Sunday, 16 September 2018


"I would have given anything to shift down the bed, move just a few inches closer to AJ, wrap my arm around his waist and bury my head in the bright red material of his “Scorpio’s Gym” hoodie. Resting my head and sinking my face into his indecently pumped chest as he cuddled me and kissed me on the head. I wanted it so much my heart almost ached."

It's time for the fourth part of "AJ & Noah"!

The last part ended with AJ taking Noah to Scorpio's, the local, hardcore bodybuilding gym! This part we get to see Noah in the gym, training with an actual bodybuilder while being surrounded by pictures of huge freaks on the walls. Then later on he gets an invite to AJ's house and we get to meet AJ's mum and see his bedroom (which also has pictures of huge freaks on the walls)!

Part 5 coming soon!

As soon as we got inside Scorpio’s, a giant of a muscle man at about 6’5 passed us. Although he was completely covered up by a black tracksuit, he still looked like an absolute tank. He was built like a brick shit house with a scary looking tattoo running up his neck.

“Alright, AJ!”

As soon as we’d passed him, AJ shot me a cheeky grin. He’d obviously wanted to see what my reaction was, and could probably tell from the look of my face that I was rather terrified at the sheer size of the monster he’d just said hello to. I doubt my expression had given away the fact that I was also rather turned on by the encounter, though.

“OK, he probably would put you into a protein shake and eat you for a meal!” AJ said, grinning.

The guy at reception wasn’t quite a monster, but he was still fairly muscular. Not to mention fit as fuck. I felt instantly shy in his presence, and, stupidly, couldn’t help but feel giddy when AJ introduced me as his “old mate, Noah”.

It was only when we were walking into the changing room that the nerves made a comeback.

“Oh, remember when I told you I could probably get away with just wearing my lime green posing trunks at the gym?” AJ asked me, with a deadpan face.

“Well, I’d thought I’d give that a go today!”

I was literally speechless. AJ’s expression then softened and he giggled. “Your face!” he exclaimed. “As if I fucking would!”

It wasn’t just the idea of AJ wearing nothing but his posing trunks, but the mere fact that he’d mentioned his “lime green posers” to me that made my heart leap into my throat and caused me to furiously blush. But I couldn’t help smirking too. What a fucking rush to hear AJ joke about wearing just his outrageously coloured trunks. God, I loved it.

“I really could if I wanted to though!” he exclaimed, raising his eyebrows.

Already wearing my gym clothes, I threw my backpack into AJ’s locker and he did the same. My heart pounded as he then started to lift his bright red hoodie up and over his head. Fully expecting to see him wearing a t-shirt like me, I almost gasped when he revealed himself to be wearing just a tight fitted, khaki green vest instead. FUCKING HELL!!

It was the most of AJ’s body I’d seen in the flesh since we’d been reunited two weeks before. Free from any t-shirt material, his arms looked more monstrous than ever. Thick, outrageously developed and obscenely muscular. I couldn’t get over the size of his shoulders either. It was like two half watermelons had been shoved underneath his brilliantly tanned, silky smooth skin. The top of his pecs peeked out over the top of his vest too. Thick cushions of chest meat, with a deep groove separating them. It was the most amazing, mind boggling and hottest image, and it was right in front of me.

I couldn’t help but look. As much as I tried not to, my eyes just kept going back to the mini muscle monster in front of me, and the slabs of crazily developed mass bulging off his upper body. I dread to think what my face must have looked like in that moment. No doubt part fear, part intimidation and part amazement.

AJ seemed to notice that the reveal of more of his body had had an effect on me too. It clearly wasn’t the first time the sight of his muscles had caused such an effect on someone. Far from looking uncomfortable or surprised though, I got the sense he not only expected me to have such a reaction, but he was getting an ever so slight kick out of it, too. Try as he might, AJ just couldn’t mask a cheeky, smug, and incredibly sexy smirk.
What AJ didn’t know was just how much of an effect his body was having on me, and just how special it was for me to be in the presence of a competitive bodybuilder spilling out of a little vest, and walking into a hardcore bodybuilding gym.

The atmosphere seemed to completely shift the minute AJ took his hoodie off. It was like his body just exuded this incredible, unspoken power. He was a huge, freaky bodybuilder who’d pushed his body to insane limits, and I was just this average built mere mortal, lucky enough to even be in his presence.

The actual gym at Scorpio’s was nothing like I had expected it to be, either. I had imagined some dark, dank, hellhole full of old, dirty weights and packed full of meatheads grunting and screaming with their reps and throwing heavy weights around.

Instead, it was a large, clean space with white walls and a grey floor and an array of impressive weight machines, about three times the amount of the Little Denton Leisure Centre’s gym had. The main clue that it wasn’t a typical high street gym were the plentiful pictures of huge, shredded, competition conditioned bodybuilders on the walls. Many famous, big name pros, and most of whom I recognised.

It was so surreal to be in a public space looking at images of the kind of hardcore, freaky bodybuilders that I usually only ever saw sitting at home on my laptop or phone. Trailing behind AJ and checking out his thick upper back, I couldn’t help but giddily grin at where I was, and exactly who I was there with.

AJ clocked my grin and gave me a suspicious smirk. “You OK?” he asked.

“Yeah!” I replied sheepishly.

He continued to look at me suspiciously, all the time flashing me a cheeky grin. God. If only he’d known what was going through my mind.

“So, is it what you were expecting?” he asked he as we walked through the gym.

“Erm … sort of!”

“Not that scary really, is it? Well … apart from the pictures of the huge freaks on the wall!”

OH MY GOD. I gave AJ a coy grin.

“Hopefully I’ll be up there one day! Will you still wanna message me on Facebook when I’m a three hundred pound muscle monster, Noah?”

HELL FUCKING YES! And there went my pants. Twitching away again. Twitch, twitch, fucking twitch.

“So, I know you were planning do legs today, but do you wanna follow my chest routine instead?” AJ asked me.

“Erm … sure!”

“I didn’t wanna take you here and then abandon you. Thought you’d feel more comfortable if we stuck together?”

Thoughtful, sweet, considerate, cute, and oh yeah, bursting with thick, solid, crazily developed muscle mass all over this fucking body. AJ Jones, could you BE any more fucking perfect?
Many lads in my position would probably have felt inferior training with AJ. But considering I’d never been the least bit competitive, had next to no ego and had never had even the slightest inclination to be anything close to an “Alpha male” (some bodybuilder I’d make!) I had absolutely no qualms about the fact that every time I took over a machine after AJ had used it I had to lower the weight to about three times lighter than he’d used. Or that every single one of his muscle groups were twice as big and muscular as mine were.

The more AJ trained, the more pumped his upper body became. By the end of the session his chest was bulging and his arms looked they were about to burst. And then one brief but utterly amazing moment unfolded. Something that will stay in my memory forever. I was taking over the bench press from AJ. Seated and looking up at AJ standing over me as he studied his reflection and his freshly pumped muscles in the large mirrors covering the end wall of the gym. Then, in one split second, he bought both of his forearms up, placed his fists together and flexed into a quick most muscular pose. FUCKING HELL!

It was possibly one of the hottest fucking things my eyes had ever seen. And the craziest thing was, when he looked down and noticed that I’d seen him, he looked slightly embarrassed. It was bonkers, adorable, and just made me like him just that little bit more.

Five minutes before we’d finished, AJ excitedly turned to me. “So, mate, remember I said you should get some tips from Mark Green about how to overcome shyness?”

“Umm … yeah?” I curiously replied.

“Well now’s your chance!” My heart jumped into my throat. “That’s him over there!” AJ excitedly said.

I looked over to where AJ’s attention was, and sure enough, sitting on a leg incline machine, was 6’3 regional bodybuilding champion and all round muscle monster Mark Green, looking like an absolute brick shithouse in a black tracksuit. He was even more handsome than on video. Still rough around the edges, charmingly daddy-esque, as bald as anything and just all round fucking hotter in the flesh.

“Wanna say hi?”

Oh God. My stomach did a somersault. “Oooh … I dunno!”

AJ grinned. “Awww. Come on, mate! He’s a good lad!”

As Mark finished his set, AJ dragged me over to meet him. I nervously followed, my stomach in knots.

“Alright Mark, mate!” AJ said. I noticed that AJ seemed to suddenly become a lot more laddish when he spoke to guys that weren’t me.

“Hi, AJ!” Wow. He was a lot more soft spoken that I would have imagined. It was bonkers. Then I’d remembered what AJ said about him being really gentle and kinda shy. “The bodybuilder version of you”.

Small talk followed and I stood there feeling like an absolute gooseberry. Mark didn’t even acknowledge me until AJ introduced me. “This is my mate, Noah. It’s his first time here!”

We awkwardly said hi to each other. I felt instantly nervous the minute he looked at me. He really was fucking huge, even covered up. An absolute mountain of a man beast. I knew exactly what was hiding under that tracksuit too. Slab after slab of huge, hard, working class British beef, ready to be flexed and squeezed. Fuck yeah! It was almost fucking ridiculous how much I was turned on in his presence . One simple double bicep pose from this guy and I’d probably cream in my pants on the spot.

“Noah wants to be a shredded freak like us!”

I blushed so hard, and Mark grinned at AJ.

“Well, you’re in the right company with this one,” Mark cheekily said, referring to AJ. I nervously smiled back. All my social ability seemed to have gone out the window.

As we walked away, I felt the biggest rush. I had just met, and spoken to a genuine muscle monster and regional bodybuilding champion.

“So, now you’ve met the bodybuilding version of you!” AJ said, with a gorgeous grin. I giddily grinned back at him.

As we headed back into the changing rooms to the sound of showers running, I suddenly wondered whether AJ was going to whip off his vest and use the facilities. The thought of seeing AJ in nothing but a towel, his gorgeous, lumpy bumpy abs bursting through his little tummy excited me as much as it did terrify me. How the fuck was I supposed to hide my overwhelming attraction to him if he were standing right in front of me with his freakishly muscular torso on full display?

I was almost relieved when AJ simply popped his bright red Scorpio’s hoodie on instead. The moment his body suddenly wasn’t exposed, the atmosphere seemed to shift back to how it was before. He was no longer this huge bodybuilder in a vest ready to pump up his enormous muscles. He was the cute, gorgeous, funny AJ I’d been exchanging messages with on Facebook again.

“So …” AJ mysteriously said, playing with his phone. “I promised to show you a picture of a super duper shredded bodybuilder, didn’t I?”

Oh God. My pulse quickened, though I was more excited than nervous.

“I warn you now. You will be shocked. You might even wanna throw up!” he said, barely able to mask a smug grin.

