny fashion, before bending down and pulling my boxers down to my feet.

“Oh God!” I groaned as AJ squeezed the base of my cock and wrapped his mouth around the head. He was sucking with more force than he ever had. FUCK! It was such an unspeakably hot sight; looking down and seeing his traps bulging off his neck, his enormous, round shoulders and his bumpy, muscular, lightly tanned back. And AJ, working my cock like he’d never done before, groaning and moaning whilst doing so in the horniest way possible.

He then stopped, looked up me with a gorgeous and mischievous grin and, in another completely unexpected move, bought both of his arms up either side of his head and flexed into a cheeky double bicep. “FUCK!” I exclaimed at the suddenly flexing AJ. It was such a horny fucking image. Seeing those huge, croquet-ball biceps explode off his upper arms. I gripped both biceps with both hands respectively and he flexed harder still, while looking mightily smug with himself.

Still flexing his glorious guns, AJ then wrapped his mouth around my cock and began sucking again. “Oh God!” I groaned. AJ also groaned and sucked harder in response, still flexing the biceps my fingers were tightly gripping.

“Oh fuck! AJ! I’m gonna cum!”

He reacted by releasing his grizzliest, muffled growl yet, while continuing to plunge up and down on my cock with his lips. “OH FUUUUCKKK!! ARGGGGGHHH!” As I gripped onto AJ’s ridiculously huge, fully flexed biceps, I came in his mouth in what was one of the most intense orgasms anyone had ever given me.

“So I’m now on a strict cutting diet!” AJ informed me as I nuzzled into his naked body shortly after. I shot him a curious look.

“Well I’ve gotta get shredded for the show next weekend!” he said, his mouth curling into a mischievous little grin. Fuck! My eyes bulged and I beamed at him. He knew exactly what effect saying those words would have on me.

“Well … as shredded as I can get in that time!” he teased.

“Are you gonna have lines in your ass?” I cheekily asked.

AJ howled. “Hmmm. Maybe not by next week!” he said. “Sorry!” And then he just grinned at me lovingly and gave me a squeeze.

“Maybe the next time I compete, though?” he said, with his eyebrows raised.

Fuck! My chest seemed to swell at that statement. But it wasn’t at the mention of AJ competing in a bodybuilding show. It was because he’d implied that whenever that event would take place in the future, I would still be in the picture and the two of us would still be together. 

I gripped AJ’s waist. I literally couldn’t stop smiling. “Mmmmm!” I said. “The thought of you … all shredded!”

He bit his lip and beamed. “Well, I was gonna start the diet soon anyway for Ibiza!”

And just as quickly as my chest had swollen, my stomach twisted sharply. I had been trying not to think about the fact that AJ was going on his family holiday to Ibiza in a couple of weeks time. A whole week without seeing AJ. Without being able to kiss and touch and cuddle up next to him. And one less week I would be able to spend with him before I’d have to leave Little Denton and go back to university.

“Are you looking forward to it?” I asked. I was definitely hoping that he’d tell me he’d miss me, even if I perhaps didn’t realise it when I’d said it.

“Of course!” AJ said, enthusiastically. “Can’t wait!”

Fuuuuck. It was like someone had kicked me in the stomach. Whatever was going on with my facial expressions in that moment, they clearly didn’t hide what I was feeling. AJ was looking me with his eyes narrowed. Like he was studying my face. And then the corner of his mouth curled into this knowing, little grin. He knew exactly what was going through my mind. God. I was so fucking transparent.

He gave me a little squeeze. “Maybe I could smuggle you in at the airport?” he said, giving me this adorable, loving grin. I couldn’t help but melt and giddily grin back, while also feeling a little sheepish that I was so gutted at the fact I’d be apart from him for a week, and clearly hadn’t been able to hide it.

“Have you got a six foot long suitcase?” I asked.

AJ beamed. “Ugh! And I have to go suit shopping for the wedding with Andy at some point too!” he added, rolling his eyes.

“How will you find one that fits?” I joked.

“FUCK KNOWS!” he exclaimed, animatedly, and then we both started laughing.

“Why don’t you just wear your posing trunks?” I asked.

“If only! Although I’m not sure anyone would be looking at the bride!” he cheekily replied.

“Have you just got the one pair of posing trunks?” I asked.

“Mmmm. No! I’ve got the black ones I wore for my first competition too. I’m guessing you won’t like those ones as much? They are pretty awful! Why?! Are you bored of the green ones?”

“Fuck, no!” I exclaimed. “I’d never got bored of those!”

“I should probably get some new ones actually! Maybe for my next competition?”

It was like a light bulb suddenly lit up in my head. What if I could manage to buy AJ a new pair of posing trunks for his guest posing spot at the bodybuilding show in London? Fuck! I suddenly pictured his excited face as I gifted him a new pair of shiny posing trunks. I knew he would love it. Just as I’d loved it when he’d bought me my Scorpio’s gym hoodie.

“What colour do you think you’d go for?” I asked, buzzing at the thought of going through with my idea.

“Erm … maybe red? Purple seem kinda popular right now!”

“How about … some bright pink ones?” I asked with a cheeky grin.

AJ did one of his cute, little giggles. “Actually, I’ve always thought pink posing trunks look fucking awesome!”

Fuck! It was the best answer he could have possibly given me. And then I was suddenly picturing AJ in a pair of hot pink, super shiny posing trunks.

“Plus, it takes fucking BALLS to wear bright pink posers at a bodybuilding show!” AJ added.

“Would you wear them?!”

“Maaaaybe!” he teasingly said, giving me a cheeky grin.

I was feeling brave. “Mmmm. What if they had “I HEART NOAH” written on the back?”

AJ howled. “LOVE IT!” he said. My heart fluttered in response.

“I’ll make you a deal!” AJ continued. “I’ll wear those if The Cookie Monster wears a blue pair that say “I HEART AJ” on the back!”

I giddily grinned and melted, while suddenly picturing me and AJ, shredded and tanned on stage, holding hands in our novelty posers. The world’s first openly gay bodybuilding couple.

“Hmmm. DEAL!” I said. “Though I’m thinking we should probably switch colours?!”

A little later on, I was sitting on AJ’s bed and texting Naomi while he was in the bathroom. “Who ya texting?” he asked, as he returned to the bedroom.

I was feeling mischievous so I shrugged. “Eddie! We’re going on a date tomorrow night!” I playfully said.

He narrowed his eyes and grinned at me as he bounced back on to the bed and grabbed a pillow to hug. “Cool! Have fun NOT watching him flex for you in the lime green posers he definitely DOESN’T have!”

I grinned back at him.

“Is it Naomi?” he asked.

My stomach twisted. Neither of us had bought up the subject of AJ asking me not to tell Naomi about us since it had happened.

“Yeah!” I said, feeling a pinch of nerves.

“Has she been asking about us?” He asked, a little warily.

“No! She thinks … well, she doesn’t know anything’s happened between us.”

AJ pulled a face which was hard to read, then stretched out his arm and held out his hand. “Gimme!” he said.

I looked at him suspiciously, while also suddenly feeling excited. “Hmmm!” I said in a sceptical tone, still clutching my phone.

“Just give me your fucking phone!” he ordered.

I obeyed and watched as AJ tapped away on my phone. Feeling both incredibly excited and nervous as to what was unfolding. And at the thought of just what he was texting Naomi, as I assumed he was doing.

AJ’s expression was pretty neutral throughout, so it was hard to read, but when he gave me back my phone, it broke into a nervous little grin.

I took the phone off him and eagerly looked at the screen. As I’d suspected, AJ had messaged Naomi.

“Hey Naomi. This is AJ. Me and your best friend are now officially a thing. You were right. There is something between us. This is all new to me and you’re the first person who knows about us so if you could refrain from announcing it on Facebook or anything that would be great! But I really, really like him and he makes me feel things that I’ve never felt before. Plus he’s got a really cute arse. And a massive fucking cock! x”

I howled at the last sentence. “I can’t believe you wrote that last part!”

AJ was grinning, looking pleased with himself. My heart was fucking bursting at what he’d written.

