Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Last week I published my second ebook "Charlie's Secret: Part One" on Amazon. The book tells the tale of a secret muscle lover who embarks on a work experience placement at one of the biggest amateur bodybuilding competitions in America, working for one of the leading muscle video and DVD production companies, where he encounters and films the kind of outrageously freaky, superhuman sized muscle bulls he's been fantasising about since he was a teenager. Meet some of the characters from the story...

Name: Charlie Steatham

Occupation: Second year media student temporarily studying at a university in Florida (official school is in London).

Notable physical attributes: Slim built figure, slightly geeky but handsome/cute (though he'd never think so himself).

Character traits: Introverted, shy and socially awkward which means he doesn't always make the best first impression. His nerves and anxieties when meeting new people often mask his best qualities of being funny, caring and extremely loyal. A hopeless romantic at heart but gets attached to men too easily. Has an extremely over active imagination. Doesn't suffer fools gladly and is generally intolerant of anyone obnoxious, judgemental and over opinionated (especially fellow students and work experience placement attendees). Secretly completely obsessed with insanely shredded, superhuman muscle freaks in teenie tiny, brightly coloured posing trunks.

Most likely to: Think of new variations of the word "twat" to describe Billy Horvath in his head; move back to England and fall for a Bryan Macleod lookalike; always wonder what happened to Stuart Fox.

Least likely to: Become best friends with Billy Horvath; sit through thirty minutes of an American Muscle Productions DVD without filling up his pants with half a pint of man milk.

Name: Stuart Fox

Occupation: Medical student and sometime, supposed cameraman.

Notable physical attributes: Slim built, handsome, mousey blonde hair, prone to wearing cheeky/devilish grins.

Character traits: Confident, down to earth demeanour. A doer rather than a thinker. Prone to taking risks and not adverse to doing things he probably shouldn't, but usually gets away with them. Cheeky, charming and incredibly endearing, which means he's very rarely single or without admirers. Secretly completely obsessed with insanely shredded, superhuman muscle freaks in teenie tiny, brightly coloured posing trunks.

Most likely to: Invent more bonkers and brilliant pump room games and invite nervous work experience guys to play them; blag his way into becoming the chief executive of American Muscle Productions when Bryan Macleod retires; bag himself a bodybuilder boyfriend; occasionally wonder what happened to Charlie Steatham for two minutes max before going back to his bodybuilder boyfriend.

Least likely to: Say "we can't do that, we'll get into trouble!"; sit through thirty minutes of an American Muscle Productions DVD without filling up his pants with half a pint of man milk.

Name: Bryan Macleod, aka Bryan MacWoofityWoof, aka The Future Mrs Charlie Steatham

Occupation: Chief executive of American Muscle Productions.

Notable physical attributes: Masculine, daddy-esque (some might say "woof worthy") looks but his rather striking and gorgeous eyes give him a pretty boy quality, extremely masculine and undeniably sexy bald head, well built and gym trained physique with impressively thick upper arms and a broad chest, furry forearms which suggest furry in other places too, prone to wearing outrageously awesome sloganed t-shirts which stretch over his modestly broad back.

Character traits: Extremely confident, authoritative but friendly and approachable. Completely comfortable with saying words like "jacked up muscle bulls" and explaining what "muscle worship" is to nervous, unsuspecting work experience students.

Most likely to: Demand and order more t-shirts with new/even more outrageously awesome slogans than "LIVE FOR THE PUMP" for himself and his staff to wear; secretly get a kick out of saying words like "jacked up muscle bulls" and explaining what "muscle worship" is to nervous, unsuspecting work experience students.

Least likely to: Purchase shampoo.

Name: Billy Horvath, aka Billy Hor-FuckOffAndDisappearUpYourOwnArseYouFuckingTwat-vath

Occupation: Second year media student temporarily studying at a university in Florida (though highly likely to be considering a transfer).

Notable physical features: Short, slim built, almost always permanently scowling or giving the stink-eye to virtually anyone and everything he encounters.

Character traits: Very opinionated and not afraid to express it (especially in class) no matter who he may offend. Some would say rude, obnoxious and incredibly judgemental. Secretly likes to argue and craves attention and known to 'troll' on the Internet. Un-intimidated by virtually anything or anyone, except insanely shredded, superhuman muscle freaks in teenie tiny, brightly coloured posing trunks.