I was grinning like mad at the comment, but I also suddenly felt oddly nervous about what AJ would make of my reaction. The image of a super shredded bodybuilder wouldn’t shock me anywhere near the degree it would for others, because I was so accustomed to seeing them. I would probably have to fake a shocked reaction in case AJ got suspicious.

He held his phone out for me, then quickly pulled it back to his chest. “Hmmm. I’m actually not sure I wanna show you this,” he said. I couldn’t help thinking how fucking sweet it was that AJ was worried about freaking me out or scaring me.

AJ winced, bit his lip and cautiously held out his phone for me again and I was suddenly faced with the rear image of one of the most freakishly conditioned muscle freaks I’d ever seen. A thousand lines in his inhuman glutes and the most prominent and craziest Christmas tree lower back just above his shiny red posing trunks.

As it turned out, I didn’t have to fake a reaction at all. I guess that’s one of the most amazing things about freaky muscle. No matter how many images I see, I still have the ability to be freaked out, shocked or blown away by seeing a particular image of extreme muscle for the very first time.

I must have looked so shocked. AJ was looking at me nervously, but he looked excited too. It was so surreal looking at such an image in public and actually in front of someone who was waiting for my reaction.  My heart was thumping. I had no idea what I was supposed to say.

“Pretty freaky, huh?” AJ asked.

I nodded. “That is … WOW!”

AJ was grinning like mad. “You never know, mate. That could be you one day!” he teased.

I bit my lip and sheepishly smiled and AJ giddily grinned back at me. My chest seemed to expand. As I handed his phone back to him, I felt a surge of bravery. “Hmmm. It does look a bit like something from an Alien film, though!”

AJ did one of his cute, little giggles as he took his phone back.

“He’d probably love you for saying that! Oh, and I’ve got something else to show you before we go. You’ll laugh when you see it!” he mysteriously said to me with a cheeky grin.

As we headed out of the changing room, AJ lead me to a place left of the reception area of the gym. There were several booths, with one or two rather big lads sat in tracksuits and a bar where a guy was offering protein drinks. We walked past all of this and headed straight for a wall at the back. My heart jumped into my throat when I saw what was on it. A big drawing board featuring tons of pictures of competitive bodybuilders. All tanned and shredded and flexing on stage. Fuck!

“Recognise him?” AJ said pointing to a picture of a trio of young bodybuilders. None of them particularly huge or in shape. But I did, in fact, very much recognise the bodybuilder in the middle.

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed.

It was AJ. But not as he looked now. He looked younger, more baby faced, and had about half the muscle mass he owned that day. He looked half way between the AJ I remember from Year 11 at school and the mini roid monster standing beside me in that moment.
“That was my very first bodybuilding competition two years ago.”

“You look so young!” I said. “And you look … nervous!”

“I told you I was!” he said.

There was no outrageously cocky facial expression or any such evidence of the cheeky attitude I’d seen in the recent Facebook photos of AJ on stage. Instead, he looked like a rabbit in a headlight as he tried with all his little might to squeeze out a most muscular pose.

“Look at those posing trunks too! God, they’re awful!” AJ exclaimed.

And they really were. Black, matte and oversized.

“Aaaaand … here I am again, over here,” AJ said, directing me to a photo a few steps to the left.

“Much better!” he said with a mischievous grin.

And there it was. A recent picture of AJ, huge and shredded, his lips pursed in animated, arrogant fashion as he hit a front lat spread and pulled up the straps of his obscenely shiny, lime green trunks. Not just any picture, either. The exact same picture from his Facebook profile I’d wanked off to just two weeks before. Fuck! I blushed as I remembered this fact.

A dozen questions went through my head. I wanted to ask AJ if he’d set out to buy the shiniest, brightest and nastiest posing trunks he could find. I wanted to ask him exactly why he occasionally pulled the straps of those very trunks up. And I wanted to ask him what it was like to compete. To stand on stage, huge and jacked, caked in tan and showing off his superhuman slabs of muscle mass. I wanted to ask him all of those questions that had been racing through my head as I’d been watching that video of Blaine Holton in a guest posing spot two weeks before, about half an hour before I’d bumped into AJ in the meat aisle of my local supermarket.

But I couldn’t. The words just wouldn’t come out. And so I reverted to the cheeky, humorous banter we’d been indulging in all week over Facebook. “What would happen if you turned up to a shift at Tesco’s wearing those?”

AJ released a short, sharp laugh.

“I’ll tell you what, mate. When you’re a shredded muscle freak, we’ll both go into Tesco’s wearing just our posing trunks and we’ll see what happens!”

I grinned. “Hmmm. Deal!”

I looked at AJ in that moment, both of us giddily grinning at each other. I just wanted to reach out, wrap my arm around him, bring my face to his and kiss him, before burying my head in his shoulders and just sinking my body into his.

I knew that no such thing was ever going to happen, but I couldn’t help it. Something twisted in my stomach in that moment. I knew I couldn’t stop the feelings I was having for AJ, nor did I even want to. I could no longer deny it to myself. I was falling hard for AJ Jones.

“So, when do I get my own Scorpio’s hoodie?” I was in the kitchen messaging AJ on Facebook a few days after our trip to the infamous hardcore bodybuilding gym.

“Hehe! We can get you a hoodie!” Then he sent the emoji with the big, teeth bearing grin.

Three dots.

“I’m thinking blue? To match your posing trunks when you get them!”

I was dreamily gazing into my phone and grinning like crazy when my mum walked in the room.

“Oooh, I’d love to get hold of your phone to see who you keep talking to!”

Usually I’d have rolled my eyes at this, but for some reason, my mum wasn’t annoying me as much as she usually did. I’d been finding it hard to get annoyed or feel negatively about anything since I’d rekindled my friendship with AJ.

“I’m just surprised you didn’t go out last Friday!” my mum said.

Eddie had been busy all weekend but we’d been texting each other and he was keen to meet up again soon. There had been one specific occasion when my phone had pinged. I’d excitedly picked it up expecting to see a message from AJ and got a kick to the stomach when I saw it was a text from Eddie instead. Which was so fucked up. A nice, handsome, gay guy was texting me and I felt nothing but disappointment that it wasn’t a Facebook message from a straight bodybuilder that I’d normally go gooey eyed over.

“When’s that Naomi coming back, then?” my mum asked. That Naomi! My mum always talked about Naomi as if she was a bad influence. Granted, we were prone to going a little over the top when we went out drinking together, but I didn’t exactly need much encouragement.

I smirked and shook my head. “The weekend after next!”

 My mum groaned. “And I suppose you’ll be out boozing in town?”

“Ummm … yes?”

“Oh great!” she replied. “As usual, I won’t be able to sleep until you’re home.”

I groaned. It was kind of sweet that my mum worried about me so much, but also pretty ridiculous considering how old I was. And the fact that I was out all the time when I was down in London. And when I went to visit Naomi at university in Brighton.

“I don’t ask you to stay up worrying about me. I don’t think dad will be doing that!”

“Oh, he definitely won’t! He probably won’t even notice you’ve gone out.”

I don’t think my dad knew what I was doing or where I even was half of the time. He definitely didn’t seem to care half as much as my mother. Not in a bad way. He was just a lot more chilled out than she was. He pretty much just let me get on with things. I sometimes wished my mum was more like him.

My phone pinged. AJ had sent me another message. My heart filled with excitement, as it always did when AJ messaged me. I couldn’t open it in front my mother. I didn’t want my face to give away anything more that it already had.

“So, when are you next gym’ing it?”

I presumed the gym in question was the one at the Little Denton Leisure Centre. We hadn’t discussed the possibility of going to Scorpio’s again. I had been wondering whether to take the plunge and suggest going myself, but I didn’t want to overstep my mark. Or worse, make AJ feel like he was obliged to take me again even if he didn’t really want to, no matter how much I was itching to see him again. But was there a possibility I was going to get another invite?

I messaged AJ back. “I was thinking of going tomorrow.”

“Well I’m going to Scorpio’s again on Tuesday if you fancy it? But I must warn you, it’s leg day!”

My heart leapt and an almost overwhelming happiness surged through me. I was going to see AJ again. YAY!

I typed a message. “I’d love to!” But that seemed too eager, so I erased it and wrote another.

“Sounds good! Leg day though? GULP!”

“Hehe! You’ll be fine. Once you’ve regained the use of your legs in about one week’s time.”

“Double fucking GULP!”

“HAHA! See you Tuesday, matie!”


Then three dots appeared but quickly vanished. Like he was writing something else but changed his mind at the last minute. And all I could think about for the rest of the day were those dots. What had AJ wanted to say to me, but didn’t quite have the nerve?

My second trip to Scorpio’s with AJ was a lot like my second date with Eddie. There were no nerves, no doubts. Everything felt easy, relaxed and fun. Apart from the actual leg training, of course.

We joked again about our potential bodybuilding nicknames, and AJ, once again, teased me about overcoming my stage shyness and wearing blue posing trunks (fuck!), which embarrassed and excited me every single time.

He looked his usual gorgeous self too, in his bright red “Scorpio’s Gym” hoodie, and a black vest which outrageously had the words “BEAST MODE” (FUCKING HELL!) written on the front and, although slightly baggier than his green khaki one, still brilliantly showed off his stupidly hot, crazily developed upper body.

6’3 muscle monster Mark Green wasn’t in the gym on this occasion, but there were still a few big lads in there. One particular guy had been unnecessarily noisy with his training. Grunting and groaning loudly with every rep. It was the most incredible fucking turn on. A genuine muscle bull grunting and growling as he pumped up his muscles, all in an attempt to become an ever bigger muscle monster. Fuck yeah! AJ had called him a “noisy bugger” but I got the distinct impression that, much like me, he very much approved of his behaviour.

Up until that day, most of my conversations with AJ had been light and fun. Banter about me being a potential future bodybuilder, picking nicknames, buying trunks and getting posing tips from Mark Green or reminiscing about stupid, funny stuff that happened at school. None of our conversations had been particularly deep or serious, but on the drive home from our monster leg training session, convinced that I probably wouldn’t, as AJ had predicted, be able to walk for the following week, that was about to change.

“So, how was the sixth form?” It was funny, but I couldn’t help thinking that there was a very slight hint of nerves in AJ’s voice as he asked me the question. He seemed a little nervous in general. Though I wasn’t really sure why.

“Erm … it wasn’t too bad, actually. I mean, the work was hard, but it felt a lot more relaxed. The teachers were a bit more formal with us,” I replied.

AJ nodded. “I wasn’t sure whether you were gonna stay on, actually!” AJ said, surprising me. He seemed a bit more relaxed, but I could still hear a slight nervousness in his voice. Maybe I was just imagining it.


“Well … just, after all that shit you got in Year 11!”