He crawled back over to me and scooped me up in his ridiculously huge arms. “Things you’ve never felt before?” I asked, playfully.

He grinned and rolled his eyes but then his face turned uncharacteristically serious. “Yep!” he said, gazing at me. “And I don’t just mean with a guy.”

I gazed back at him, my insides feeling like they were exploding. I wanted to remember that feeling as I gripped on to him, completely engulfed by his mass and scent. Knowing that the huge, gorgeous bodybuilder I was wrapped around had never had stronger feelings for anyone than he had for me. Knowing that the obscenely built muscle bull who I’d soon be seeing on stage flexing for an audience in his shiny, miniscule posing trunks was now officially mine.

Twenty Nine

I couldn’t stop staring at the email. A guy from Third Hill Publishing, one of the biggest trade publishing houses in the country, i.e. the exact type of company I wanted to work for when I graduated, had gotten into touch to tell me that someone had dropped out a work experience placement the following week, and they wanted me to take their place.

It was the first non-AJ related thing I had felt excited about for months. But as thrilled as I was to have been given such an amazing opportunity, I was also feeling a completely conflicting emotion. Because doing this work placement in London would mean having to stay there for a week, which I’d already arranged with one of uni friends who lived there when I’d applied for this placement, and countless others, at the beginning of the summer. London was just too far away to travel to every day and back. But spending a week in London meant spending a week away from AJ. FUCK!

I kept thinking, what if I just ignored the email? What if I didn’t tell anyone about it? Just pretend that I’d never received it? Part of me wished that I hadn’t. Maybe I could just email the guy back and tell him that it was too short notice? But I knew I couldn’t do any of those things. Because these types of placements were hard to get. And I’d be stupid not to do it. And besides, it was only a week. Five days, to be exact.

But five precious summer days that could be spent with my gorgeous bodybuilder boyfriend. ARRGGHH!! I had never wanted to be the type of person who couldn’t function without being with their boyfriend for a second. I had always thought of myself as being fiercely independent. But I knew that I would miss AJ like crazy. Even just for five days. And then I would miss him like crazy for another seven days when he went to Ibiza just a couple of weeks later.

And then I was suddenly thinking about the fact that I would be going back to university a few weeks after that, and all of those fears and anxieties I had felt that one morning when I’d woken up in AJ’s bed worrying about the future, were suddenly at the forefront of my mind again. I had known that I’d have to deal with those worries at some point again. I just hadn’t expected to have to deal with them quite so soon.

I was now sure that AJ would want to make it work when I was back in London. But would we be able to? How would I feel not being in Little Denton where I could see AJ any time I wanted? What if the distance made him realise that his feelings for me weren’t that strong after all? What if he grew bored? What if it was too hard work? The thought of things ending with AJ, even just the thought of things changing between us, made him feel sick to the stomach.

I decided not to mention the work placement when AJ picked me up in his car the next day to take me to Scorpio’s. I guess it was easier just to push it to the back of my mind. But I was also worried about putting a dampener on the day, and potentially ruining the time we had left together. Everything so far had been ridiculously good. And now there was this thing hanging over us, threatening to spoil it.

“Four days to get lines in my arse and abs so shredded you could grate chase on ‘em!” AJ exclaimed on the drive to Scorpio’s.

I smirked and looked at him wide eyed. “You realise that’s, like, premium rate phone sex talk for me?!”

AJ beamed. “Are you looking forward to your cock exploding in a theatre full of strangers?”

I shook my head and giggled. “I’m excited! And I’m really looking forward to seeing you on stage! I HEART NOAH posers or not!”

AJ bit his lip and gave me this loving grin. “Maybe we can get those specially made? For your eyes only!”

Something about that comment stung. Just a little. For your eyes only. I knew that AJ hadn’t meant anything by it, but I guess there was a part of me that resented the fact that what me and AJ was had to be kept a secret. A part of me wanted to show him off to the whole world. Walk into Scorpio’s Gym holding hands and loudly announce that I was completely and crazily in love the sweetest, most wonderful boy. And oh yeah, he happens to be a little bit smitten with me too.

“Soooo … have you ever wondered what it’s like to be backstage at a bodybuilding show?” he asked me with his eyebrows cheekily raised.

I felt a jolt of excitement. “Well I kinda know what goes on!” I told him. “I’ve seen pump room videos!”

“Yeah?” AJ said, looking both impressed and excited.

“Mmmm. All the bodybuilders pump up and pose in their trunks as they get ready to go on stage!” Jesus. I had given myself a bloody hard on.

“That’s pretty much it! Another potential undie spunking situation for Noah!”

I grinned like mad. “Potential?! Try GUARANTEED!”

AJ did one of his cute, little giggles. “Hmmm. Maybe I shouldn’t bring you backstage with me in that case?”


AJ had this massive, cheeky smirk on his face. I just stared at him wide eyed, grinning like crazy and practically bursting with excitement at the thought of being in a pump room with my bodybuilder boyfriend.

“Wait - are you gonna, like, tan up?” I asked him.

“Of course! Wanna help?”


“Erm … HELL YEAH!” I replied.

“Maybe not wear your trackies though?” he suggested, looking down at the hard on tenting my trackies. And then he did the most outrageous thing. He reached over, grabbed my dick through the cotton material with one hand and gave it a hard squeeze with a grizzly, “GRRRRR!”

I let out a whimper as AJ squeezed my hard on. “Mmmm!” he said, giving it a quick, forceful shake. “I can’t wait for that to explode in my mouth later!”

AJ made good on his promise. A few hours later and I was exploding in his mouth while positioned over him in a sixty-nine position, simultaneously sucking his cock. A few minutes later and AJ was groaning loudly while blowing his load in my mouth.

“FUCK! How did you get so good at that?!” he asked as I manoeuvred myself to the other end of the bed where AJ’s head was.

“You’re not so bad at it yourself!” I told him.

“I think I might have picked up some tips from you!” he replied, grabbing my waist and kissing me.

“Ugh! I need a shower!” AJ announced not long after. And then he raised his eyebrows and gave me a mischievous smirk. “Wanna join me?”

I bit my lip and grinned. “That could be fun!” I said, enthusiastically.

AJ grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom. Both of us were stupidly grinning as we climbed into his bath and he put the shower on.

Standing close up to each other and naked, he squeezed some shower gel into his hand and began to rub it into my chest. And then my shoulders. And then my stomach. Fuck! All the time I gripped on to AJ’s big arms. And then he squeezed some shower gel on to the head of my erect cock and gently massaged it up and down and I sank into his body and groaned. Gripping on to his back, I nuzzled my face in to his thick, bull neck.

I took the shower gel from AJ and began to do the same for his body. Rubbing it into his gorgeous, thick pecs, his ridiculously huge, boulder shoulders and his tummy popping abs. FUCK! I had never once fantasised about taking a shower with AJ, but it was such an incredibly hot and intimate experience.

AJ then spun around and my hard, throbbing cock was suddenly in very close proximity of his huge, beefy buttocks. As I soaped up his back, AJ gently hit a back lat spread pose. I squeezed on to his thick lats and my cock pushed against the flesh of his thick, meaty arse as I did so. AJ responded in the best way possible; by pushing his arse out further. Fuuuuuck!

I groaned while sinking my whole torso into his thick, muscular body, my face buried into his shoulder blades and my arms wrapped around his front. I squeezed the thick plates of muscle which made up his chest with my hands and explored his bumpy, blocky abs with my fingers, all the time with my cock pressed tightly against his arse.

I slid my hand down to his hard cock and started squeezing, AJ groaning in response. While one hand pleasured his cock, my other explored his back, then went down to his thick buttocks, giving his cheeks a gentle squeeze, which he responded by doing one of his cute, little giggles.

It was such a fucking magnificent arse. I’d never seen bum cheeks like them. So fucking round and huge and perfect. I was feeling brave. I squirted some shower gel on my hands and rubbed it into AJ’s thick cheeks. Gently kissing him on the back, while still wanking him off, I then put my fingers in between his cheeks until I was gently tickling the opening.