Most likely to: Issue a formal complaint to his school for sending him on a work experience placement to film a national amateur bodybuilding competition; embark on a personal mission to get Professor Walsh fired; bombard blogs and Internet forums with his newly formed opinion of how competitive bodybuilders are "disgusting, brain dead, steroid abusing meatheads".

Least likely to: Ask Bryan Macleod for a job at American Muscle Productions; say something nice, positive or complimentary in relation to anything or anyone.

"Charlie's Secret: Part One" is available to download as an ebook on Amazon Kindle now.

Saturday, 29 August 2015


American bodybuilder Nick Trigili is making his pro debut this weekend at the 2015 IFBB Atlantic City Europa, along side seasoned veterans Branch Warren, Cedric McMillan and Robert Piotrkowicz, and he's looking thicker, fuller and better conditioned than he ever has! What better time is there than now to take some outrageously fucking awesome pics of his ridiculously developed, rock hard, brilliantly striated glutes in their naked fucking glory?!


Thursday, 27 August 2015


The first half of my "Charlie's Secret" story is now available as an ebook on Amazon!

As the story will eventually be twice the length of "An American Muscle God", I've decided to publish it in two parts, with a third/full version of the book to also be available.

I haven't tweaked the story that much since it was posted here on the blog, however, I have changed the direction of the story slightly! Originally, any worship/sexual scenes were only going to play out in Charlie's imagination, but I've decided to have Charlie and his filming mentor Stuart actually worship one of the bodybuilders that they film.

I know a lot of people who read my stories when they were originally published on the blog preferred "An American Muscle God" but I've always had a soft spot for this particular story, so it's pretty awesome to see it out there on Amazon!

In other news, the website I've had in the works to support my books is now live! I've called it "The Muscle Worship Diaries" and you can view it here.

Tumblr users also may have come across my new Tumblr page, which I'll be updating regularly with info on my books and updates for the blog, as well as posting and sharing muscle pics on there (which seems to be what Tumblr is primarily about)! You can view/follow here.

Stay tuned for more info on "Charlie's Secret (Part Two)"!

For US readers, the book can be found here: http://ow.ly/Rq2a2
For those of you in the UK click here: http://ow.ly/Rq1t7

The book is available worldwide so for those in other countries, you should be able to find it by doing a search on your countries Amazon store.

You don't need a physical Kindle device to download the book. You can simply download it through the Kindle app on your iPhone, iPad, PC, Android-based device, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone 7-based device.

Book Description:

Charlie Steatham has a secret. He’s completely and utterly obsessed with huge, freaky muscle. Nothing turns him on more than the image of competition ready, monstrously muscular, indecently shredded bodybuilders who live and breathe for being huge, and who love nothing more than to flex, tense and squeeze their phenomenally built, superhero-worthy muscle mass.

The world of extreme bodybuilding, to which these superhuman muscle men inhibit, is not one that Charlie ever imagined he’d step into, that is until his university give him the opportunity to undertake a work experience placement filming at a national bodybuilding competition for a muscle video production company.

As Charlie navigates his way through the pump room of the bodybuilding show, he films and encounters a number of very different but equally hot muscle freaks, including Mr Golden Posers, an incredibly cute, tight-bodied, lightweight competitor, Chris “Freaky Peaks” Jackson, a bodybuilder famous for his insanely huge biceps, Justin Hughes, an insanely gorgeous early twenty-something bodybuilder, and the most inhumanly shredded guy in the room, and Blaine Holton, an outrageously cocky, super heavyweight mass monster.

With each bodybuilder he meets, Charlie’s mind slips into crazy, muscle obsessed fantasies, until one of the competitors presents him with an unexpected proposition, and some of his muscle worship fantasies become a reality.

This is the 28,000 word first half of “Charlie’s Secret”, a story which contains scenes of muscle worship, graphic language and depictions of sexual acts.



My name is Charlie Steatham and I have a secret. It’s not a secret because it’s something I’m ashamed of, on the contrary, it’s something I love having, a part of me I wouldn’t ever want to change, it’s just not the kind of thing that would really be appropriate to tell a person in most given situations, or the kind of thing the majority of people would really understand even if I did.

Let me tell you how I came to discover I even had this secret to keep. It was one Saturday afternoon, I was home alone and innocently flicking through a magazine my parents bought weekly, which specialised in, of all things, radio and television listings. I wasn’t really reading it, just half heartedly turning the pages, stopping every now and then to linger on the odd thing which caught my attention, unbeknownst to me that I was about to stumble on to something which would have the strangest, and most incredible effect on me. An effect like nothing had ever had on me before. Something which would lead me to a world I never even knew existed.