My stomach twisted, but oddly, I felt a pinch of excitement too. AJ was referring to me being outed to the whole school by my then supposed best friend, Reece Miller. It was the first time the subject of me being gay had come up in conversation. Maybe that was why AJ was so nervous? I couldn’t imagine him having many gay friends so maybe he just wasn’t used to discussing such things.

“Hmmm. Yeah, but most of that stuff didn’t really bother me, though! I mean, the stuff the lads used to do, like holding their arses if I was walking behind them, or quickly putting their backs to the wall. God! It was so fucking childish and pathetic! It made me wanna kill myself!”

AJ’s mouth curled into this big, adorable grin. It was almost as if he was impressed by my attitude and what I was saying. “You handled it really well!” he said.

My heart seemed to stop beating. Just for a second. What the fuck?! I couldn’t believe that AJ had even noticed. Or had paid any kind of attention to me at that point. Me being outed in year 11 had happened years after we’d drifted apart. Had AJ still cared about me at that point, even though we weren’t friends and didn’t even speak to each other? My chest expanded and I couldn’t help smiling at the prospect that he had.

AJ caught my expression and gave me this coy little grin in return, while gently biting his lip. It was like he knew what I was thinking. And what the reason behind my smile was.

“I think I was more pissed off at that little shit, Reece!” I told AJ.

“Ugh! I never liked him,” AJ said, surprising me again. “I always just thought he was a bit of an inferior version of me!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. More further evidence to back up the theory that AJ still cared about me long after we’d been friends. I had always assumed him hadn’t thought about me much at all, but I had clearly been wrong. I loved what AJ had said about Reece. It almost sounded like he’d been jealous of him. I was literally melting into the passenger seat of his car.

“He was gay too, though, right?” AJ asked.

I scoffed. “Ummm … YES! I’ve seen pictures of him on Facebook. He’s camp as fuck now!” I informed AJ. “It’s funny, you two were about the same size and height at school. And he’s still a scrawny little fucker, and you’re now practically a monster!”

AJ howled and grinning wildly in response. “Well when you’re a monster too, mate, you can send him a picture on Facebook and be like, “Remember me? Your old best friend you royally fucked over? Well, look at me fucking NOW!”

I grinned in response. “Hmmm. It’s kinda funny though. When all that stuff happened and everyone was talking about me. Well … I don’t know if this is gonna sound really fucked up, but … I kinda liked the attention!” I confessed, completely surprising myself. I don’t think I’d ever actually admitted that to anyone before. Not even Naomi.

AJ was grinning like mad. “Hmmm. Liking attention.” He then shook his head. “Nope. I can’t relate to that!” And then we both laughed and grinned at each other again.

I was feeling brave. “I kinda wish we’d stay friends,” I said, blushing slightly.

“Yeah. That was kinda my fault wasn’t it?” he said.

A small part of me wanted to tell him that yes, actually it was. Maybe the thirteen year old in me who was gutted that one of his best friend’s decided he wasn’t good enough for him anymore and fucked off to hang around with a bunch of much cooler and more masculine lads?

“Hmmm. It happens though, doesn’t it? People just grow apart. I think we lasted pretty well to be friends for as long as we did!”

“Remember our sleepovers?” AJ asked. “They were legendary!”

I grinned. “We used to stay up for as long we could watching TV.”

“What was that one cartoon we used to watch? The really bonkers one with the two friends?” AJ asked. “God. What was it called?”

I grinned. I knew exactly what TV programme AJ was talking about. “Dom and Cole In The Land of Ug!”

“YES!! That was awesome!” AJ replied.

“Did you know it has, like, a huge cult following? There’s a forum on the Internet where people discuss the best episodes to watch when you’re stoned!”

“No way!” AJ exclaimed. “Actually, yeah. I reckon it would be good to watch when you’re stoned! Have you tried it?”

“No,” I said, laughing. “I would, though.”

“We should do it!”

FUCK! The very idea of me and AJ doing any such thing excited me more than I could care to admit.

“Sounds like fun!” I replied, my heart fluttering.

“Man, I really wanna watch an episode of Dom and Cole now!” he exclaimed. I never thought that AJ would be the type to get all nostalgic about old cartoons he watched when he was a kid. It was so fucking cute.

“I actually went through a phase of watching it not long ago!” I informed him.

“Really?!” AJ said, grinning. “That’s awesome!”

“Yep! It’s on Netflix.”

“No way!” AJ said, surprised. “OK, what are you doing right now?”

My heart started to pound. “Erm … nothing!” I replied.

“OK, you’re coming to mine and we’re watching Dom and Cole In The Land of Ug!”

“Ummm … OK!” I nervously replied. My head was fucking spinning. AJ Jones was inviting me to his house to watch Netflix. Was this really happening? The idea of it seemed to send my whole body into a state of excitement. Me and AJ, sat side by side, watching TV in an intimate setting. Fuck!

“Awesome!” AJ said. He was grinning uncontrollably. The most gorgeous and adorable grin. He clearly couldn’t wait to watch an episode of a show he used to love so much. Or maybe it was the idea of the two of us watching it together like we did when we were younger? Of recreating a childhood ritual with an old school friend? Whatever the reason, he could barely stop smiling for the rest of the car journey.

My heart was pounding as we pulled into the drive of AJ’s house. I was actually going inside AJ Jones’ house. What the fuck?! As we got out of the car, I noticed Andy’s motorbike was missing.

“Is your mum still with Andy?” I knew they were because I’d spotted his motorbike the week before when AJ had driven us to Scorpio’s the first time.

AJ laughed. “Yeah, mate. They got married a few years ago!”

“Awww!” I said. I hadn’t expected it, but I felt a warm, fuzzy feeling at the news that AJ’s mum and Andy had gotten married.

It was so bizarre. AJ lived in a completely different house to the one I used to visit when I was younger, but it had the exact same smell as the old one. I hadn’t thought about that smell for years. I was suddenly twelve years old again, having a sleepover at my mate, AJ Jones’ house.

“Mum!” AJ called.

For some reason my stomach twisted in knots at the prospect of seeing AJ’s mum for the first time in years. And then she appeared. It was so weird. A complete blast from the past. She looked almost exactly the same as I’d remembered. Just a little greyer.
“Remember Noah from school?”

“Of course I remember Noah!” she said. AJ’s mum had one of those smiles that seemed to fill up half of her face.

“How have you been, Noah?”

Oh fine, Mrs J. I’ve mostly just been perving over your son’s indecently huge, outrageously muscular body and spending every waking moment thinking about how much I wanna kiss him, touch him and cuddle up to him. Oh, and by the way, your now husband, Andy, was solely responsible for about 80% of my teenage wanks. Ker-SPLAT!
“Erm … good thanks!” I replied, still slightly nervous. I always seemed to get that way around people from my past who I hadn’t seen for years. I guess I worried that the newer me wasn’t what they were expecting. That they thought I’d turn out better than I had.

“AJ said you’d been hanging out. How’s your mum, Noah?”

It felt rude to groan. “Yeah, she’s fine. Same old!”

“Still a legend, then!” AJ said.

Oh God. Like all of my school friends, AJ thought my mum was awesome. Probably because she always made them laugh by embarrassing me so much in front of them. I felt annoyed by AJ’s reaction, but also strangely proud. Like, “Go, mum!”

“I hope AJ’s not getting you into all this bodybuilding stuff?” she asked.

The word sounded so strange coming from her lips. She wasn’t exactly the type of person you’d expect to hear it from. The right side of AJ’s mouth curled into a mischievous grin in response to his mum’s question. “Yep! I’m turning Noah into a shredded freak!”

I blushed furiously. Mrs Jones shook her head. “First I have to put up with Andy, then my son gets into it!”

Poor Mrs Jones. Surrounded by lads who just wanna get huge and shredded.

“Yeah, you’ve only got yourself to blame. Shacking up with a bodybuilder when I was an impressionable teenager!” AJ teased.

It was weird to see that version of AJ. The version his mum sees. He was still cheeky and funny. Just, more restrained. And a little more well behaved. His mum didn’t seem to annoy him like mine did, either. Despite her comments, I got the impression Mrs Jones didn’t really interfere or disapprove of what AJ was doing all that much. She always had seemed really easy going. Maybe that’s where AJ got it from?

As I followed AJ up the stairs I could barely wipe the smile from my face. I still couldn’t believe what was happening. I didn’t know what was more responsible for the warm, dizzy feeling surging through me. The fact that I was back in AJ Jones’ house, or the fact I was following the huge, gorgeous, competitive bodybuilder I’d fallen head over heels for to his bedroom.

The first thing that hit me when I entered AJ’s bedroom was the pungent smell. Masculine, boyish and insanely fucking sexy. I was turned on instantly. As I’d imagined, there were pictures of shredded bodybuilders in competition on the blue walls, which were doing nothing to tame my raging hard on. All of the bodybuilders were famous pros, apart from a picture of AJ himself, on stage and flexing out a crab most muscular with his eyes jammed shut and his tongue sticking out in the most outrageous fashion.

I don’t know why I loved the fact that he had a picture of himself on the wall. It was so cocky, but just so typically AJ. I also couldn’t help feeling a rush at the discovery that many of AJ’s favourite bodybuilders were also mine. Including, apparently, Blaine Holton. The bodybuilder in the video I’d been watching the morning I’d bumped into him at Tesco. Thank God I had my backpack to hold in front of me to hide my erection.
“Sit down, mate!”

Fuck! Still buzzing, I perched on the edge of AJ’s double bed. I recognised the blue duvet from the picture he’d sent me of his lime green posing trunks. A pair of trunks which were no doubt tucked away somewhere in this very room. I suddenly had an image of myself frantically rummaging through his chest of drawers when he went to the toilet to try and find them. Not that I actually would.

AJ had picked up his TV remote and was navigating through Netflix. “I can’t believe I’m about to watch Dom and Cole In The Land of Ug! I used to love this show so much. It is on here. Oh my God!”

It was so fucking adorable how excited AJ was about seeing an old cartoon he used to love. Though pretty much everyone our age loved and got excited at the mention of this childhood classic.

“Budge up, future shredded muscle freak!”

As I manoeuvred to the left side of the bed, and AJ plonked himself down next to me, I could barely wipe the smile off my face. I would never have imagined that simply sitting next to someone on their bed would give me such a rush of excitement. But then I also never imagined I’d be sitting on the bed of a painfully gorgeous competitive bodybuilder like AJ.

To the left of me, I had the likes of Blaine Holton and Chris “Freaky” Jackson, inhuman muscle monsters flexing in competition on AJ’s wall (FUCK) and to my right, I had the boy I was fast becoming infatuated with, and attracted to more than anyone else I’d met in real life; an actual bodybuilder (DOUBLE FUCKING FUCK).

