Monday, 21 April 2014


It's time to reveal who you guys voted for as the top five best looking guys in bodybuilding! The top three placed bodybuilders of which, were very clearly ahead of the others in the votes, and were all, at one point, in the lead. Firstly a recap of who has made the top ten so far:


And just outside the top ten were Canadian muscle cutie Johnny Doull, American muscle bull Mark Dugdale (who would have made my own personal top five - WOOF), British muscle beast James "Flex" Lewis, and American pro monster Evan Centopani.

Which just leaves the five most handsome/hottest/cutest/sexiest looking muscle freaks on the planet (according to you guys anyway - hehe)! Thanks again to everyone who participated in the poll. As you can probably tell I love putting these polls on the blog and getting an idea of what my readers like, and from the feedback I've received, you guys quite like them too!


Whenever I've done posts on uber-cute Latin American muscle boy Santi Aragon, I've never felt that he's received the attention and praise he deserves! Nor has he ever really faired well in any polls I've included him in before, so I LOVE the fact that this adorable little pocket rocket of a muscle freak has placed so highly here! He might not be one of the biggest, or most insanely shredded lads (not that the rock hard, ripped to ribbons, thick as shit mass of muscle he has the audacity to call his body is anything to fucking scoff at) to ever step into a pair of shiny silver posers (bites fist) but one thing is certain; Santi is FOOKING gorgeous!! Adorably boyish and yet so fucking masculine, so damn bloody handsome, such a fucking pretty boy, and hands down one of THE cutest lads on the current bodybuilding scene!


In 4th place, a bodybuilder who's appearance on the list was pretty much guaranteed! Given that Canadian muscle hottie Antoine Vaillant has topped my "Vote For Your Favourite Bodybuilder of the Year" polls for the last two years, his place in this list comes as little surprise! Indecently handsome, insanely sexy, and just plain fucking HOT, it's pretty obvious that Antoine's looks are a factor in why he's always been so popular. With every year passing year, he seems to lose a little bit of his boyish cuteness, and gain a little bit of woofy gruffy manliness! One thing's for sure with Antoine, he's gonna make one hell of a hot muscle daddy one day! Rrrrr-UFF!


For the first few days that the poll was active, 26 year old German bodybuilder Roman Fritz was in the lead, with the highest number of votes! My reaction? FICK JA!! That's German for FUCK YEAH by the way. He may have then fallen to 3rd place but I LOVE the fact that Roman has ranked so highly because, while there might be bodybuilders (i.e. the two placed above Roman on this list) who are *slightly* more "traditionally handsome", for me, Roman is no.1 in the looks department! The lad is just TOO fucking gorgeous for words. With that ridiculous jawline, those adorably big ears (big ears are kind of a thing for me - hehe), and THAT beyond fucking GORGEOUS/cheeky/adorable grin, Mr. Fritz is that perfect combo of charmingly boyish and uber-fucking masculine which I LOVE, while also managing to be one of the most stupidly handsome fuckers to regularly be strutting around bodybuilding stages, cranking, flexing and showing off his hard, shredded, sweat drenched slabs of barely human muscle.


If American bodybuilder Brad Rowe hadn't made an appearance on this list there would have been something seriously wrong! Not content with wowing muscle addicts with his otherworldly shredded beef, incredible quads, hard freaky glutes (which, as we all know, he likes to show off by yoinking his trunks half way down his ass), and cheeky/charming/occasionally outrageously fucking cocky posing, the now pro bodybuilder/fitness model/sometime actor (currently starring in every funny/quirky/cute muscle related TV commercial going) also happens to be one incredibly good looking dude!


Being one of the top pro 212 bodybuilders in the IFBB, being the biggest and best current Brazilian competitor in bodybuilding, and always competing in the most jaw dropping, out of this world fucking SHREDDED condition are just a few things Eduardo Correa is known for. And here's another; being one of *the* most unbelievably, flat out fucking handsome guys to ever grace a bodybuilding stage! However this list was going to be compiled, Eduardo was *always* going to be a high entry! I'm not usually a fan of using the word beautiful to describe men, but with Mr. Correa, I really can't think of a more fitting adjective! With that gorgeous bloody grin, those lovely dreamy peepers, and that uber-macho jaw line, handsome beyond words Eduardo is, without question, a much deserved (sorry Roman) top rated choice! Good call fellow addicts!

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