I remember feeling my eyes physically widening when I first saw the picture, and how it felt like my heart actually stopped beating for just a millisecond of time. Staring at it, I couldn’t quite get my head around what I was seeing, and why it seemed to have me so completely transfixed. Staring up at me from the page, was the most grotesquely muscular man I had ever seen. Every single one of his body parts was enormous. From the neck up he just looked like an ordinary man, he was handsome for sure ,with nothing particularly special about his features, except for the fact his skin was a dark bronzed colour with an oily shine, but from the neck down, his whole body was a mass of gigantically huge, almost cartoon-like balloons of hard, smooth, muscle, bulging so much they looked as if they were about to burst. Every muscle was deeply separated, and most had a number of thick, wiry veins running across them. I had seen muscular guys before. Movie stars and athletes with six packs and tight, hard toned bodies, but the man in this image was something else entirely. He didn’t even look like a human being. He looked like a genuine freak of nature. A sick experiment gone wrong. A new superior species of the human race. Some kind of otherworldly creature, computer generated for a superhero film.

As this monstrously massive muscle freak of nature, completely naked except for a small, shiny, green pouch covering his genitals, his hands resting on the top of his enormously thick legs, biting down on his biting lip and his face contorted into an almost arrogant but hugely proud expression, like he was having a whale of a time simply just possessing that freakishly huge, anatomy chart like body, stared up at me from the pages of this incredibly ordinary magazine in the living room of my parents incredibly ordinary house, I was completely and utterly hypnotised. My heart was pounding, my mind was racing, and for some reason, my penis was rock hard, twitching and pushing against the material of my boxers and jeans which were now struggling to contain it.

This thing which had unexpectedly intruded on me from another world seemed to have this incredible hold and power over me, and I had now idea why. It didn’t feel wrong, but I knew that whatever this effect it was having on me was, it definitely wasn’t of the ordinary.

After staring at the image for what seemed like hours, I forced myself out of my muscle obsessed trance, and tried to focus my mind on something else, but I couldn’t. My mind had been invaded, and my thoughts completely taken over by the image of that freakishly huge mountain of enormous muscle. I needed to see it again. I took the magazine into my bedroom and lay on my side on the bed, my upper body perched up by my elbow, the magazine next to me, flat on the bed. I flicked through the pages to try and find the image, and when I did, it was like I was seeing it for the first time all over again. I had no idea what was happening to me, all I knew was that in front of me was something so amazing and special. I had never desired anything more than this specimen of extreme muscle mass. This huge, hulking mountain of thick, smooth, superhuman muscle with his air of incredible power, extreme arrogance and hyper masculinity was the most beautiful and sexually provocative thing I had ever laid eyes on. I reached for my throbbing hard on, bulging and straining through my jeans, gently squeezed and started tugging.

Soon enough I was popping open the buttons of my jeans and my white cotton boxer encased hard on was sticking out. I tugged and wanked, all the time staring at the muscle freak before me. Staring at the huge mounds of croquet ball shaped muscles which popped from his arms and fought for space with his perfectly smooth and insatiably thick chest, which looked like it was made of marble, but had tiny, wiry veins spread across the upper half. Staring at how his deeply carved shoulders ballooned like two watermelons trapped under bronzed tinted skin, which tightly stretched across the enormous, smooth muscle and looked unhealthily thin. Staring at his six beautifully shaped stomach muscles which looked like they had been carved with a knife. Staring at the incredible mass of lines and ripples etched into his tremendously large, hard looking leg muscles, and while staring at this presumably once ordinary sized man who’d built and moulded his entire body to extreme proportions and made himself look like a member of an entirely new, superior species, who looked up at me from my bed with an expression of complete and utter self satisfaction ,and his air of incredible power and arrogance, my entire body seemingly shook, the most pleasurable sensation I’d ever had consumed my entire body, I let out a loud groan of ecstasy and my boxers filled up with a wet creamy liquid. Staring at a picture of, who I later found out was one of the top professional American bodybuilders of the time, hitting a most muscular pose on stage at a bodybuilding competition in probably the best condition of his career, I’d masturbated and made myself cum for the first time in my life.