AJ looked over at me in that moment and I felt like my heart had actually stopped beating for a moment because he clearly caught me grinning. I panicked, but then his mouth curled into the most adorable little grin in response. It was almost as if AJ was enjoying our encounter as much as I was, which was surely next to fucking impossible. But while AJ was clearly just enjoying hanging out with an old school friend he used to have sleepovers with, I was feeling happy for entirely different reasons.

“Oh my God! I remember this one!” AJ exclaimed as the episode

“Is this the one with the rabbits who can’t stop partying?”

“YES!” AJ exclaimed. “I loved this episode!”

I couldn’t believe how close my body was to AJ’s. Just sitting next to him on his bed was so mind bogglingly erotic. His huge thighs just inches away from mine and his enormous shoulders close to my regular sized ones as we were both propped up against his wall. My knees were bent. I didn’t dare put my legs down because he would have seen my huge hard on poking out of my trackies.

When the episode had almost finished, AJ caught me looking at the assorted pictures of hardcore bodybuilders on his wall.

“Is it really bad that I’ve got a picture of myself on my wall?” AJ asked.

“Hmmm. It’s a bit cocky. But I can’t say I’m exactly surprised!” I cheekily replied.
AJ did one of his cute, little giggles. “So, which of those guys impresses you the most?”

Oh God. My heart started pounding and I suddenly felt nervous.

“Other than that cocky little fucker in the lime green posers?” AJ cheekily added.

I grinned. “Ummm …” I began nervously. “This guy looks pretty awesome!” I said, blushing and pointing to the picture of Blaine Holton.

AJ beamed. “Hell yeah! That’s Blaine Holton! He’s a fucking MONSTER! Abs like bricks. Massive pecs.”

FUCK! My hard on was juddering furiously listening to AJ describe one of my favourite muscle freaks in such an incredibly hot manner.

“His glutes are huge too!”

 “Sorry! Glutes are the muscles in your arse!” he said with a devilish grin.

As if I didn’t bloody know!
“He’s got that bubble look which I love! Like his muscle’s really POP?”

You’re fucking killing me here!
“I think I’ve got that a bit,” he added. And he really fucking had!

I really wanted to reply and share some of the many, many thoughts that were racing through my head on the selection of muscle bulls on AJ’s bedroom wall, but I just didn’t have the nerve.

“OK, check out this guy’s biceps!” AJ said pointing to famous pro bodybuilder, Chris “Freaky Peaks” Jackson.

I blushed furiously. I was so fucking nervous and I hated it. “Wow!” was all I could muster.

“They’re INSANE! Imagine having biceps like that?” And then he made this deep, growling noise. Like an actual, “GRRRR!” which caused pre-cum to seep out into my boxers. Fuck, fuck, FUCK.

“You’d be too shy to flex ‘em,” he said, teasingly, as he looked at me with the most adorable little smile.

His joke gave me some much needed confidence.

“Hmmm. What’s this guy doing on your wall, though? I don’t think he’s gonna be winning any competitions any time soon!” I said, pointing to the picture of AJ cranking out a crab most muscular.

“Cheeky fucker!” AJ reached round, grabbed the pillow he was propped up against and playfully hit me with it on my legs.

“Why’s he sticking his tongue out?” I added.

“Cause he’s a cocky little shit. And he thinks he’s a lot bigger than he is!” AJ playfully replied.

“Hmmm. I dunno. He looks pretty big to me!”

As soon as I said it I blushed, but AJ looked at me with this gorgeous, dizzy little grin. I wanted to melt. Amazingly, it felt like something was happening between us. Something way more than just two friends sharing a moment. And then I told myself that it wasn’t. Of course it fucking wasn’t.

“Shall we watch another episode?” he asked.


AJ reached for the remote. As we sat watching another episode of “Dom and Cole In The Land of Ug”, it felt like my whole body was buzzing. I would have given anything to shift down the bed, move just a few inches closer to AJ, wrap my arm around his waist and bury my head in the bright red material of his “Scorpio’s Gym” hoodie. Resting my head and sinking my face into his indecently pumped chest as he cuddled me and kissed me on the head. I wanted it so much my heart almost ached.

But this was good enough. Just being here with AJ. In fact, I couldn’t believe how happy it made me just to be with him, sharing this moment, laughing along to our favourite childhood TV programme. Sharing all these moments that I knew I wouldn’t be able to forget. There was literally no where on Earth I would have rather been in that moment, and I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I had felt that way. Who would have thought that one single trip to Tesco would have led me to that?

Saturday, 8 September 2018


"There was something incredibly sweet about that “promise”. I’ll look after you. Promise! The pain will go away. Promise! I’ll let you squeeze my outrageously flexed bicep until you shoot a load in your undies and then I’ll cuddle the fuck out of you afterwards. Promise!"

It's time for part 3 of "AJ & Noah", where the lads continue exchanging messages filled with cheeky, bodybuilding related banter, with AJ teasing Noah about being a future shredded muscle freak, what colour posing trunks he'd wear onstage and what bodybuilder nickname he'd have. And then AJ offers to take Noah's to Scorpio's - the local, hardcore bodybuilding gym!

And check out the below (bloody awesome!) illustration of AJ from "Reeddune"!



When I woke up early the next morning, I felt like I was fucking dying. What was this pain? In my head. In my arms. In my legs. Oh my GOD, my fucking legs. This was clearly the price for having a personal training session with an absurdly sexy bodybuilder, who I’d later indulged in cheeky, friendly banter with on Facebook.

And then it hit me, and the pain was temporarily relieved. AJ Jones had messaged me on Facebook the night before. What the FUCK?!

I looked at the conversation again on my phone and I was fairly convinced that it was genuine, and not, as I’d momentarily suspected last night, some kind of prank his friends had put him up to. Because what would be funny about that? And oh yeah, AJ’s friends probably aren’t twelve years old.

I grinned like mad as I re-read his messages. “Come to Scorpio’s”. “I’ll squeeze a mean most muscular in their face”. “I’ll look after you”.

I suddenly imagined AJ lying next to me in bed. One of his enormous arms wrapped around me. My head resting on his huge chest as he softly kissed the top of my head, nursing me better.

Looking at the messages again, I realised that I kind of killed off the conversation with that single emoji. I needed to redeem myself. Considerably more nervous than I’d been while messaging him the night before, I composed a reply.


I hit send, but nothing came back. Fuck! Why had I used capital letters? At the time I thought they were funny and dramatic. Now they just looked like I was trying too hard.

Walking to the bathroom was a monumental task. My legs really were fucking killing me. All this pain for what? The ability to maybe wear a vest by the end of summer, which I’ll still, no doubt, feel incredibly self conscious in? Fuck that! When I eagerly checked my phone on return to my bed, AJ still hadn’t replied.

I hate that torturous feeling of waiting for someone you like to get back to you. After checking my phone for what felt like about six hundred times I managed to go back to sleep. I woke up an hour later, head considerably less fuzzy but still aching all over. My whole body then seemed to go into a kind of excited jolt when I saw a notification on my phone screen. AJ had replied to my message. Fuck YES!

“HAHA!” (Capital letters!) “Well you can’t say I didn’t warn you, mate!”

Ridiculously, the word “mate” stung. Seriously? I was fucking upset because a bodybuilder called me mate? I am an absolutely ridiculous human being, I thought. What the fuck else was he supposed to call me? But a warm feeling was buzzing through me at the fact that AJ had replied.

I compiled a message. “If this is what it takes, I’m not sure I want to be a shredded muscle freak after all.” But I bottled it, erased the message and wrote another one.

“It just took me twenty minutes to walk to the bathroom!”

AJ sent the crying with laughter face emoji.

I couldn’t resist following it up. “I almost gave up and pissed myself on the landing.”

“HAHAHA!! Wait till the morning after your first session at your soon to be new gym, Scorpio’s!” And then he sent three of the AJ emoji’s.

I giddly grinned at the reference to our conversation last night.

“I’ll need more than just a bodyguard. I’ll need an on site paramedic.”

“The pain won’t be as bad next time. Promise! You’re body’s just not used to it.”

There was something incredibly sweet about that “promise”. I’ll look after you. Promise! The pain will go away. Promise! I’ll let you squeeze my outrageously flexed bicep until you shoot a load in your undies and then I’ll cuddle the fuck out of you afterwards. Promise!

A serious question then popped into my head. A question which could even make the idea of me going to Scorpio’s less of a fantasy.

“Are you a personal trainer at Scorpio’s, too?”

Three dots.

“Nah. They do have trainers though.”

Curiously, AJ asked me if I wanted to see one. He told me to “brace myself” and then my head almost exploded when he sent me a picture of a huge, roided muscle bull on stage at a bodybuilding show, flexing a massive crab most muscular in a pair of shiny, purple posing trunks. FUCKING HELL! He was a bit of a daddy, as bald as a coot (hmmm, make that TWO coots) and, though round around the edges in a very British working class way, he was sexy as fucking hell. He was exactly the type of bodybuilder I’d happily spunk off to and I was instantly hard.

I was also fucking buzzing at the fact AJ had sent me such a picture. The kind of picture I usually only shared with my fellow muscle loving contacts over the Internet. I messaged him back with three shocked faces emojis and followed it with, “He’s a monster!”

“HAHA! Yep.”

I couldn’t resist going further.

“He barely looks human!”

“HA! I love that!” AJ messaged.

“Shredded to the bone.”

Oh God. Did I actually just send that?

AJ sent a shocked emoji face, then a, “Fuck yeah!” which, for some reason, caused my dick to start furiously juddering. I was engaging in cheeky, friendly, bodybuilding relating banter with an actual bodybuilder and it was both the horniest and most exciting thing in the world.

“You’re picking up the lingo!” AJ then messaged.

I sent the AJ emoji and couldn’t resist elaborating on his comment.

“Fuck yeah! Look at that huge shredded muscle freak squeezing out a mean most muscular! How was that?!” My heart was pounding as I sent it and I was insanely turned on.

“HAHA! Perfect, mate. You’ll fit right in at Scorpio’s!”

I sent the AJ emoji again. God, I loved messaging him. Even more than I had the night before.

Three dots. AJ was composing another message.

“His name’s Mark Green. He’s this year’s regional bodybuilding champion. He’s about 6’3 too!”

“Oh my God! He really would mistake me for one of his six meals a day.”

“Hehe. believe it or not he’s actually a really sweet guy. Really gentle. Kinda shy!”

What the fuck?! The idea that a 6’3 champion bodybuilding muscle monster in shiny purple posers could be described as any of those things completely baffled me.

“No way!” I replied.

“Yep. He’s kinda like a bodybuilder version of you.”

