Saturday, 3 October 2015


Here are ten of the things you'll find in this latest pic collection...

#1. Insanely gorgeous Czech bodybuilder Milan Sadek in brilliantly shredded condition in preparation for his pro debut.

#2. American muscle hottie Brad Rowe tanned and shredded in his hotel room before his Mr Olympia stage debut.

#3. Absurdly handsome Brazilian muscle beast Eduardo Correa lifting up his shirt to reveal his dry as a bone, freakishly conditioned midsection.

#4. Austrian muscle cutie Kevin Stutz looking beautifully ripped and tight as a drum (love those shredded serratus Mr Stutz!) in brilliant comp condition!

#5. Beautiful German muscle boy Roman Fritz in crazily shredded condition as he preps for his debut at this month's Prague Pro.

#6. American bodybuilder Cody Montgomery looking insanely awesome (and as gorgeous as bloody ever!) as he graces the covers of the world's best muscle mags.

#7. Big Ramy looking absolutely fucking monstrous and displaying some over the top cocky and hyper-macho tude while cranking out his poses on stage!

#8. Everyone's favourite baby faced Russian muscle beast Alexey Lesukov returning to the stage at this year's Arnold Classic Europe!

#9. American bodybuilder Steve Kuclo looking as impossibly huge, beautifully carved and ridiculously handsome as ever!

#10. British bodybuilder and recent 212 Mr Olympia James Flex Lewis blasting the beef on stage with his usual brilliantly scrunchy and outrageously cheeky posing!

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