From that moment on, I’ve been completely obsessed with huge, freaky muscle. Nothing turns me on more than the image of competition ready, monstrously muscular, indecently shredded bodybuilders who live and breathe for being huge, who love nothing more than to climb into small, brightly coloured posing trunks, made of the shiniest material imaginable, and to stand in front of a camera, or an audience, and flex, tense and squeeze their cartoonishly big, deliciously carved, tightly wrapped, deeply separated balloons of thick, hardcore muscle mass, looking both impossibly beautiful and inhumanly grotesque in equal measures, loving every single moment of showing off their phenomenally built, superhero-worthy, circus sideshow freak-like bodies.

As one can imagine, it’s a fantasy that stubbornly stays at that. A fantasy. How many ripped and peeled competitive bodybuilders sporting biceps bigger than the size of the average man’s head do you see walking round your local supermarket? None. And how many jacked and shredded muscle freaks one week away from competing at their fourth bodybuilding show of the year do you see on a Friday night at the local pub? Absolutely zero. Of course, there have been some very rare, and exceptionally brilliant moments where I’ve encountered fairly big guys sporting some pretty decently sized muscle, one or two of whom could have easily stepped onto a bodybuilding stage at some point, at various places, and of course, those moments will probably be forever etched into my memory, but for the most part, genuinely huge muscle guys, and certainly bodybuilders like the one in the magazine I found all those years ago, and the ones I have spent countless hours watching and viewing ever since, still remain an extremely elusive and rare breed. The world of extreme bodybuilding is an exceptionally small one, to which I have no ties or belonging to. Except for finding the courage to attend a bodybuilding show which I’ve yet to do, it’s a world I didn’t think there was much chance I would ever step into.

That was, until today. Or to be more precise, two Tuesday’s ago, when Professor Walsh, officially my favourite lecturer from the university in Florida I’m temporarily studying at for a term, or as my American classmates would say, a semester, as apposed to my official university back home in England, presented myself and my fellow students from my Video and Audio Production Techniques class with a list of the options for the first, one day work experience placement of the semester.

This is a day where every student on the course has the opportunity to visit, and participate in the filming of various types of film, television and video productions. Every student has to select three options, and the Professor will try her best to assign them to one of their choices, although this is not always possible, since, as you can imagine, some of the options are more popular than others, and there are only so many students allowed on each placement.

Some of the students, usually the loud, obnoxious ones, were intent on getting the big gigs like production on the set of a film, and popular television talk shows, but personally, I was happy with anything that would give me some experience.

Copies of the list were passed around to raised voices and excited chatter. I scanned the list to see, sure enough, a well known television talk show, work on an independent film, the set of a fairly well known cop show from cable who were filming in the area, work for a local news television station, and some more fairly obscure productions.

Although nothing was particularly standing out as something I had a real desire to do, it all sounded pretty exciting. And then, as my eyes steered down to the bottom of the page, they suddenly widened, my heart leaped into my throat, and I almost couldn’t believe what I saw written on the last line, as the very last option; Filming at a National Bodybuilding Competition for a Muscle Video & DVD Production Company.

My head was spinning. Was this really happening? Was the universe finally providing me with an entry into this world I never thought I would enter? I kept checking the list, looking at the words again, just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating, and sure enough, there it was. My opportunity to be at, and take part in the filming of a national bodybuilding competition.

My mind was racing with possibilities of what this might involve. I pictured myself with a small film crew, standing to the side of a seated audience in a large, dark auditorium, watching six or seven larger than life, monstrous sized muscle freaks standing on a stage before me, the stage lights bouncing off the oil and tan plastering every inch of their freakishly big, moulded muscle bound bodies. Every single one of them a mountain of bulging, rippling muscle mass, which pulsates, twitches and tenses with the slightest movement.

I then pictured myself backstage in a large open room packed full of massive, bronzed painted muscle men wearing nothing but tiny sized, thinly strapped posing trunks, each pair shinier and brighter than the next. Every single superhuman muscle brute of a man intensely pumping up his shockingly huge muscles, grunting and huffing with every lift as their huge slabs of man meat strain and bulge through their completely hairless, drum tight skin, and me, standing next to a cameraman, closely filming every single pump of a massive, competition conditioned All American muscle freak, mere inches away from his blown up balloons of fleshy, bulging, rippling muscle.

The fact that I was looking at the opportunity to be in the presence of the kind of muscle freaks I’d been wanking off over for years and to see their enormous, freaky muscle up close in person was mind blowing. However, it terrified me just as much as it excited me.