And then my heart went into my throat. What a fucking weird thing for AJ to say. Likening me to a bodybuilder? Pointing out my personality traits? Why would AJ spend any time thinking about what my personality was like? My heart started to thump and I wondered, was there any, actual small chance that something more was going on with AJ and I? And then I felt utterly ridiculous. Because of course there fucking wasn’t. AJ didn’t need to be interested in me to notice my personality traits. He was clearly just perceptive and thoughtful. Which all just made me like him even more.

I stared at the screen. I had no idea how to appropriately respond to his comment. He wasn’t typing either. No dots. Fuck, fuck, fuck. And then it came to me.

“Yeah, I don’t think I’d make a very good bodybuilder. I think I’d shit myself on stage!”

AJ replied. “Hehe! Believe it or not, the first time I competed I was bricking it.”

I didn’t believe it. I’d seen the pictures of AJ on stage and saw the kind of playful, cheeky and cocky attitude he’d adopted when he hit his poses. For some reason the idea of AJ being all nervous made my heart swell.

“No way! I can’t imagine it!” I messaged.

“Yep. I got over it pretty fast, though!” And there it was again. The AJ emoji with the one eye closed and the tongue sticking out. I’d always loved that emoji, but I loved it even more since AJ had started using it.

“I KNOW. I’ve seen the pictures!”

“Hehe! I promise I’m not that cocky off stage. It’s just sort of what bodybuilders do when they compete!”

“Hmmm. I believe you!” I replied.

“It’s true! I don’t strut around sticking my tongue out at people in Tesco’s or anything!”

“HAHA!! I didn’t notice a strut.” I messaged.

“Maybe a bit of a waddle?”

“Hmmm. Maybe a bit. Now you mention it!”

As if I hadn’t noticed that fucking waddle. As if that waddle hadn’t been permanently imprinted on my muscle obsessed brain.

“HAHA! Every bodybuilder wants to have a waddle. Don’t worry about being shy though. I’ll give you plenty of posing tips!” AJ messaged.

“You might have your work cut out for you.”

“Nah! We’ll have you strutting around in a pair of posers sticking your tongue out as you flex a front double bicep in no time.”

OH MY FUCKING GOD! Posers! He just fucking said the word, posers!

Before I could respond, three more dots appeared.

“Sorry. More bodybuilding terms.”

And then the most insanely amazing thing happened. He sent me through a picture of his lime green posers. The exceptionally shiny ones from his Facebook pictures of him in competition. Just lying there on what was presumably the blue duvet of his bed. FUCKING HELL!! Was this actually happening?!

“These are posers. Or posing trunks. Fetching, huh?”

I laughed. “Oh, very! Is that your outfit for the gym?”

“HAHA! No, but I could probably get away with that!” And then the AJ emoji came through again.

What a fucking image!

“They’re more comfortable than they look. You’ll find out soon.”


My dick was going crazy and I couldn’t resist a cheeky tug under my duvet. My heart then sank when his next message came through.

“Sorry, mate. Gotta dash. Shift at job #2. Tesco’s.” And a sad emoji face.

I couldn’t resist. “Will you be wearing your posers?”

“HAHA!! I’d probably get arrested. I’d definitely get fired!”

And then I had an image of AJ strutting through Tesco’s wearing nothing but his shiny, lime green posers and a gorgeous, cocky grin. Walking up to every unsuspecting shopper he came to and squeezing out an attitude filled, power packed pose. Tongue out, gob open, grunts and groans, the works.

I said goodbye to AJ and put down my phone. My whole body was bursting with adrenaline. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. The picture of 6’3 muscle monster, Mark Green, the cheeky banter, the picture of the posers lying on his bed (fuck!), the “bodybuilder version of you”. I was absolutely buzzing. The conversation had also left me ridiculously horny. I was tempted to wank off to the picture of Mark. I was even tempted to wank off to the picture of AJ’s posing trunks. But I didn’t. Because it didn’t quite feel right.

So I headed to YouTube and chose a video of my favourite 212 class bodybuilder, Tommy “The Tank” Foster, instead. He was probably about the same height as AJ, and just as outrageously cocky with his posing.

After I shot a huge load into my boxers the moment Tommy crunched down into an abs and thighs, I rolled over and spent the rest of the morning dozing in and out sleep with this warm, happy feeling buzzing through me. But it wasn’t the famous American pro bodybuilder I’d just blown a load to who was occupying my every thought. It was the boy I’d just been exchanging the most amazing messages with.

I was thinking about his lime green posers. Fantasising about being at Scorpio’s with him, where he’d take me under his wing and look after me. Maybe even teach me how to pose. Tell me what faces to pull when I flexed on stage. And then I thought about him working at Tesco in his tight, blue polo shirt at that very moment, thinking about our conversation. And I couldn’t help picturing him wearing a similar, giddy grin to mine as he did.


I spent the next three days in a state of almost dizzy happiness. This hadn’t gone unnoticed by my mum, who wrongly suspected it had something to do with whoever she thought I’d gone drinking with the Friday before.

I hadn’t heard from AJ, though. I had been tempted to get in touch with him. Roughly about four to five hundred times a day. I’d even opened Facebook a couple of times with the intention of sending him a message, but each time I backed out.

He had been the one to get in touch with me initially, and it had been me who’d made the first move the next day. I figured it was his turn next. But while the prospect of more cheeky, bodybuilding related banter with AJ filled with me excitement, the idea of actually seeing him in the flesh filled with me nerves.

It was completely absurd. The week before I was training with him and making jokes about the fact he had trouble walking through doorways without turning sideways, and now the thought of casually bumping into him made my stomach twist in knots.

And yet, when I entered the gym to discover he wasn’t there, my heart dropped from disappointment. During the shoulders and back workout I was following from AJ’s training plan, I decided I would message him on Facebook when I’d finished. So what if I’d been the one to reach out first the last time?

Half way through my training I had stopped to fill up my water bottle from the water machine when someone behind me suddenly spoke.

“I reckon you should go for blue!”

It startled me so much that I jumped. So much so that AJ Jones laughed and apologised. Seeing him in the flesh standing before me, looking painfully huge and adorably cute seemed to vanquish any nerves I had been feeling earlier. My insides seemed to be doing summersaults. Or maybe it was just those butterflies.

His hair wasn’t so styled as it has been before, and was even a little fluffy at the front. Which I found completely adorable. It was like he hadn’t really bothered to make an effort. It was funny, because no matter how times I saw AJ, I still couldn’t get used to just how ridiculously huge and muscular he was. Those arms. The shoulders. The chest. He looked like a fucking cartoon that had been drawn into the ordinary setting of a leisure centre gym.

“Sorry - what were you saying? Blue …?”

“Posers!” he cheekily said with a completely straight face.

OH MY FUCKING GOD!! He did NOT just say that, I thought. I blushed furiously.

“For your first bodybuilding competition!” His face then cracked and his mouth grew into a wide, mischievous grin. I felt my face relax and soften into a grin, but I was still blushing.

AJ chuckled. “How’s the training going?”

“Yeah, good! Legs have recovered. Just about!” I said, making a face.

“What are you working on today?”

“Back and shoulders!”

AJ nodded. “Nice! Oh, shit. There’s my client,” he suddenly said looking around. My heart dropped again.

“Oh, I’ve been thinking.” My heart pounded. I had no idea what AJ was about to say. “The being shy on stage thing? You can just ask Mark Green how he overcomes it when he gives you your first training session at Scorpio’s!”


I couldn’t help but sheepishly smirk, while being reminded of our utterly awesome Facebook messages. I knew AJ was only joking, but I couldn’t help fantasising about that very scenario playing out. Being trained by 6’3 monster Mark, and AJ by my side, too. Just for the company. Or maybe protection.

“Would that be before or after he’s put me in a protein shake?” I playfully asked.

AJ giggled. The cute, little giggle I was becoming to love so much. I was definitely going message him on Facebook later that afternoon.

“See you later, mate!” he said, his eyes glistening and his face all grinning, before he walked away with his big, beefy bum sticking out of his trackie bottoms. And there it was, again. That same, hot little bodybuilder waddle I’d witnessed in Tesco just a few weeks before.

I was not long through the door when my mum sprung a question on me. “Do you want to come with me to see your nan? You‘ve barely seen her since you came back.”

I groaned, but then instantly felt guilty.

“When are you going?!” I asked.

“In half an hour!”

“Fine!” I said, begrudgingly.

When my nan opened her door and saw me, her face lit up. She excitedly held her hands up in front of her, like she just couldn’t wait to grab my face.

“What have been doing with yourself, Noah?” she asked me, as we were sat down.

“Erm … not much! Just chilling out.”

“Eating me out of house and home!” my mum replied.

 I rolled my eyes. “I joined the gym last week.”

The way my nan looked at me, all doughy eyed, grinning wildly with that glint in her eye, you’d think I was indulging in the most riveting conversation in the world. Not talking about eating and joining a gym.

“Any jobs going at the gym?” my mum quipped.

I rolled my eyes again.

“He doesn’t want to be wasting his time doing that!” my nan exclaimed.

“Thanks, nan!” I said, looking at my mum with a sly grin.

“You’ve got to enjoy yourself while you’re young, dear,” my nan continued.

“Oh, he does, don’t worry! And have you heard from any of these publishing work experience placements you’ve applied for?” my mother asked.

Ugh! “Not yet!” I replied, becoming increasingly annoyed at my mother. “I told you, they’re hard to get on!”

“And how’s your special friend, Natalie?” my nan asked.

“Naomi!” I said, correcting her.

I exchanged grins with my mum. Nan always referred to Naomi as my “special friend”.

“Yeah, she’s good. She’s staying in Brighton for the summer but she’s coming back in a few weeks for the weekend.”

“You didn’t tell me that!” my mum said. “He never tells me anything!” I wondered whether she was about to mention “Internet gay sex dating apps”. I’m pretty sure the fact we were sat in front of my nan was the only reason she didn’t.

“Whatever happened to that other boy you were friends with? The really little one?” my nan then asked.

Oh my God! My heart started pounding. Surely she was talking about Reece Miller, my ex best friend who outed me in Year 11?

“You mean Reece?” I asked.

“Ugh!” my mum exclaimed. “That little - oooh, I tell you, if I ever see him again!”

When my mum found out what Reece had done, she’d marched round to his house to confront him and ended up having a shouting match with his mum about how to raise her kids properly. I was partly mortified, but at the same time, it was also pretty fucking awesome.

“No, that wasn’t him,” my nan said. “He had a funny name!”

Oh Fuck. My cheeks burned up and I couldn’t seem to look at my mum. I knew exactly who my nan was talking about.

“AJ!” my mum replied. The word sounded strange coming my mother. It was like someone had given my heart a little pinch. “Awww, little AJ!” my mum said, gushingly. “I still see his mum.”