AJ jumped slightly, and whimpered. I knew that it was completely new territory for him, but I could tell he trusted me too. I explored with my fingers further, gently playing with the opening of his arse. AJ groaned as I gently pushed my finger inside of him. It sounded like a different kind of groan to the ones he usually did. A noise I’d never heard him made before. It was so amazingly sexy.

“Oh FUCK!” AJ moaned. And then he stuck his arse out further, encouraging, almost inviting me in, so I pushed my finger further inside him. It was such an incredibly erotic image. Witnessing AJ discovering a completely new pleasure for the first time. Groaning and moaning, totally embracing it, as I wiggled my finger, playing inside him, taking him to new, unknown heights of pleasures. I was sure that AJ would always remember this moment.

He then let out this obscenely hot grunt as he stuck his arse out further. Still wanking his cock, I removed my finger. He twisted his head around and let out this cute, little whimper of desire, like he wanted his hole pleasured again. I was about to oblige.

Kneeling down so I was faced with his glorious glutes, I parted AJ’s huge arse cheeks. His hole was twitching, almost begging for pleasure. It was the cutest and hottest like pink hole. The second my tongue touched it AJ loudly groaned.

“OH GOD!” he exclaimed, as I tickled his opening with my tongue, before gently pushing it inside him. “OH FUCK!” AJ was in some kind of heaven. One that he probably never even knew existed.

With my tongue worshipping his hole, pushing in, dancing around, wriggling about, I began to wank AJ off again. I’d never heard noises like it. I carried on, determined to make my beautiful bodybuilder boyfriend spunk. Filling him up with my tongue and plunging up and down on his cock until, “ARGGGGGHHH! OH GOD! NOAAH! FUUUCKKK! AAAAHHHH!” AJ’s cock exploded with cum.

Shortly afterwards we were cuddled up on his bed. With AJ’s head rested on my chest and my arm was around his back, I gently played with his soft hair.

“Mmmm! I love your little tummy!” he said, kissing me softly on the stomach. I dreamily grinned.

“And I love your chest!” he said, rubbing it. “And your little biceps!”

I pulled my head back sharply and looked at him with my eyebrows raised. “Oi! Less of the little!”

AJ giggled. “OK, not so little biceps. But still kinda little!” he teased, flashing me a cute, cheeky grin.

“Well, everyone’s biceps are little compared to yours!”

He grinned mischievously. “GRRRR!!” he said. I playfully rolled my eyes and beamed at him.

“Mmmm. I just love your body! It’s such a LAD’s body!” he continued, gripping my waist and squeezing me tight.

I couldn’t help wondering whether AJ would have loved my body as much if he’d been with more than just two guys.

“You wouldn’t prefer me with abs?” I asked.

He shot me a stern look as if to say, don’t be so fucking stupid. “NO!” he firmly said, wide eyed.

“I’d still like a bit more muscle though!” I said.

“Well I did do you a muscle building plan when you had your personal training session at the beginning of the summer!” AJ said, playfully.

I pulled an “eeeek” face then grinned. I’d sort of been sticking to AJ’s plan. The diet hadn’t been going that well though.

“I’ve kind of been pre-occupied with other things!” I said, squeezing his back. He looked up at me and flashed me an adorable smile.

“Well you could always try out the plan to be a shredded muscle freak instead!”

“Hell yeah!” I said, playing along.

AJ giggled. “Then we could have a flex off! GRRRR!” he said.

My cock started to swell at the very thought. “What, like a two man posedown in your bedroom?” I suggested.

“Fuck yeah!” he exclaimed enthusiastically.

“I’d whip your ass!” I teased.

AJ let out a short, sharp laugh. “You wish!”

“Right then. That’s settled! The plan to turn you into a shredded muscle freak officially starts next week!”

Oh fuck. My stomach lurched. Joking or not, that was never going to happen. Because I wouldn’t be in Little Denton the following week. This was it. I knew that I had to tell AJ about the work experience placement.

I buried my face into his hair. “Actually, I’ve got something to tell you!” Fuck! My heart started to beat faster.

AJ twisted his head and looked at me curiously. “Sounds intriguing!” he said, the left corner of his mouth curling into a little grin.

I bit my lip nervously. AJ’s expression suddenly turned serious. “What’s up?” he asked.

I took a deep breath. “Mmmm. Well you know I applied to do some work experience in London at the beginning of the summer?” I said, nervously.

“Oh yeah. The places with the books?”

“Hmmm. Well, one of them emailed me!”

AJ’s eyes widened, but I could tell he was anxious about what was coming next.

“Someone’s dropped out of a placement and they want me to go down. Next week!” I explained.

“Hey! That’s awesome!” AJ said, but I could tell he was disappointed. I can’t deny that it gave me a buzz to see that in his expression.

“Mmmm!” I replied. “It means I’ll have to go down and stay there for the week,” I explained, pulling my “eeeek” face.

“Oh!” AJ said. His face dropped. “Well that’s a bit shit!” he said, tickling my waist, and playfully curling the bottom of his lip.

“Mmmmm!” I replied, playing with his hair. “I was thinking maybe I shouldn’t go?” Fuck. My heart was pounding again.

AJ looked at me sharply and grimaced. “Not because of me?!” My stomach twisted.

I gave a little shrug and AJ’s face softened and his mouth curled into a little grin. Like he thought the gesture was cute.

Then he gave me a stern, wide eyed look. “Noah! NO! You have to go. Didn’t you say they were really hard to get on?”

“Yeah!” I said, with a shrug.

“Well then!” he said firmly. And then he lovingly grinned at me again and I softened and melted.

“I mean … obviously it’ll be shit here without you, but … we’re gonna have to do it in a few weeks anyway when I go to Ibiza!”

My stomach twisted again. Ugh! God, I hate this, I thought. Why couldn’t my work experience placement and AJ’s holiday been at the same time? A few days before it had seemed like we’d loads of time together and now it seemed like we had hardly any. I’d be in London the following week, then we’d have another week together before AJ went to Ibiza. Then a few weeks after that I’d be leaving Little Denton to go back to university.

“And the placement’s only for five days!” I reasoned. “I’ll probably be back on the Friday night!”

AJ nodded. “It’ll fly by!” he said. But that what was I was worried about. Time flying by. Time running out. The summer being over before we knew it. And what then?

Me and AJ had never spoken about the subject, but it suddenly felt like it needed to be bought up. Even though I was nervous. It might sound a little cowardly, but the fact AJ’s head was turned away from me again, and I was buried in his hair, made what I was about to say next feel a hell of a lot easier.

“So I was thinking when I go back to uni, I could come back at weekends?” Fuck! I knew I sounded nervous.

“What, like, every weekend?” AJ asked, not looking up.

My stomach lurched. There was something about the surprise in his tone that un-nerved me. I knew why, of course. Me coming home from university every weekend was doable, but it wasn’t exactly ideal given the distance and the practicalities of coming back so often, and for such a short amount of time. And AJ worked most weekends, so our time together would be limited. But there was also a small part of me in that moment that questioned whether AJ would actually want me to come back that often.

“Yeah!” I replied, nervously. “If you wanted me too!” As soon as I said it I knew I was being ridiculous.

AJ twisted his head sharply to face me. “Well, obviously I’d want you to!” he reassured me, playfully rolling his eyes, then giving me a warm, loving smile. I melted and grinned back at him.

“And you could come down and visit me at uni?” I suggested. “When you’re not working!”

“That would be cool!” he said, softly. I could tell he thought so, but there was something about the tone of AJ’s voice, and something in his facial expression that suggested he wasn’t completely convinced. Like he was thinking the same things as I was. Having the same doubts as me and wondering whether we would actually be able to make it work once I’d gone back to university.

That was the last thing either of us said about the subject. AJ turned away from me again and I just buried my face into his head and squeezed him tightly. Probably tighter than I ever had. Almost like I was terrified of what would happen if I let him go.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018


"His face transformed into the most outrageously cocky grimace. “HSSSSS!!” AJ cranked down into an abs and thighs pose. His gorgeous, block-like tummy muscles crunched and exploded underneath my hand. I was feeling and touching the hard, flexed abs of a real life bodybuilder."

