Sunday, 21 December 2014


It's time to vote for your favourite posts from the last few months, in the last batch of polls asking you chose your favourite posts from the year, the results of which will be posted soon!

As with the previous posts, there are two polls, one featuring posts dedicated to specific bodybuilders, and the other with all my other types of posts (pic collections, stories, glutes posts etc) and you can vote for as many options as you like!

Saturday, 20 December 2014


Last month I posted the first video in a new series of muscle video compilations made especially for the blog, and now I'm ready to share my second effort! This one features more brilliantly conditioned and incredibly hot bodybuilders flexing backstage at a show, along with some footage of new IFBB pro and recent NPC Nationals champ Alexis Rivera Rolon looking huge, gorgeous (he's such a handsome fucker!) and shredded hitting some poses for the camera while displaying some incredibly cheeky facial expressions, an outrageously sexy and beautifully shredded Greek muscle bull tearing up the stage at a bodybuilding show displaying some of the most over the top cocky and playfully aggressive attitude imaginable, and a bunch of inhumanely shredded muscle lads battling it out on stage who clearly feel the overwhelming urge to shamelessly grunt, groan, shout and yell as they hit their poses like a pack of fucking animals!!

As with the previous vid, this is unlisted so you'll need this link to watch away from the blog:

And in case you missed it or just want to re-visit, here's the first video in the series...

Thursday, 18 December 2014


Since the beginning of the month I've been counting down your top 20 favourite bodybuilders of the year, based on the votes from my "Vote For Your Bodybuilder of 2014" poll published last month. Here's how the list is looking so far...


Now it's time to find out who has made the top 10, with the guys in the #10-6 spots!


The guy: 26 year old American bodybuilder who championed at the Orlando Europa, and qualified for the Mr Olympia in what was only his second year as an IFBB pro. Justin decided not to to compete at the O, and will next take to the stage at the 2015 Arnold Classic next March.

The body: Justin is 240lbs of incredibly thick, beautifully shaped, gorgeously carved out muscle mass. With his thick quads, meaty pecs, massive lats, huge biceps, ridiculous fucking delts (check out those brutal upstanding most musculars for the proof - FUCK!), gorgeously peeled abs and what is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most inhumanely striated (we're talking lines for fucking DAYS) pairs of glutes in the pro ranks, Justin is nothing short of an absolute fucking MONSTER!

Also known for: Being one of the most promising young IFBB pro bodybuilders in the business (he's just gonna get bigger and fucking better)!


The guy: British pro bodybuilder who became the first ever 212 Arnold Classic champion, before winning the 212 class at the Mr Olympia for a third consecutive year.

The body: Crazily thick, rock hard fucking biceps, amazingly wide, shredded to buggery tree trunk quads and his otherworldly striated cheese grater worthy glutes, which are without a doubt some of the most freakishly shredded in the business, all help to make up Flex's 5'5 tall mountain of insanely thick, beautifully carved out, superhuman sized muscle mass, which is without a doubt, one of the best in the current IFBB ranks.

Also known for: The awesome, playful and cheeky 'tude he adopts when he's onstage posing, perfectly demonstrated with those brilliantly animated scrunchy facial expressions and the outrageously cocky way he sticks his tongue out (you cheeky devil Flex)!


The guy: 24 year old American pro bodybuilder and 212 class competitor who came 3rd at the Arnold Classic, 1st at the New York and 6th at his first Mr Olympia, in what was undoubtedly his most successful year in bodybuilder to date.

The body: Not content with packing some seriously thick and impressively sized muscle mass on to his 5'7 tall frame, Aaron also never fails to step on stage in the most insanely shredded, beyond jacked, peeled to the brink conditioning. His dangerously shredded quads, ridiculously huge back, bonkers shaped lumpy bumpy abdominals, freaky as fuck Xmas tree lower back and those outrageously thick and ripped to buggery glutes (are you noticing a slight pattern with all these guys?!) all contribute to Aaron's incredible, and otherworldly physique.

Also known for: Being one of the youngest and most promising 212 competitors in bodybuilding, his rather gorgeous looks, and the insanely cheeky and over the top fucking cocky TUDE he always displays when he's cranking out his poses, both on *and* off stage (fuck yeah Aaron)!!


The guy: Insanely popular Hungarian bodybuilder who's competed in various, largely little known amateur competitions (which usually means very little coverage - boo!) across Europe and Asia.

The body: With beautiful aesthetics, incredible size and fantastic conditioning, Peter's physique remains one of the best in amateur bodybuilding, with brutally huge biceps, deliciously peeled baby abs, slabby striated pecs, monster sized shoulders, awesome corded quads, gorgeously shaped, brilliantly ripped glutes, and an impossibly tiny waist for extra freaky factor!

Also famous for: The handsome, gorgeous, and slightly goofy (hehe) looks, and his occasional, playfully aggressive and OTT cocky posing style (especially during those monster crab most musculars he clearly loves to blast out - fucking go for it Peter mate)!


The guy: 19 year old American muscle boy who became the first every bodybuilder to win the NPC National Teen Championships for three consecutive years back in July (he's now set his sights on next years Nationals where he's hoping to pick up his pro card)!

The body: Crazy feathered quads, beautifully shaped marble hard biceps, a gorgeous looking tight as fuck six pack, and rock hard bonkers shredded glutes all help to make up Cody's breathtakingly aesthetic physique, which is always conditioned to jaw dropping degrees when he steps on stage to compete.

Also known for: His rather (OK...VERY!) handsome looks (he's a cutie patootie and then some!) and his increasing habit to show some tude and get scrunchy with his posing!

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