“Do you?!” I quickly said, surprised, and with way too much interest.

“Yeah!” she said looking at me curiously. “I’m sure she said he worked in Tesco’s but I’ve never seen him in there.”


I felt like I wanted the ground to swallow me whole. I knew for a fact that my mum had seen AJ in Tesco, because he’d told me himself that he had. And that he’d even said hi to her. She clearly hadn’t made the connection between “Little AJ” and the obscenely muscular tank whose thick chest and enormous arms bulged in and around the material of his work shirt. I had no idea how I’d react if she ever did make that connection, or perhaps manage to spot his name badge, and then proceed to tell me that he was now a fuck off huge bodybuilder. Or whatever words my mum would use.

I desperately changed the subject from AJ, failing to tell my mum that a) yes, he did work in Tesco because, b) I saw him in there the other week, c) he also works at the Leisure Centre gym and gave me my induction, d) I’ve also had a personal training session with him, e) I’ve been exchanging funny, cheeky, mostly bodybuilding related messages with him on Facebook for the past few days, because f) he’s an outrageously muscular, competitive bodybuilding muscle bull, who g) I haven’t been able to stop thinking about for the past week or so.

“Why does nan always call Naomi my “special friend”?” I asked my mum on the walk back home.

My mum laughed. “Who knows? I don’t think she thinks that a boy and a girl can just be friends. Or maybe it’s her word for the LGBG - what is it - people, community?”

I smiled and shook my head. “It’s LGBT. Just say gay people!”

“I’m trying to be trendy!” she said, smiling.

My phone pinged. I innocently checked it without thinking and I felt a familiar jolt of excitement when I saw the words AJ Jones has sent you a message on my screen. Apparently I failed to hide my emotions from my mother.

“What are you grinning that? Oooh, another text. Is that your new boyfriend?”

Mum!” I exclaimed. I was mortified. My mother was completely OK with me being gay but I still didn’t fell comfortable talking to her about guys I was dating.

“Well there’s someone you keep going out with every Friday night.”

I rolled my eyes. I refused to reveal, or say any more and spent the rest of the walk home listening to her complain about one of the neighbours, while dying to know what cheeky, funny, muscle related message AJ has sent me.

“So, I’ve been thinking. I should really have a nickname. All of the best bodybuilders have them. And if you want to be a shredded muscle freak, you should really have one too!”

I jumped on my bed with my phone, the biggest grin on my face.

“Hehe! Sounds good.”

A few minute’s passed, then three dots. God, I loved those dots.

“Whose shall we chose first?”

“Let’s go with you!” I replied.

“Hehe! OK, you won’t know these names, but I’ll give you some examples of bodybuilder’s with nicknames. Chris “Freaky Peaks” Jackson. Tommy “The Tank” Foster. Liam “The Guns” Watson.”

This is hilarious, I thought. Not only did I know and love all three of the famous muscle freaks he’d listed, but I’d also shot a load to each and every one of them at some point. Tommy Foster just a few short days ago. What the hell would AJ think if he knew this?

“Any suggestions?” Then he sent the emoji with the big, teeth bearing grin.

I typed the first thing that came into my head.

“Hmmm. How about AJ “The Freakazoid” Jones?”

“FUCK YEAH!! Haha! Love it.”

“AJ “The Incredible Bulk” Jones?”

“OMG! That’s awesome!”

“AJ “Is That Even Human? I Think It Might Just Be” Jones?”

“HAHA!! Yep. That’s the keeper!” Then he sent the crying face emoji.

I thought of a few more nicknames in my head. AJ “Cutie McBeefy Bum” Jones. AJ “Why Are You So Fucking Hot?” Jones. And AJ “As In Noah’s New Boyfriend, AJ” Jones. Somehow I didn’t quite have the nerve to share them.

“OK. Now it’s time to think of your nickname.”

I couldn’t stop smiling. AJ was typing another message.

“How about…Noah “The Buff Cookster” Cook?”

I grinned wildly. “I like it! GRRRR!”

Oh God. I can’t believe I just GRRRR’ed at AJ!

“Did you just GRRRR?” AJ messaged.

“I think I just did!” And then I sent the blushing face, eyes wide open emoji.

“You’ll be GRAARR’ing next! I’m such a bad influence.”

“You always were!”

It was the first time either of us had mentioned anything about the time we were friends at school. It felt weird, but also kinda nice.

He sent a shocked face emoij. “What do you mean?!”

“Erm…the bookmarks from the book fair at primary school!”

“OMG! Haha. OK, we both stole them.”

“Yes, but you’re the one who came up with the idea to shove them up the sleeves of our school jumpers!”

“Hehe. OK, but the prank phone calls to Mrs Bennett in Year 8 were your idea.”

“Oh God! Remember when she said our names down the phone? AJ! Noah! I know it’s you two!”

“Haha! We fucking shit ourselves.”

And for a moment he wasn’t AJ The Bodybuilder. He was just my old friend AJ from school. Until his next message came through.

“OK, back to the nicknames. How about Noah “The Super Shredder” Cook? “Shredder” because you’d be all shredded and shit.”

My dick twitched. The thought of me shredded. Hell yeah!

“I feel like I would be shredded.” I replied.

“Oh, to the fucking BONE, mate.”

My face literally ached from smiling so much.

“OK, I’ve got one for me,” I messaged. “Noah “What’s Cooking? Shredded Fucking BEEF” Cook.”

“OH MY GOD!! I LOVE IT! You’re so much better at this than I am.”

I pulled a face to myself. “Nah! Yours are awesome, mate!” I messaged.

“I guess that’s why you’re at uni and I work in Tesco.” And then he sent the crying with laughter emoji.

The message completely threw me. It was so odd to read a comment where AJ was putting himself down. I almost hated seeing it. Like the idea of AJ having a single negative thought about himself upset me and I felt an almost overwhelming urge to remind him just how awesome, and cute, and funny he was.

“Oh please! Anyone can get into uni these days!”

“Thanks. I think!”

I felt a jolt of panic. “NO! I didn’t mean it like that!”

“Hehe! I KNOW! Don’t worry, mate.” And then he sent the cutest emoji of them all. The AJ emoji.

And I suddenly felt stupid. And a little embarrassed that I’d panicked so much at the thought that I’d offended him. 

“So…AJ “Is That Even Human? I Think It Might Just Be” Jones and Noah “What’s Cooking? Shredded Fucking BEEF” Cook it is then! The world won’t know what’s hit it.”

I lay my head on the pillow, my phone resting on my duvet. Just staring at the screen and smiling. I felt like I could have just lay there chatting to AJ all day. And in that moment, I genuinely couldn’t remember the last time I’d felt so happy.


Every day for the rest of that week I exchanged messages with AJ Jones on Facebook. Some days just a few for a short period of time, and other times lots of messages sent over a period of hours.

Most of the time the messages were cheeky and funny. Jokes about me going to Scorpio’s and becoming a cocky, shredded, posing trunk sporting (fuck!) bodybuilder like AJ. Other times they were more serious. Messages about training. Advice from AJ about diet and supplements. We also sometimes reminisced about school. He even asked me about uni a few times too.

On the morning of that Friday I was getting my gym stuff together and (again), felt ridiculously nervous, yet admittedly excited, about the prospect of seeing the boy I’d spent the past week exchanging cute, funny, awesome Facebook messages with.

I wasn’t sure whether I could handle spending the whole gym session wondering whether I was going bump into AJ or not, so I decided to bite the bullet and sent him a message to try and find out whether he’d be at the leisure centre.

“OK, I’m braving it. I’m just about to go to the gym to do (gulp!)…LEGS!”

He replied straight away.


“God help me!” I replied.

“How funny. I’m just about to head to Scorpio’s! Only it’s chest day for me. GRRRR!”

I instantly started to swell at the “GRRRR!” Or maybe it was just the thought of AJ pumping up in the gym. Or just the thought of AJ full stop. I’d never met a man before with the ability to make me rock hard from a single text message. But AJ had been doing that practically every day that we’d been in contact.

“Both getting our pump on! HELL YEAH!” I messaged. And then I sent the AJ emoji.

“Watch out Little Denton Leisure Centre. The Buff Cookster is coming and he’s taking NO prisoners.”

“Ahem. I think you mean Noah “What’s Cooking? Shredded Fucking BEEF” Cook is coming!” I replied.

“Haha! Oooops. Silly me. Well have a good workout, mate!”

Well that solved that then. I wouldn’t be bumping into AJ at the gym. I thought I would feel relieved, but I didn’t. In fact, I felt an almost crushing disappointment as I stared at my phone and messaged him back.

“You too, mate.”

I put my phone down on my bed, but it pinged straight away. AJ had sent me another message. Just one word.


Oh my God!

Three dots. The longest three dots ever.

“You wanna come to Scorpio’s with me?”


My heart swelled and seemed to fill up my whole chest. Was this a genuine offer? Or were we doing the whole, jokey, “Noah The Bodybuilder” thing again?

“Are you serious?”

My heart was pounding. My head was spinning.


Three more dots.

“Why not?”

Erm … because I’m NOT a two hundred and fifty pounds, ripped to buggery competitive bodybuilder! I’m a slim built, casual gym goer who doesn’t look like he belongs anywhere NEAR a hardcore bodybuilding gym and I’ll probably get laughed out of the fucking building the second I walk in there!

“We keep joking about it. So why don’t we do it? I’ll show you what a real gym looks like. Hehe!”

My stomach was twisting in knots.

“Don’t I have to be a member?” I messaged.

“No. They do guest passes if you go with someone who's already a member.”

I wanted to go. I really, really wanted to go. But, well … FUCK!

“Promise you won’t end up in Mark Green’s protein shake!” And then he sent the crying with laughter face emoji.

“Hehe!” I replied

“I’ll look after you.”

And that’s what did it. I melted. I grinned. I took a deep breathe and typed.

“OK! Let’s do it!”

FUCK!! What am I doing?!

“Awesome!” And then he sent the big, teeth bearing grin emoji.

“You’ll get to see AJ “The Ripper” Jones pumping up in action.”

Instant fucking hard on.

“The Ripper??”

“Oh yeah. It’s a new nickname I’m trying out. We can discuss that later.” And then he sent my favourite emoji. The AJ emoji.

He gave me his phone number (I had a competitive bodybuilder’s phone number! What the fuck was going on?!) and shortly afterwards texted me his address. AJ was apparently going to drive us to Scorpio’s.

I was absolutely bricking it when I approached AJ’s house. I knew it was his straight away because there was a motorbike on the drive. Apparently AJ’s mum and big, bald, built like a brick shithouse, leather wearing Andy (i.e. my first ever male crush) were still together.