In part 9 of "AJ & Noah", the lads go on a first date and some of Noah's muscle worship fantasies come true when AJ treats him to a bit of posing (shiny, lime green posing trunks included)!

As it's been a little while since I posted it, here's the brilliant illustration of AJ my friend "Reeddune" did for me. Here's his Instagram if anyone fancies checking out more of his awesome work!

Twenty Four

“So I’m thinking of quitting both of my jobs and taking up a new one!”

I was lying on my bed and dreamily grinning into my phone screen as AJ messaged me during his break from a Tesco shift.

“Hehe! Oh yeah?” I messaged back, playing along.

Three dots appeared.

“Yep! It’s quite an unusual job though!”

“I’m listening!” I typed. I had no idea what AJ was going to say next, but I was fairly certain it was going to be something awesome, cute and funny. I wasn’t wrong.

“Get this. A full time Noah Cook Snuggler Upper!”

Heart melting. Body bursting. Could AJ be any fucking cuter or more adorable? I sent through a series of emojis. The shocked face, the monkey holding his mouth and the blushing face with eyes wide open emoji.

“Hmmm. I think I’ve heard about that position! Apparently there are a few requirements for the role!” I typed.

“Yeah??” AJ messaged back.

“Yep! Apparently you can only apply if you’re a VERY cute bodybuilder with massive tits, huge guns, gorgeous abs and a habit for flexing while cheekily sticking your tongue out!”

AJ sent through three of the AJ emoji’s.

“Noah! I’m actually kind of blushing here! But I erm…think I might qualify?” And he adorably followed it up with the blushing face emoji.

“Oh, you definitely do!”

Three dots.

“So my abs are gorgeous?”

“Haha! Yep. I love your abs!”

“GRRRRRR!! Will have to crunch ‘em for ya!”

“Ummm…FUCK YEAH!!” I replied, excitement surging through me and my cock instantly swelling.

“I’ve actually been thinking about posing for you quite a lot!” AJ then messaged.


I sent through three shocked face emojis.

“Hehe! I actually kind of can’t wait!!” AJ messaged.

“Erm … excuse me while I just spontaneously combust with excitement. HELL YEAH!!” I replied.

“I keep thinking about how you reacted when you were feeling my flexed bicep. Your face. How turned on you were. What it did to you. How you had to shoot your load right there and then. It was the HORNIEST fucking thing! And I LOVED that my muscles had that effect on you!”

Fuck, fuck, fucking fuck FUUUUCK!!

I couldn‘t believe what I was actually reading on my screen. “It was HANDS DOWN one of the hottest fucking experiences of my life!!” I replied, feeling a rush at how open and honest I was being.

“Just wait ‘till I pose for you!” AJ messaged.


My head felt like it was going to fucking explode. I suddenly had the urge to make a further confession.

“There’s actually something else about bodybuilders that really does it for me!” I messaged, my pulse quickening.

“Tell me!” AJ ordered.

“Well I kind of have a bit of a thing for posing trunks!” I bravely typed, followed by the blushing face emoji.

As three dots appeared on my phone, a series of imaginary replies from AJ quickly flashed into my mind. “That’s weird!” “You’re a freak.” “I don’t wanna see you anymore.”

And then his actual message came through.

“OMG!! Haha!! REALLY??”

“Yep!” I replied, with the blushing face emoji again.

“Hmmm. You know what?! I’ve always thought posers were kinda sexy!”

FUCK! My heart leapt as I read those words.

“Really??” I replied. A part of me couldn’t help wondering whether AJ was just humouring me. But another, much bigger part told me that he was being completely genuine.

“Yeah! There’s definitely something hot about them. I totally get it!” AJ typed.

“They’re hot as FUCK!!” I typed, followed by the AJ emoji. “They’ve got to be the shiny ones though!” I added.

“Of course! That goes without saying!” AJ typed. “So, erm … do my lime green ones do it for you?”

It was such a ridiculous fucking question that I couldn’t suppress a giggle as I looked at the message.

“Ummm…HELL YES!! They’re so hot it borders on insane!”

Three of the AJ emojis came through. “Well now I know what I’ll be wearing when I pose for you. Although I was kinda planning on wearing them anyway!”

Fucking. Fucking. FUUUUUCK!!

My cock was juddering and I reached down and gave it a squeeze through my jeans at the thought of AJ posing for me in his shiny, lime green trunks, which, incredibly, he was teasing he was going to do, presumably fairly soon. Holy fucking HELL!

And then a text came through which suddenly pulled me out of my thoughts and made me quickly release my hand from my throbbing hard on.

“Oi! You didn’t reply to my text!”

It was Naomi. She was referring to the message she’d sent me the day before when she’d asked if everything was okay between AJ and I. I guess I’d found it easier to just ignore her after AJ had asked me not to tell her what had happened between us.

“Sorry! I was with AJ!” I text.

“Ooooh!! What’s going on? Did you talk about his Facebook messages?”

Shit! Fuck, bugger, shit!

I usually told Naomi everything. How was I supposed to lie to her? But AJ had asked me to not to say anything. So that was exactly what I was going to do.

“He said it was all a bit of a blur.”

It wasn’t a lie. AJ had said that. About ten minutes before we were wrapped around each other on his bed naked.

“Oh! Are you OK with that?” she text back.

I paused. “I’m happy with how things are.” Also not a lie!

“Hmmmm. Well I still think something’s gonna happen between you two!”

And I smiled. If only she knew the truth.

“Off gallivanting again?” my mum asked me the day after as I was filling up my water bottle in the kitchen with my backpack slung over my shoulder. I was waiting for AJ to pick me up in his car to take me to Scorpio’s. It would be our first trip since we’d confessed our feelings towards each other and slept together. An excitement was pulsing through my body, because I was about to see my cute, gorgeous AJ again for the first time in two days.

“Ummm … if you mean am I going out, then yes! To the gym, if you must know!” I informed her.

“Hmmmm!” my mum said, eyeing up my backpack with one eyebrow raised. “I hope you’re not taking this gym thing too far!”

I screwed up my face. “How would I do THAT?!”

“Well I wouldn’t like to see you getting too buff! You look fine as you are!” she replied. I smirked and rolled my eyes.

And then she said something which made my whole body jolt while I prayed for the ground to swallow me up whole.

“There’s a boy who works at Tesco’s …”

Oh God.

“He’s only about your age. A lovely lad …”


“He’s really friendly. Always saying hello …”

She’s talking about AJ! She’s fucking talking about AJ!!

“And he’s got such a nice face! But, ooooh, Noah. He’s soooo muscly!”


“You should see him! His arms are out here!” And then she bought her arms and elbows up so they were sticking out either side of her in imitation of a big, built bodybuilder and I wanted to fucking DIE.

“Please don’t get that big, Noah! You wouldn’t want to look like that, would you?”

I rolled my eyes and quickly shuffled out of the room, hoping she hadn’t noticed that my face had gone bright red, while all the time repeating the same thing over and over in my head; That did not just happen. That did NOT just fucking happen!

I was more nervous than ever when I spotted AJ’s car pulling up at the top of the drive. I quickly and quietly sneaked out. Why couldn’t he have parked down the road like I’d asked him to? I honestly think part of him wanted to make me squirm. But also I think maybe it was a little bit of a payback thing. I had a theory that he was secretly a little offended by the fact I wouldn’t let my mum see him. Maybe he feared I was partly worried about what she’d think of the fact he was now a bodybuilder? Embarrassed, even? Maybe in a small way he’d actually been right?

“Oh my GOD!” I groaned as I jumped in the passenger seat and put my face in my hands.

“What‘s up?!” AJ asked me, giggling.

I shook my head and gave him a little smirk. FUCK! He looked as huge and gorgeous as ever in his tight, blue Tesco’s polo shirt. GRRRR!! I was so fucking happy to see him.

“You won’t believe what my mum just said to me! Drive NOW and I’ll tell you!” I said.

AJ was grinning and looking at me curiously. He twisted his head and peered at my house through the car window.

