Saturday, 19 July 2014


Last year insanely popular American bodybuilder Cody Montgomery became the first ever guy to win the overall teen division of the NPC National Teen/Collegiate Championships for two years running. This week Cody made history again by winning the show for a third consecutive year, while also additionally taking the overall in the collegiate division!

Looking at the pictures of Cody at the show it's not hard to see why he took the title for a third time! Full, crazy feathered quads, beautifully shaped marble hard biceps, a gorgeous looking tight as fuck six pack, and rock hard bonkers shredded glutes all help to make up Cody's breathtakingly aesthetic and jaw dropping conditioned physique!

Cody has improved with every year he's competed (check out the self made comparisons shot of Cody hitting most musculars in competition from the last three years for the proof)! This year he came in fuller than last years competition, with an additional 15lbs, while still retaining that crazy as fuck, incredibly shredded conditioning!

It looks like Cody bought something else to the show, along with that additional 15 lbs. Attitude!! Cody's never really been one for cranking the tude on stage before. He's always seemed far too much of a nice guy/pretty boy to get nasty with his poses, but clearly times are changing! That 15 lbs has obviously made Cody re-assess his stage presence and posing technique, cause this year he ripped up that stage and blasted out those poses while cheekily scrunching up that ridiculously pretty face of his, cranking up the attitude by about double from previous years!! Fuck yeah Cody!!

This newly found cocky tude doesn't look like it's being limited to the stage either! Check out the first (incredible) pic of Cody hitting a most muscular in a hotel room, granite hard, thinly skinned all over and shredded to utter perfection, wrinkling his nose, squinting like fuck, flashing those pearly whites and scrunching like an absolute lunatic as he shows off what an alien-like fucking muscle freak he is to the camera!!

With Cody I can't help feeling I'm playing witness to the evolution of the perfect bodybuilder. 2012 = gorgeous looks and crazy conditioning. 2013 = gorgeous looks, crazy conditioning and more size! 2014 = gorgeous looks, crazy conditioning, even more size and a newly adopting cocky as fuck tude! What's in store for 2015 (I'm not quite sure if anyones won the collegiate division twice but I'd put damn good money on Cody doing just that)? Gorgeous looks, crazy conditioning, yet more size, an even cockier tude and (probably the only field Cody's currently lacking in) a new pair of outrageously hot, super shiny, brightly coloured posing trunks?! And so by those estimates, by about 2025, Cody will be the most monstrously sized, most gorgeous (cover your ears Roman), most inhumanely shredded, most outrageously cocky, hottest posing trunks ever made sporting (fuck yeah!) Mr Olympia in bodybuilding history! We all have to dream!


 Who's your mate Cody?! Shredded and CUTE!!

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014


OK hands up who loves the image of an outrageously pumped, carved out muscle freak with a lower back so incredibly hard, so unbelievably dry and so freakishly ripped that it shaped like a fucking Christmas Tree?? So brilliantly bonkers, so out of this world freaky, so damn bleedin' hot and just flat out fucking awesome!!

And if you like this then you have my mate, who often posts on here as "omfgmuscles" to thank, as this (fantastic/bonkers) idea for a post was his!

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