I felt an incredible rush of excitement. At the prospect of maybe seeing Andy for the first time in about twelve years, but mostly at seeing AJ again.

My heart was pounding when AJ opened the door. He was smiling at me. That gorgeous grin, but something else was going on too. Beneath the smile, he, oddly, looked kind of nervous.

His hair was as styled and preened as it was for our personal training session and he was wearing a bright red hoodie. It was the most covered up I’d ever seen him, but he still looks like an absolute tank. It wasn’t the tightest of hoodies, but I could still see his huge chest bulging underneath the material. There was a symbol of a scorpion and wording around the image embedded on the left side of the chest. It was a Scorpio’s Gym hoodie which, for some reason, I found crazily hot. A proper, little bodybuilder wearing clothes from a proper, hardcore bodybuilding gym. GRRRRR!

As soon as we were both sat in the car, I got an instant hard on. Just being sat so close to AJ was an incredible turn on. My ordinary sized legs so close to his thighs, which looked ridiculously thick under his black baggie trackies, which had the word “GASP” written down them, and which I knew to be a proper bodybuilding clothing brand. Thank GOD I had my backpack in my lap to cover up my crotch.

“Mate - you can put your bag in the back if you want.”


“Oh, er … that’s alright.”

He looked at me and shot me one his heart melting grins. He didn’t look quite so nervous anymore.

“Nervous?” he asked me.

“A little!” I replied.

His grin got wider. “You’ll be fine! Just watch out for hungry looking bodybuilders. And if you see Mark Green coming towards you with a knife and fork, just run!”

I laughed but felt flustered at the same time. What if 6’3 muscle monster daddy Mark Green was there? FUCK!

“No, seriously, mate. It’s not just bodybuilders and huge guys who go there.”

“Phew!” I said.

“You’ll blend right in. Especially when you’re a bodybuilder yourself!” I coyly grinned and nervously looked at him and he was flashing me a mischievous grin.

I suddenly felt relaxed. With it, came a surge of bravery.

“So, what’s this new nickname?”

A huge grin filled his whole face. “The Ripper! AJ “The Ripper” Jones. Ripper as in, you know … fucking ripped!”

My hard on stirred under my backpack. Fuck yeah!

“Hmmm. Not bad,” I replied. “Kinda sounds like you fart a lot, though!”

AJ howled. “Well … I kinda do!”

I pulled a face. “Thanks for the warning!”

He giggled. One of his cute, little giggles I loved so much. “Noah, I eat two hundred grams of protein a day. Of course I fart a lot!”

I think it was the first time he’d actually called me Noah since we’d bumped into each two weeks before in the meat aisle of Tesco. I suddenly felt giddy and couldn’t refrain from smirking.

He asked me how my diet was going and gave me a mini lecture in how most of building muscle is down to what you eat when I told him I’d been struggling to stick to the diet plan he’d made for me during our personal training session.

“I hope I don’t bore you with all this bodybuilding stuff!” AJ said.

“No!” I replied, perhaps a little too eagerly. AJ grinned and I felt a little coy.

I suddenly felt nervous again. “I find it really interesting!” And I swear I actually blushed.

“I can tell you do! Most people don’t get it.”

AJ’s reaction gave me the confidence to carry on with the subject. “I completely get it! I find it kind of incredible that you can actually do that to your body. Sort of … mould and transform it into this thing that’s … not of the norm.”

“Exactly!” AJ said, excitedly grinning.

My heart fluttered and my crotch twitched under my backpack.

“And that final look, when you’re in competition condition,” I continued. “It just looks … amazing! Almost inhuman!” I couldn’t believe what I was saying, but it gave me such a buzz to talk openly about my feelings towards bodybuilders. Or at least, some of them.

“Hell yeah!” AJ replied, grinning wildly. “That’s what it’s all about, mate. That competition look. Huge and shredded! Muscle bellies popping. Striations fucking everywhere!”


My dick was juddering furiously. If only AJ knew what he was doing to me.

“Striations are these lines you get in your muscle when you’re super duper shredded,” AJ explained.

I smiled to myself. I knew this, of course, but I decided to play dumb. AJ clearly loved teaching me about all things bodybuilding related, which I found completely adorable. Or was this just AJ trying to corrupt and lead me astray, much like he did when we were younger?

“Oh, right!” I replied, playing dumb. “More lingo!”

“I’ll show you a picture of a really shredded bodybuilder later!”

Judder, judder, judder. FUUUUCCKKK!

“You’ll be shocked!”

Of course I will, AJ. Because I’ve NEVER seen a picture of a shredded to death muscle freak with striations in his ass and a full on, bonkers, Christmas tree shaped lower back.

I had the overwhelming urge to ask AJ what it felt like to be in shredded, competition condition. To stand on stage and flex for an audience. But I didn’t quite have the nerve. Maybe those were questions for another day. If there’d even be one, of course.

Scorpio’s Gym was absolutely nothing like what I was expecting from the outside. It was a brick building on a run down industrial estate. I almost wondered whether AJ had taken me somewhere else, until I saw the words “SCORPIO’S GYM” written on the side of the building, with the same image of a scorpion that was on the chest of AJ’s bright red hoodie.

It was only because the building was so inconspicuous looking that I wasn’t feeling half as nervous as I expected to. As I followed AJ Jones into the gym, I felt the most amazing buzz. I really couldn’t believe that I, Noah Cook, was walking into a proper hardcore bodybuilding gym with an actual bodybuilder.

But it wasn’t just that. It was also just the simple act of being with AJ. After spending so much time over the previous few days, laughing and smiling to his messages and dreamily gazing at my phone, I was now actually with him in the flesh. It was like he’d ignited a fire inside of me. The more time I spent with him. The more times he made me laugh, and blush, and smiled at me, in that cute, gorgeous way that he did, the more it felt like my insides were burning.


And completely unrelated to this story, but I couldn't help posting this fucking INSANE video of Igor Illes flexing tensing his bronzed painted, competition conditioned quads! FUCKING HELL!!

Sunday, 2 September 2018


"But you either feel the butterflies, or you don’t. And so far, with Eddie, they just weren’t there. And then I thought about AJ Jones. For the forty-fifth time that day. Impossibly cute AJ with his twenty inch biceps and t-shirt straining muscle tits and his cheeky, funny Facebook messages.

And holy fuck, the butterflies. One hundred thousand, fuck off massive butterflies."

Here we go with part 2 of "AJ & Noah", my story about a muscle addict called Noah who bumps into his old school friend AJ, who, since the last time they saw each other, has transformed into a competitive bodybuilder (with enormous arms, huge tits, a massive arse...the works)!

At the end of the last part, Noah was sitting in the reception of the Little Denton Leisure Centre waiting for someone to give him an induction to the gym, when who should come strolling up, but that very mini muscle bull of a bodybuilder (looking just as huge and bloody gorgeous as before)! GRRRRR!!

I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has given me feedback for this so far! On here, Twitter, Instagram (I now have a page here) and the Muscle Growth forums (I'm posting it there too). Feedback for stories is always hit and miss but the response to this so far has been awesome! I suspect that may ease off a bit now, as is often the case after the first post, but please know that I appreciate every bit of feedback I receive!

And seriously, how amazing is the below illustration from Reeddune? I love it so much!


“Ready for your induction, mate?”

An almost crippling shyness crept over me as I looked up at AJ Jones. It was something I hadn’t felt the Friday before when we’d bumped into each other at Tesco. Maybe it was the fact that since then I’d shot a load into my undies over a picture of him blasting a front lat spread on stage in his shiny, lime green posers.

“Oh, hi!” I said with a tone of surprise.

I was almost certain that I was blushing. And God, was I nervous. But I also couldn’t help feeling an almost overwhelmingly giddy rush at seeing Little Denton’s only junior competitive bodybuilder again.

“Yeah - I work here too!” he replied. “Typical Little Denton. You can’t go anywhere without seeing someone you know! Have you finished filling out your form?”

I handed it over to him as he sat down in the chair next to mine. Sitting so close to AJ, it felt like my whole body had turned to mush and I was about to melt into the chair. I literally couldn’t suppress my smile from the buzz I was feeling at being in the presence of a man so ridiculously fucking huge and hot.

His body was just fucking insane. His upper arms were literally twice the size of mine. Even his forearms were bigger than the average lad’s. Thick and strong looking, completely hairless and with a number of extremely hot, modestly thick veins running underneath his gorgeously smooth skin.

The size of his shoulders was extraordinary too. Bulging out either side of his frame, stretching out the sleeves of his black t-shirt (possibly both tighter and hotter than his Tesco’s shirt). And his chest. Fucking hell! I swear he could have balanced a glass on it.

As he studied the form, I also couldn’t help noticing just how absurdly fucking cute he was. Much more so than in his pictures, or even when we’d bumped into each other the week before. Is it possible to someone to get cuter in just five days? He was so fucking masculine but still charmingly boyish, with his cute little button nose, slightly sticky out ears and blemish free skin. Even his thick, bull neck and freshly cut, nicely styled hair were turning me on.

Everything about AJ just radiated a hotness. So much so that I began to swell. Fuck! Trying to hide a semi in your jeans in the middle of a Tesco’s is relatively easy, but sitting next to a bodybuilder in a fairly intimate manner wearing nothing but baggy tracksuit bottoms with no one else around prevents a considerably tougher challenge. I crossed my wrists together and buried my hands in my crotch to try and conceal it, hoping and praying it went down by the time we actually had to stand up.

“Oh wow, you still live at Hayes Avenue!” said the hottest lad I’d ever seen in my entire fucking life.


“Do you still have the big swing set at the bottom of your garden?”

“Yeah!” I replied, grinning. It felt incredibly surreal to be discussing the contents of the garden of the house I’d always lived in with someone whose biceps were THAT obscenely huge. But then, AJ had been in that garden countless times when we were younger. And with it, I also felt this amazing buzz at discussing something so personal with a guy who, on occasion, strutted around a bodybuilding stage, flexing his shredded mass and pulling funny faces as he tugged on the straps of his shiny, lime green posing trunks.

“How about you?” I asked. “Do you still live at Pickford Road?”

AJ informed me that his family had moved house a few years before. He still lived about a fifteen minute walk from my parents’ house, but now in the opposite direction. I pictured the area he lived in and suddenly started to wonder what AJ’s bedroom looked like. Did he have pictures of bodybuilders on the wall? And just where in that room did he keep his posing trunk collection? FUCK! I pressed my wrists down harder on my crotch. My erection definitely WASN’T going down.

“OK, improve fitness level…” AJ was reading from my form. He then suddenly pursed his lip and pulled a face. “Ooooh. Mate! It says here you wanna build muscle?”

My stomach suddenly twisted with nerves. I had no idea what AJ was about to say next.