“Is she looking?!”


He turned back to face me. “It’s just … I really wanna kiss you!”

FUCK! I melted. God, I wanted it too. He put his hand on my leg and I instantly started to swell. Then he leaned towards me. Worried about the possibility of my mother peeping through the window, but also feeling a surprising rush at the propsect of being caught, my whole body tingled as my lips met AJ’s and we kissed.

“Fuck!” I whispered, as our lips parted, and I anxiously looked to my house for any sign of my mum with her hands to the side her eyes, pressed up to the window.

As AJ started up the car, he cheekily shook his head. “This is gonna be TORTURE!” he said.

I giddily grinned. “What?!” I asked.

“You KNOW what!” he said. Then he looked me up and down and bit his lip. It was so fucking sexy.

I did know what, of course. Being at Scorpio’s, being in public, even just being in a car and not being able to kiss each other, touch each other and do all of the things we’d been doing the past week in his bedroom. If it was going to be torturous for AJ, it was going to an absolute killer for me.

I told AJ what my mum had said about him before I’d left, emphasising the fact she’d called him lovely, really friendly and that he had a nice face. All of it amused and flattered him.

“I can’t believe she doesn’t recognise me!” AJ exclaimed.

“I can!”

“I’m sure she’d come round once she got used to me being a monster!” he said, with a cheeky grin.

“Well she loved you when we were kids,” I reassured him.

“Awww! Did she?” he said, with a coy smile.

“Of course! And my sister. You were cute, cheeky, little AJ. And now you’re cute, cheeky, HUGE AJ. With twenty inch biceps! And arms out here!” I said, imitating the way my mum had stuck her arms out.

AJ laughed. “Oh, my mum mentioned you too, by the way! She was like, Awwww, I’m so glad you’re friends with Noah again!

“Awwww!” I said, feeling fuzzy inside. “I love your mum!”

“Oh, she did question why you went bright red when Andy walked in, though!”

I laughed and shook my head. “FUCK OFF!”

I was half expecting AJ to kiss me again in the car park outside Scorpio’s, so I couldn’t help feeling a stab of disappointment when he didn’t. Maybe he felt it was too risky, and that someone would see us?

Being with AJ at Scorpio’s definitely felt different now that things between us were no longer just platonic. It had felt a lot more fun too. He’d given me a couple of cheeky, knowing grins when he’d been getting undressed in the changing rooms. And he’d teased me about the pictures of the shredded freaks on the walls of the gym; asking me if I thought various bodybuilders were hot, and whether I’d like to see certain guys flexing in their posing trunks.

And as AJ had predicted, it was fucking torturous. Being with him as he pumped up in his vest. Not being able to kiss him, wrap my arms around his huge mass, nuzzle into his thick, bull neck or cheekily squeeze his flexed bicep again. But all the time there was this incredible excitement, because I knew that there was a very good chance I would get to do all, or at least some, of those things when we’d go back to his afterwards.

“Is your mum and Andy home?” I asked on the car journey back, my stomach twisting as I waited for the answer.

“Why?! Wanna perv on Andy again?” he said. I grinned and rolled my eyes.

“Erm … I think they’re home.” he added, casually. A little too casually, I thought. My heart dropped a little. Was the prospect of being home alone not an exciting one for AJ like it very much was for me? And just when was I going to get the noisy posing (FUCKING HELL!) he’d teased me about? Maybe it would be better if it was a spontaneous thing?

But none of that doubt could take away the giddiness I was, and had been, feeling all evening. Because I was with AJ. And I would still get to kiss him and touch him and maybe even squeeze his flexed bicep. It would probably just be a little more restrained than if we were at his house alone.

The first thing I noticed when AJ’s house was in sight was that Andy’s motorbike was parked on the drive. But then I noticed something else.

“Your mum’s car isn’t here?” I questioned, as we pulled into the drive.

“Nope!” AJ replied. And then he looked at me with this devilish grin. “They’re not gonna be home ‘till late!”


“Oh, and look at that …” he continued, looking down at his body. “I’m all pumped up!”


My cock instantly swelled and I felt like I was going to explode with excitement.

AJ gave a playful sigh and shook his head. “If only I had a cute, horny guy with a massive thing for bodybuilders to pose for!”

Twenty Five

I groaned into AJ’s mouth as his tongue danced with mine and my hand slipped down and gripped on to one of his huge upper arms. Fuck! I was pinned up against his bedroom door. We’d barely been able to keep our hands off each other since we’d entered his house.

“FUCK!” I cried as AJ cheekily flexed his arm and the freakish ball of marble-like bicep muscle exploded under my fingertips. Freshly pumped from the gym, it felt even bigger and harder than the last time. I probably could have exploded in my undies right there and then.

If AJ hadn’t already confessed how much he loved the effect his flexed muscle had on me, I would known in that moment, anyway, by the smug, excitable look on his face. AJ was clearly getting a huge kick out of how much feeling his flexed bicep wowed and turned on me.

“Go to the bathroom for two minutes!” he ordered, with a devilish grin.

I gave him a confused but excited grin. “Whyyyy?” I asked suspiciously.

“Just do it!!” he cheekily demanded.

I kissed him and obeyed his order, highly suspecting that I was going to walk back into the room to find AJ in nothing but his shiny lime green posing trunks (FUCK). I was a little gutted when I returned to find him still wearing his trackies and a vest.

I looked around the room and narrowed my eyes. “What was all that about?”

He playfully shrugged, wrapped his arms around my back, pushed his huge, pumped, muscle tits into my regular sized chest and kissed me passionately. How could one man turn me on, arouse me and excite me to such a degree that AJ did? Whenever I touched him. Whenever I kissed him. I felt like I was constantly on the verge of exploding with ecstasy.

We’d soon switched places, and it was AJ who was up against the door. His vest had come off, most of my own clothes had been removed, and I was bending down so I was faced with his huge, hard dick, sticking out and bulging through his gym trackies. Fuck!

I wanted to worship that dick with my tongue. I wanted to make him blow. Harder, faster and more intensely than he’d ever done before. I wanted to make his toe curls. His eyes roll back. His whole body quiver and burst as he exploded in my mouth.

I grabbed the waistband of his trackies and gently pulled them down. Instead of being faced with the material of whatever colour boxer shorts AJ had been wearing that day, I was faced with something which made my heart skip a beat; the bright and inexplicably shiny material of AJ Jones’ lime green posing trunks. FUCKING HELL!!

I looked up at AJ, wide eyed and excited. His gorgeous, bumpy ab blocks, huge, hanging tits and a smug but oh-so-gorgeous grin staring down at me. As I’d suspected, AJ had banished me to the bathroom so he could take off his underwear and put his posers on. Hiding them under his clothes to surprise me was something I definitely hadn’t predicted him to do.

The trunks were so much shinier than I anticipated they would be. Without a doubt, they were the horniest clothing garment I’d ever come into contact with. Much hotter than the leather jeans Andy had been squeezing his big, meaty arse into.

I squeezed AJ’s hard on, which was tenting the obscenely shiny posing trunk material and he groaned. I gently took it out of it’s lime green poser wrapper and there it was; the most gorgeous cock I’d ever seen, juddering and sticking out from the ridiculously muscular body of the most beautiful boy I’d ever been with.

AJ gave the hottest little groan and sank his fingers into my hair as I put the head of his thick, hard cock in my mouth. As I danced my wet tongue around the rim, I looked up to see AJ in some sort of state of euphoria. It was the sexiest image. Seeing a bodybuilder in posing trunks, freshly pumped from the gym in a state of arousal because of me. I wanted to spend the whole night worshipping AJ and his cock. To make him cum over and over again.

I felt him pull back and I looked up to see him still aroused and in a state of bliss, but gently shaking his head as he giddily smirked at me. I knew what it meant; that he was dangerously close to cumming but didn’t want to do so just yet.

“Sit on the edge of the bed!” AJ gently ordered. I obeyed, and he followed me. Kneeling down on the floor, he helped me get my trackies and boxers off and began to suck and play with my fully erect cock as I ruffled his hair. I could tell by AJ’s face that he really loved sucking me off. He always made these hot groaning noises too as he did. It was like he couldn’t get enough of it. It was so obscenely fucking sexy.