The two days which followed were spent agonising over what to do with this opportunity I’d been unexpectedly faced with. My mind was completely split in half. It felt like two voices had invaded my head, one voice saying “you have to do this, this is a once in a lifetime, rare opportunity and you will never get this again, it will absolutely amazing, it will blow your mind, you’ll get to see real life, genuine muscle freaks pumping, flexing and posing close up, deep down you know you want to do this, and if you don’t, you will always regret it”, while the other voice was shouting, “don’t be stupid, you can’t do this, the fantasy is never as good as the reality, you will make a fool of yourself, you will feel uncomfortable, nervous, anxious, people will look at you, think you are strange, and how will you explain your reason for wanting to do this to your classmates, and Professor Walsh?”.

One minute, a certain voice would sound clearer than the other, and I would make what I thought was my final decision, and then, out of nowhere, the other voice would suddenly shout up again, and I’d start to doubt my decision once more.

Even on the day of handing in our choices, sitting in Professor Walsh’s class, with five minutes to spare before the lesson came to a close, I still hadn’t made my final decision. I also knew, that if I selected the bodybuilding competition, there was a very good chance I would get the placement. I couldn’t say for definite, but I knew it was fairly unlikely that any of my other classmates would select it as an option. There were a couple of guys in my class with a little bit of muscle on them who clearly went to the gym, but I would have been highly surprised if any of them had a genuine interest in bodybuilding. It was without a doubt, one of those obscure placements to make up the numbers which nobody wanted to end up on. Well, almost nobody.

Professor Walsh was wrapping up the lesson. “OK class, you might have noticed this red box at the front of my desk”. This was it. My time was up.

“By now I presume you’ve all made your three choices for next weekend’s work experience placement. If you’d like to place your completed sheets into the box as you leave. Please keep in mind, you are not guaranteed a place on any of your choices. We will do our best to assign you to one of your choices, but due to limited spaces on each placement, in some cases this will not be possible”.

My classmates had started to shift, everyone was getting out their sheets and gathering their bags in order to leave, while I was staring at my sheet with my pen anxiously hovering over it. Two of my choices had been ticked, which just left one. The words “Bodybuilding Competition” leered up at me, testing my every nerve and ounce of bravery. My pen was wavering from the box next to it, towards the box next to “Production on a Music Video”. The voices in my head both clearer and more frantic than ever, one in battle with the other.

Bodybuilding Competition

Charlie, you HAVE to do this!

Music Video

Don’t be stupid. You will make a fool of yourself.

Bodybuilding Competition

Just imagine it! Real life, genuine muscle freaks pumping, flexing and posing close up!

Music Video

You will feel uncomfortable, nervous, anxious, people will look at you, and think you are strange!

Bodybuilding Competition

Deep down you know you want to do this, and if you don’t, you know you will ALWAYS regret it!

And with one quick motion, I ticked my third and final box, and my fate was sealed. My heart was pounding as I approached the box, and my hands were shaking slightly as I dropped the sheet in. The second after, I glanced up to see Professor Walsh looking at me behind her desk. A friendly smile was trying to mask an expression of curiosity and slight confusion. She had clearly noticed my anxiety and I felt a sharp brief pinch that I might have been rumbled.

Sunday, 23 August 2015


This is 23 year old American bodybuilder Corey Senior...

He's absurdly cute, is packing one hard, tight, gorgeously shredded and seriously awesome physique, is an outrageously cheeky and brilliantly cocky poser, and just so happens to be the proud owner of...

...one excessively developed, outrageously muscular, gorgeously shaped, gigantic sized fucking ASS!!


 I think it's safe to say...the moon is full! A-WHOOOOO!!


Can't resist a cheeky feel of your own excessively developed glutes Corey?! Can't say I blame ya mate!

Is there anything more beautiful and freaky than glute striations??

Hands down one of the most mammothly sized and ridiculously developed asses I've ever seen blowing out of a pair of shiny posing trunks!!


Three guesses what the dude in the cap's aiming his camera at!!

  Jesus!! Corey can't keep his grubby mitts off those massive orbs of arse meat for one bloody second can he?!

  SQUATS?! Nope...never heard of em mate!!

 Have you seen ever seen a rounder and more gorgeous shaped bum cheek?!!

Time Corey leaves the stage = 2:05 PM
Time Corey's ass leaves the stage = 2:35 PM

Believe it or not, Corey's ass wasn't always so monstrous and tank-sized!! Take a look at the below, in what I like to call "The Evolution of Corey's Ass"...

And this isn't the first time I've featured Corey's ginormous sized ass on the blog. You might remember him from my third muscle compilation video as per below. Corey (and his unfathomably enormous bum) comes in at 3:26...

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