Monday, 28 December 2015


An insanely shredded Cody Montgomery, Johnny Doull and his beautifully developed glutes, ridiculously handsome German muscle boy Roman Fritz, Nick Trigili looking bigger and more incredibly pumped than ever, the gorgeous abs of Galal Reda, Samuel Dixon's incredible glutes in a pair of the hottest golden posers imaginable and a gorgeously peeled Milan Sadek in his best condition yet! They're all featured here in a post of, what I think are, some of the hottest pics to have featured on the blog this year (along with the three muscle videos I made this year at the end of the post)!

I'd like to say two big thank you's; the first to all my blog fans and followers, everyone who has checked the blog regularly and enjoyed my posts over the past year, and the second to everyone who offered me their kind words and supported my decision to publish my stories as e-books on Amazon this year. Pretty much every muscle lover I have regular(ish) contact with reached out to me to offer their support and thoughts on the subject, which was awesome, and, of course, there were some lovely comments posted here on the blog.

I'll be taking a bit of a break from posting on here, but I'm sure I'll be back with some kind of update soon! 

Some links to my social media sites and info on my above mentioned books...

My author Twitter page:
"The Muscle Worship Diaries" Tumblr:

Read about "An American Muscle God: A Muscle Worship Story" here.
Read about "Charlie's Secret (Part One): A Muscle Worship Story" here.

Enjoy the best pics from the year, have a fantastic start to 2016 and I'll see you guys soon!






















































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