“GRRRRR!” he growled, giving my hard, wet cock a firm squeeze. While I was still perched on the edge of his bed naked, AJ stood up, his expression an insanely hot mixture of determination and arousal. He then adjusted his trunks so that his cock was nestled back in the shiny, lime green pouch of his posers.

Oh God, I thought. This is it. He’s gonna fucking do it! He’s actually gonna pose for me!

And then he did. The very thing he’d been teasing me about the last few days since I’d confessed how much bodybuilders turned me on. AJ, the posing trunk wearing bodybuilder who I’d not long been kissing, lifted both of his arms up either side of his head and, twisting his gaze from side to side to get a good look at both of his arms, cranked down into a front double bicep.

He released an obscenely hot grunt as he did so and his face suddenly contorted into an arrogant and obscenely hot grimace. It was the horniest and most surreal image. A proper bodybuilder flexing just for me! FUUUUCKKK!!

AJ looked from his flexed biceps to me, his mouth curling into this sexy, smug little smirk, as I watched on in sheer awe and excitement.

He relaxed from the pose, a cheeky, excitable grin on his face. AJ was clearly loving putting on a show for me and showing off his muscle. He then curled his fingers around both of the straps of his shiny green posing trunks, and with his lips pursed, he blasted out a front lat spread pose.

“OOOOH!” he outrageously grunted as the lime green straps hoisted up and AJ’s tits jumped and twitched.

“FUCK!” I exclaimed, in response. I couldn’t help it. A cocky grin emerged on AJ’s face as he continued to hold the pose and look down at me. He then made the most outrageously cocky move; he cheekily exclaimed, “YEAH!” and animatedly nodded his head. He looked like a man possessed as he played the part of a cocky, flexing bodybuilder.

As he twisted to one side and transitioned into a side chest pose, AJ let out the hottest and most inexplicably hot grunt. “EURGH!!”

Fuck! I couldn’t hold back any longer. Watching AJ pose in front of me while displaying the cockiest and most animated attitude was such an insane turn on, that I reached for my throbbing hard on and began to wank off.

AJ’s eyes widened in surprise and excitement as I did so. “Fuck!” he ushered, at what was suddenly unfolding.

AJ spun around and cranked his arms down into a back double bicep with a loud grizzly, grunt, which sounded a bit like, “HRRYEEAHH!” Fucking HELL! I loved how much he was getting into it. It made the whole thing just so much hotter.

My eyes were transfixed on one thing only; the big, round gorgeous cheeks which made up AJ’s obscenely beefy arse, spilling out of the shiny, lime green material of his posers. I wanted to do so many things to that insanely hot arse. If AJ would let me.

“OOOOOH!” AJ exclaimed as he opened up his back in a back lat spread pose, making it look wider than it ever had.

He spun back around to face me, still wearing that excitable and cheeky grin. AJ then stepped closer to me, reached for my left free hand and, with an excited smirk, placed it flat over his stomach. His skin was soft and slightly sticky. I could feel the bumps of muscle underneath, and the ridges which separated them. He then threw both of his arms behind the back of his head and I knew exactly what was coming next.

His face transformed into the most outrageously cocky grimace. “HSSSSS!!” AJ cranked down into an abs and thighs pose. His gorgeous, block-like tummy muscles crunched and exploded underneath my hand. I was feeling and touching the hard, flexed abs of a real life bodybuilder.

“FUCK!” I cried in response, continuing to wank off. I was so close to cumming. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold it in any longer.

AJ bought his arms back down and, clamping his fists together, cranked down into a most muscular pose with a short, sharp, grizzly growl. His biceps popping, his shoulders looking bigger and rounder than ever and his whole upper body exploding with incredible mass.

“Oh God! I’m close!” I cried, as I continued to plunge up and down on my throbbing cock.

“Fuck!” AJ exclaimed, excitedly. He reached for my hand again and placed it over one of his upper arms, my fingers gripping the huge, solid, un-flexed muscle. He lifted both of his arms up and then cranked back down into a crab most muscular and I felt his warm, hard, marble-like bicep erupt and explode in my hand.

“ARGGHHHH!!” he shouted loudly in my ear as he hit the pose.

It was all too much. The attitude. The noise. The exploding bicep underneath my grip. “OH GOD! OH FUCK! ARRRGGGHH!!” Still squeezing AJ’s huge arm with my other hand, I screamed as my cock exploded and thick ropes of cum erupted from the head. I couldn’t stop groaning. I just kept cumming and cumming. The orgasm didn’t seem to stop.

“FUCK!!” AJ exclaimed excitedly, while also releasing a few chuckles, when I’d finally stopped.

“Oh God!” I panted. I was a mess. A sweaty, heaving, cum soaked mess on a post orgasmic high. I started laughing too and buried my head into AJ’s abs as he placed his hands around my back.

I looked up at him. He was beaming down at me. I could tell he was still on a high from having someone cum over his flexing muscles. “Fuck!” he said, shaking his head. “That was so hot!!” I melted and grinned back at him.

And then something else stole my attention. AJ was tenting his lime green posers. I grabbed the straps and pulled them down. Now it was AJ’s turn to blow his load. He groaned loudly as I swallowed his cock.

I don’t really know what came over me in that moment. Just as AJ had turned into an animal when he’d been stood over me hitting pose after pose and flexing his muscles with attitude, I’d turned into some kind of horn crazed beast, determined to make the beautiful bodybuilder before me cum as hard and fast as possible.

It didn’t take AJ long to give me exactly what I wanted. “I’m gonna cum!! Noah! OH GOD! ARGGHHHH!! AHHHHHHH!!” AJ shouted as he exploded in my mouth. I loved how he called out my name just before he came. Just as he’d done the first time.

“That was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had!” AJ exclaimed, once he’d collapsed on the bed next to me and wrapped me up in a cuddle. “FUCK!” he added, like he couldn’t quite believe how good it was. AJ’s huge chest was heaving up and down as he tried to catch his breath. I giggled as I gripped his waist and tangled my ordinary sized legs with his thick thighs.

“So … how was the posing?” he asked.

“Hmmm!” I said, in a jokey, unenthusiastic manner. “It was okay, I guess!” I said, playfully shrugging. I looked at AJ and gave him a knowing grin and he squeezed me tight and grinned back. “I think you could do with a bit of practice, though!” I added.

His eyes playfully widened. “Oh, really?!”

“Mmmm. You could be a lot cockier for a start. And a lot noisier!”

“Okay, I  actually don’t know whether you’re still joking now!” AJ said, grinning,

I squeezed his waist and gave him a reassuring grin. “I fucking LOVED it!”

His mouth curled into an adorable, dreamy grin. “I kinda got that impression! I loved it too, by the way. And seeing your reaction. FUCK!”

“Yeah?” I asked, biting my lip.

“Mmmm. Seeing you crazy over my muscles! GRRRRR! Just makes me wanna get bigger. And more shredded!”


“I would one hundred per cent support that!” I said.

AJ giggled. “You know you could have just asked to feel my biceps weeks ago? I would have let you!”

I pulled a face. “As if I would have had the NERVE to do that!”

“Well, that guy in the toilets of the pub did!”

That guy in the toilets isn’t falling in love with you, I thought.

“Don’t feel like you have to stay yes, but … how would you feel about staying over tonight?” AJ asked me. Fuck! My heart expanded in my chest.

“Isn’t your mum coming back later?” I asked.

AJ shrugged. “Yeah! She won’t think anything of it, though. She’ll probably ask us if we’re having a sleepover!” he said, rolling his eyes.

I laughed. I could just imagine AJ’s mum saying that to us. “I’d love to!” I said, looking at AJ lovingly.

He dreamily smiled at me and gave me a squeeze. “Mmmmm! Will be nice to wake up with you! My mum and Andy go to work really early too. And I get pretty horny in the morning!”

I raised my eyebrows and grinned at him. “Oh, by the way. I haven’t said this to you yet, but you have a really hot arse!” I said.

AJ’s eyes widened in surprise and he chuckled. “It’s been said before!” he said cheekily. “Yours is cute too, by the way!”

For some reason, his statement really surprised me. I furrowed my eyebrows. “Have you been checking out my arse?!” I asked playfully, thinking about that very first time we’d been reunited in Tesco when I’d been doing that very thing with AJ.

He mischievously grinned. “A couple of times! It looks especially good in your gym trackies! It’s really cute and pert!” Then he reached his hand around and gave one of my arse cheeks a gentle squeeze and my body tingled.

“Well, yours is … FUCK! For a start, it’s HUGE!” I said. AJ beamed at me in response. “And also looks good in your gym trackies. And your work trousers. And your shorts. And your painted on jeans. And your shiny, lime green posers! And … OK, it pretty much looks hot in EVERYTHING!”

AJ laughed. “Mmmmm!” he said, squeezing me. “Do you think we could just stay in bed for the rest of the week? Fuck Tesco’s. Fuck the Leisure Centre. Fuck Scorpio’s. Actually, maybe not Scorpio’s. I’d lose all my muscle. And then I wouldn’t be a bodybuilder!”

I didn’t really think about what I said next. If I had, I may not have said it. “I’d still like you just as much!” I told him. And I very much believed that I would. As soon as I’d said it I felt sheepish. AJ furrowed his eyebrows slightly, like he wasn’t really sure whether to believe me, but the corner of his mouth curled into this cute little grin, and neither of us said anything more about it.

AJ had been right about his mum. She’d been fine with me sleeping over. Being in AJ’s bed with the lights off, cuddling up to him under the duvet while my legs wrapped around his and he held me in his arms, being completely engulfed by his mass and his incredible scent, I couldn’t remember a time when I’d fallen asleep feeling happier or more content.

But when I woke up at around five am the next morning, still in AJ’s bed but untangled from him, everything silent and still, I suddenly felt this crushing anxiety. Because I knew that whatever was happening in that moment with me and AJ wouldn’t last. That there were only so many weeks left of the summer, and then I would be going back to university, where I wouldn’t get to see AJ every day.

And then, lying awake, staring at AJ’s back as he slept next to me, my thoughts started spiralling, and I couldn’t seem to stop them. I wondered whether me and AJ could make it work once I’d gone back to London. Maybe I could come back every weekend, or AJ could come down and visit me, when he could get the time off work, obviously. But would it be the same as what we had now? And would AJ even want to try and make it work?

And even if he did, what would happen in a years time when I’d graduated? I’d been certain of what I wanted to do when that time came for so long. I was adamant that I wanted to get a job in publishing. That was why I was doing an English Literature degree. That was why I’d applied to do a number of work experience placements at publishing houses at the beginning of the summer, none of which I’d heard back from. And almost all of those jobs were in London. Being anywhere else, moving back to Little Denton, it had never been an option. But where would that leave me and AJ? Should I give it all in to be close to him? Could I persuade him to move to London? Would he even want to? He had his life here in Little Denton. His jobs. Scorpio’s. And all of his friends and family were here.

It wasn’t like I could just really ask him, either. Just a few weeks earlier he’d been terrified to even admit that he had feelings for me. And even now we were sort of together, he wouldn’t let me tell anyone. Not even my best friend. Asking him if he’d maybe move half way across the country just to be with me would probably guarantee that he’d run for the hills and never want to see me again.

I wanted so much in that moment to stop time. Or somehow make it so the summer just repeated on a loop, over and over again. I wanted to be twenty years old forever, lying next to the boy who made my heart want to burst and my head want to explode. The sweetest, most wonderful boy, who excited, aroused and turned me on more than anyone I’d ever met.

I finally managed to drift off back to sleep. When I woke up a few hours later, AJ’s arm was tightly wrapped around me, his scent more powerful than ever, those early morning anxieties had faded and all of those questions were now buried somewhere deep at the back of my head. I didn’t know what was going to happen, or what would become of us, but there was one thing in that moment that I knew for sure. That I’d fallen in love with AJ Jones.

Twenty Six

I wrapped my arms around AJ’s torso and sunk my face into his back. My cheek resting against the blue material of his Tesco polo shirt. “Mmmm!” I said, smiling as he gripped his arms around mine and squeezed.

“I think you should phone in sick!” I joked.

AJ did one of his cute, little giggles. “Don’t tempt me!” he said, squeezing my arms further with his strong grip.

“Thanks for the sleepover!” I said.

“Thanks for making me cum twice last night. And again this morning!” he cheekily said. I bit my lip and grinned, still with my face sinking into his back. I probably could have just stayed in that position all day. Sinking into the boy I loved as he held me in his tight, strong grip.

AJ stopped squeezing me and spun around to face me, putting his arms around my back in a cuddle and looking at me with an affectionate, happy grin. Jesus. That fucking face. He was so gorgeous it almost hurt. And he was mine. At least for the time being.

I gripped both of his arms, huge and bulging out of his outrageously tight work shirt. “This fucking shirt!” I exclaimed, shaking my head and grinning. “It’s ridiculous!”

“Oh, I know!” he said, sighing and playfully rolling his eyes. “Shouldn’t be such a monster should I?” And then his mouth curled into a cheeky little grin.

I smiled back and bit my lip, my dick swelling under the gym trackies I was wearing from the previous night. My phone suddenly vibrated in my pocket.

“Ugh! I need to get moving. And you’re vibrating!” AJ said.

I leaned in and kissed him before we finally parted. As I reached for my phone, I felt a pang of nerves. Because what if it was Naomi texting me again? We hadn’t mentioned the incident from earlier in the week where AJ has asked me not to tell her about us. I wasn’t sure I wanted the subject to be bought up again. At least not then.

“Oh, shit!” I said out loud looking at my phone screen. I’d received a text message from Eddie asking me if I wanted to meet up the following evening. I had known I’d have to deal with that particular dilemma sooner or later.

“What’s up?” AJ asked. I pulled a face and passed him my phone.

He pulled his own “eeeek” face as he read Eddie’s message, but then I noticed his mouth briefly curling into a smug little grin. Like a part of him got a kick out of the fact that he’d won me over Eddie.

“I’ll just tell him I’m already going out with a friend or something!” I said.

AJ nodded. “Well you could be! I’m not working tomorrow night.”

My heart fluttered. Not just at the prospect of spending another evening with AJ, but because he seemed to be proposing that we could actually go out somewhere. Earlier that morning I had wanted to freeze time. Now I wanted to fast forward it.

“I mean, we probably should venture out at some point, rather than just spending all of our time on my bed!” he added with a mischievous grin.

I was feeling brave. I furrowed my eyebrows. “What, so  … kind of like a date?” I teased. I felt a pang of nerves as soon as I’d said it and wondered whether I shouldn’t have.

AJ’s mouth curled into this adorable, coy grin. “Yeah!” he said, with a little shrug.

“Sounds good!” I said, feeling both excited, but also oddly nervous at the prospect. Which was fucking ridiculous given how intimate I’d been with him.

“What do you fancy doing?” he asked.

“Erm … we could go for something to eat?” I suggested. “Or the cinema?”

“Cinema sounds good! Mmmm! It’ll be hard though …” AJ said, wrapping his arms under mine once more.

“What?!” I asked playfully as I sunk into his huge, muscular body.

“You know what!” AJ said, as he pressed up against me.

“We could sit in the back row?” I suggested. “Right in the corner!” AJ giggled and kissed me. How was I going manage without kissing him for the next day?

It was ridiculous how nervous I’d felt in the build up to mine and AJ’s outing the following night. I’d seen him so many times, been naked with him, intimate with him, made him cum, so why was venturing to the cinema making my stomach twist? A part of me wished I hadn’t used the word “date” the morning before. We’d never really socialised with each other outside of his bedroom and one drunken, shot fuelled night at a pub. But even then, there’d been a group of us. And that had been before me and AJ had become more than friends.

What if our trip to the cinema was awkward? What if I bored AJ with my company? What if AJ realised that what we had was mainly just sex, and that he just wanted to carry on doing what we were doing in his bedroom, but nothing more?

All of those fears were racing through my mind as I got ready to venture out; a ritual which had never been particularly enjoyable for me. Naomi was always taking the piss out of me because I’d often change my clothes a dozen times before going on a night out. It wasn’t that I was vain. It was the fact that most of my clothes seemed to hate me. Not just my clothes either. Clothes in general. Nothing ever seemed to sit right on my awkward shaped body.

Fate seemed to be on my side that night, though. The first thing I tried on I was actually happy with. A mint green and blue short sleeved checked shirt with a yellow t-shirt underneath. I probably wouldn’t have worn it to a pub or club, but it seemed ideal for that occasion.

I very rarely liked what I saw when I looked in the mirror, but every now and then, I would have an unexpected moment where I’d look at my reflection and think, “I actually look okay!” More than just okay. Maybe even nice?

I had one very such moment as I looked in my bedroom mirror in preparation for my date with AJ. There was something about my complexion and what I was wearing on that particular night. It was a strange, but nice feeling. Actually liking what I saw in the mirror.

Predictably, AJ didn’t just look good. He looked insanely fucking sexy. I almost couldn’t believe just how sexy as he walked up to me outside the Little Denton train station. And what was more unbelievable was the fact that a man so unspeakably hot was not only here to meet me, but for an actual fucking date.

My heart fluttered as he approached me. Much like me, none of AJ’s clothes seem to fit right. But while my clothes didn’t fit in a bad way, AJ’s didn’t fit in the hottest way possible. He was wearing his painted on jeans again. Jesus! How long did it take him to squeeze his monster thighs into those things? He had a white t-shirt on, his huge, tanned, ridiculously muscular arms bulging out. And over it, a black North Face gilet, puffed out to a laughable degree, which, amazingly, made him look like even more of a monster than he did normally.

He couldn’t stop smiling. This dizzy grin plastered all over his gorgeous little face as he approached me. Was that because of me? Fuck. HOW was that possible?!

“You look nice!” he said. I internally laughed at how ridiculous it was that a man so unspeakably hot was complimenting me on my appearance.

I so badly wanted to hold AJ’s hand as we stood on the train station platform. To simply lean in and give him a quick kiss. Like straight couples do so freely and easily all of the time. Most of them not realising how extremely lucky they are that they can be affectionate with the people they’re romantically linked with in public.

I noticed people staring as we waited for the train to arrive. But it wasn’t at us. They probably just assumed we were two straight mates going out somewhere on a Saturday night. They were staring at the huge, muscular muscle bull bursting out of his sprayed on jeans and North Face gilet.

“There’s a big lad over there!” I heard one man cry as we boarded the train. I can’t deny that I loved it. That AJ caused such a stir just from his appearance.

He sat opposite me on the train, his arm spilling out into the next seat. There was no way anyone could have sat there without half of their body being in the aisle of the carriage. It wasn’t awkward like I’d feared, but there were moments where a fear slipped in. That I wasn’t being the same person I was when we were sitting in his car on the way to Scorpio’s, or cuddled up on his bed.

“Is your phone on silent?” AJ asked me.

“Erm …” I realised it was a bit of a weird question as I got my phone out of my pocket to check. And then I saw why he’d asked. I had a text message from him. He’d obviously sent it a few minutes before when he’d been messing with his phone.

I gave him a confused look, while excitedly grinning and reading the text.

“You look so cute tonight. I’m having lots of naughty thoughts!”

I bit my lip and giddy grinned as he smiled back at me, looking rather pleased with himself.

I started to text him back. It was weird texting him while he was watching me. I suddenly felt pressure to be cute and witty.

“And you look hot as FUCK!! But then you always do!”

AJ grinned like crazy as my text came through and he read it.

I had a flash of inspiration. “You do know you’re practically taking up two seats though?” I text.

He let out a short, sharp laugh as he read my text, then pulled a face. “Ooops!” he said out loud.

AJ’s eyes then went south and seemed to widen comically. He then started tapping away at his phone again.

His text came through. “HAVE YOU GOT A HARD ON??”

I laughed when I read it. And maybe blushed a little. “Ooops!” I said out loud, but quietly.

He grinned, bit his lip and gave me a look like he wanted to ravish me right there and then on the train. He then pushed the end of his trainer up against mine so they were touching and we stayed like that for the rest of the journey.

AJ paid for my cinema ticket without asking me. “You can pay next time!“ he told me, with a cheeky grin.

I hadn’t planned on trying anything with him in the actual cinema, but once the lights had dimmed and we were sat on the back row without many people either side of us, I found myself wondering if there was a possibility that we could get away with being affectionate. So I, somewhat nervously, pushed my leg against AJ’s, and he responded by pushing mine back with more force. Then, amazingly, he intertwined his fingers with mine so he was holding my hand and didn’t let go until the film had finished. It was such a fucking rush. Holding hands with the boy I loved in public.

There were even a few surprise scary bits in the film, where AJ jumped and squeezed my hand harder. I found it so fucking adorable that AJ jumped more than I did.

“I didn’t expect that to be so jumpy! The other Jurassic Parks weren’t like that!” he said, when the film had finished and we were spilling out of the cinema with the audience.

“You were practically jumping out of your seat!” I teased.

AJ playfully nudged my shoulder with his. “Fuck off!” he said, grinning.

“Hey, Noah!”


My heart jumped into my throat. I recognised his voice straight away. Sure enough, suddenly standing in front of me was Eddie, with a female friend by his side.

“Hey!” I said, nervously. God, it was awkward.

He introduced me to his friend. “Erm … you remember AJ!” I said, nervously. I was sure that I was blushing. Fuck!

“Yeah! How could I forget?” Eddie said, giving AJ an ominous grin.

He suspects nothing! I told myself. But I was so nervous. More than I probably should have been. AJ didn't seem nervous at all. Or at least he didn’t show it.

Eddie’s friend seemed to know who I was. He’d obviously told her about me. She seemed a little shocked at AJ’s appearance, though. Even a little intimidated. Bless her, I thought.

We chatted for a few minutes about what films we were there to see, then said our goodbyes. “Give me a text!” Eddie said as we parted ways. I internally breathed a sigh of relief as we walked away, while also feeling a stab of guilt. Because I had no intention of doing any such thing.

“That was awkward!!” I said to AJ as left the cinema.

He pulled an “eeeek” face, but was wearing an excitable grin at the same time. Like he’d gotten a kick out of the encounter. Or maybe he was just feeling smug again that he’d beaten Eddie and won the guy? I still couldn’t really believe that I was the guy in question.

“We’ve got some time before our last train home!” AJ said, looking at his watch. “Shall we go for a quick drink?”

“Sure!” I said, feeling a sudden excitement at the thought.

“One of the places you go to?” he suggested.

We ended up going to the first pub that Eddie and I went to on our first date. The slightly trashy, darkly lit place with no attitude. Predictably, AJ drew a lot of attention. We got some drinks and found a spot against a wall. We stood drinking for a little while, before AJ made his move and put his hand on my waist and went in for a kiss. I had imagined that he might be nervous about being affectionate with me in public, but he didn’t seem it. In fact, he looked just as content as I was feeling. I can’t deny that I felt a kick at the fact that a boy so huge and muscular was pressed up against me with his ridiculously thick arms around my waist. But it was more than that. I felt proud to be his.

As I clung to AJ’s back and rested my chin on his shoulder, I noticed guys from various corners of the bar staring at us. Some looked kind of intimated, while others were watching us in a strange sort of awe. And then there were two young guys, who seemed to be looking on in judgement, whispering to each other and smirking.

In other circumstances those two guys may have annoyed me. But in that particular moment, wrapped around the beautiful bodybuilder I’d fallen in love with, I didn’t really care what they thought. Whether they were wondering what someone as hot as AJ was doing with me, or whether they were just turning their nose up at how huge and muscular he was. The only thing I felt was an unexpected sort of hope. That they’d one day find someone as special as AJ, who made them feel even half of how he made me feel.
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