“Sorry, mate, but I might have to get one of the other guys to help you out there. I’m afraid I don’t know much about that!”


And suddenly he was beaming at me cheekily, and I was laughing in response at probably the funniest and most outrageous thing he could have said, while simultaneously being reminded of just how funny AJ was.

I couldn’t believe he actually just referenced the fact that he was a mini muscle bull of a bodybuilder. And I couldn’t help veering my eyes down, once more, to those enormous upper arms and wondering what it would be like to watch them explode and flex before my eyes.

I was suddenly dying to ask him just when and how the hell he’d transformed into such a beast, but I didn’t quite have the nerve. I twisted my face up, instead. “Hmmm. Yeah - aren’t gym instructors supposed to at least look like they go to the gym?” I raised one eyebrow and looked him and down.

AJ laughed in response. “What, and be one of those big, muscly, bodybuilder guys? EURGH! No thanks! I mean … GROSS!”

I laughed and blushed simultaneously, partly at indulging in friendly banter with AJ about how big he was, but also partly just because he’d just said the word “bodybuilder” out loud. If only he knew just how much of an interest I had in the world of huge, freaky muscle. And just how many bodybuilders, professional or otherwise, I could name.

“So, today is just about signing you up, and running through the machines with you. I take it you’ve been to a gym before?”

As he asked the question, his eyes veered to the exposed part of my regular sized, none freakishly muscular right upper arm, which made me feel incredible self conscious. “Yeah!” I sheepishly replied.

“OK, so it’ll be more just familiarising you with the machines. Make sure you’re using them properly. There’s a few other things to go through at the end too. But then you’ll be all set.”

As we headed towards the gym, hard on gone but in very dangerous risk of returning at any given moment, AJ made the most absurd comment. “I feel like a midget next to you!”

I grinned in response, while thinking how utterly ridiculous it was that someone like AJ was comparing himself unfavourably to me. Because, yes, I had a few inches of height on him, but he was about five times cuter and about a hundred times more muscular than I was. He had the kind of body that made grown men cum in their pants just at the mere thought of it.

As we climbed the stairs to the gym, I was able to get my first decent glimpse of AJ from the back that day and FUCK, I could actually see his pumped lats bulging underneath his stretched t-shirt, which had “Little Denton Leisure Centre” written across the back. His waist was impressively small too. And underneath that, sticking out and covered up by his nicely filled out tracksuit bottoms was his big, round, munchable bottom. It was possibly the hottest rear view of anyone I’d ever seen and I was suddenly panicking because my dick was starting to swell once again.

Luckily the gym was packed, which completely killed my semi. AJ talked me through every machine and it was probably the hottest demonstration of anything I’d ever witnessed. It also gave me the perfect opportunity to marvel at the bulging muscle hiding underneath his gym clothes.

I watched his quads bulge at the leg curl, his chest squeeze together at the pec dec, and best of all, I watched his biceps erupt and swell in the bicep curl machine. Even just being next to AJ was absurdly hot. And gave me a rush like no other. He was unequivocally the hottest and biggest lad in the gym. In fact, no one else even came close. And I felt like the luckiest person in the room because I was with him. And because I get to be so close up to that ridiculously developed, bodybuilding stage worthy body.

“You know, I’ve seen your mum in Tesco’s a few times. I’ve said hi, but I’m not sure if she recognises me!”

Exiting the gym, AJ and I were walking back down to the reception area.

“Hmmm. It must be the hair!” I said, referring to AJ’s joke in Tesco the week before.

He giggled. This really, cute little giggle, which, somehow, didn’t quite match with his incredibly masculine appearance. “Hey, how’s your sister, Kayleigh, these days?”

“Yeah, she’s good! She’s a nurse now. She lives in Bristol.”

My sister absolutely adored AJ when we were friends. My mum too, in fact.

“I think you’d have a bit of a shock if you saw her now though. She’s erm … a little alternative. Loads of tattoos! Which my parents love,” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

“Think she’d be shocked if she saw me?” AJ asked with a cheeky grin.

“Ummm … yeah! Just a bit!” I couldn’t help but blush when I said it. I was beginning to get the impression that AJ got a bit of a kick out of the fact he’d transformed himself into a monster. Which both excited me, and somehow made him even hotter.

We sat back down in the reception area. “As shocked as you were last week?” AJ quipped.

The question surprised me. I guess shocked is one way of describing how I’d felt when I’d come to face to face with a competitive bodybuilder bulging out of his work uniform, who also happened to have been one of my best friends at school.

I suddenly felt a surge of bravery, so I took the plunge and asked the question I’d be dying to earlier. “So, erm … how did you - ? I mean, when did you …” but AJ interrupted me.

“Stop being able to walk through a doorway without having to turn sideways?”


I released a short, loud laugh. “Well, I was gonna say when did you start going to the gym, but …” I replied.

AJ did his cute little giggle again. “Erm. I think it was around Year 11. Do you remember Andy?”

My heart suddenly expanded. “Yeah!” I replied. Did I remember Andy? It was such an absurd question that I almost wanted to laugh. Andy was AJ’s mum’s motorbike riding boyfriend. He was built like a brick shit house, had a head so bald it would make any boiled egg look hairy and was almost always walking around wearing leather biker gear.

I can still hear the creaking noise of his leather trousers whenever he’d walk through the house and I can still most definitely picture his big, meaty thighs and thick, round arse bulging underneath the material. Andy was like Little Denton’s very own answer to The Rock, the reason I realised I was gay, and possibly the sole purpose why I now have a thing for muscular men, bald heads and leather gear.

“Well, he took me to a gym called Scorpio’s. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it?”

I’d absolutely heard of Scorpio’s. It was a gym about five miles North of Little Denton with a reputation for being the kind of serious, hardcore gym inhabited by bodybuilders and guys on steroids. I couldn’t help being amused at the image of small, skinny sixteen year old AJ Jones going to a place like that, being surrounded by a bunch of meat monsters.

“I know it’s got a bit of a reputation but there’s a great group of lads in there. It wasn’t ‘till I left school that I really got into it, though. I guess I just kinda caught the bug. I remember seeing these huge, shredded lads, some of them just a few years older than me and I just really wanted to be like them! A couple of them, Andy’s mates, kinda took me under their wings and, well … three years later and I was competing in a bodybuilding show!”

I suddenly remembered the pictures of AJ competing in his shiny, lime green posers from his Facebook profile and quickly placed my hands over my crotch again.

“How many, ummm … shows have you done?” My heart was pounding as I asked the question. I was actually conversing with a genuine bodybuilder about competing in shows.

“Three so far! My last one was a few months ago. The pictures on my Facebook profile - they’re from this year’s show!” he said, grinning.

I blushed at the mention of the Facebook pictures, one of which I’d creamed off to just last week.

“Did they freak you a little?” he asked, with an almost devilish smirk.

“NO!” I replied. “I mean - it’s not something you see every day, but, I was more wowed than freaked out. I mean - I know it takes a huge amount of work and dedication to get to that level.”

“It does!” he said nodding, looking surprised and impressed. “Most people don’t really think about that. They just think I look like a freak. Which I do! I mean, that’s kinda the look I was going for.”

And then I really did start to swell. Fucking HELL!

“It’s a pretty awesome look!” I said.

Oh God. You did NOT just say that.

AJ looked surprised, but he was grinning. I felt a surge of panic. Why would a guy like me who hadn’t been to the gym for a year think that bodybuilders looked good? Maybe because I was a raging homosexual who regularly dumped loads into my undies while watching YouTube videos of shredded bodybuilders like AJ flexing their outrageously developed muscles.

“Maybe I should take you to Scorpio’s!”

Oh my fucking GOD!

“We’ll get you shredded in no time, Noah!”

Hell fucking YES, AJ. Take me Scorpio's. Make me huge. Get me shredded. Turn me into a freak so I can stand on stage next to you and pull up the straps of my shiny, lime green posing trunks (just like yours!) as I show off my ripped slabs of crazily conditioned muscle and a crowd of adoring non-muscle freaks cheer and shout at the freakshow before them. FUCK YEAH!

“OK, mate, so it’s £14.99 a month and you can cancel any time, which I guess you’ll be doing when you go back to uni?” It was, apparently back down to the business of signing up to the gym.

“There’s one other thing we do here which I need to tell you about. It might sound like a sales plug but hear me out! We offer personal training sessions at £25 per session. I know it’s expensive, but when you sign up you get the option of having a session half price, with no obligation to have another one. It’s totally up to you, but if you wanna build muscle, you might actually benefit from having one. And the trainer’s here know what they’re talking about. Especially the one who’s a bodybuilder!” He then cocked his head and did this cheesy, but totally adorable grin that seemed to fill half of his face.

“Hmmmm,” I said. I wasn’t hugely interested at first, until the moment he revealed he was one of the trainer’s, and then I was suddenly extremely excited at the prospect of spending another hour in the company of the impossibly hot, mini muscle beast sitting next to me.

“Do I pick the trainer?” I asked.

“Yep!” he replied. Then he did the cocked head, big cheesy grin face again and pointed to himself with both fingers and I laughed out loud.

“OK! Training session sounds good. I want the guy over there on reception!”

His mouth fell open slightly then he grinned. “OK, but you’ll never get abs with that guy. Or biceps as big as these.”

Pant pant fucking pant!!

“OK, I have a slot free this Friday at 10?” AJ said. “You did want me, yeah?” he adorably then added.

“Yeah!” I said, laughing. “Friday sounds good.”

“Awesome!” he replied, with his biggest grin yet.

And my whole body felt like it was about to burst with excitement. Because on Friday morning I would get to see AJ Jones again. Gorgeous, cute, funny, huge AJ Jones. Maybe the summer wasn’t going to be so boring after all.


“So it turns out AJ Jones has about ten jobs! Guess who just gave me my gym induction, and guess who I’ve got a personal training session with on Friday?”

Three dots appeared on my phone to tell me that Naomi was replying to my text.

“No way!”

Three more dots. Naomi was writing another message.

“CHOO CHOO! All aboard the Noah Cook Express. Next stop: Perv City!”

“HAHA!” I replied. And then I sent two emoji’s. The blushing one with the eyes wide open and the little monkey covering his mouth with his hands.

“Does he know you wank off to bodybuilders in magazines?”

I released a short, loud laugh to myself.

“Of course. I wrote it on the top of my gym form in capital letters. WANKS TO BODYBUILDERS. No use beating around the bush.”

Three dots.

One single emoji came through. The crying with laughter face.

My phone pinged. I’d received another text, only this one was from Eddie.

“Hey, handsome. Are we still on for Friday night?”

I couldn’t help but giddily grin. Partly at the prospect of another night out, partly because Eddie was a great guy, but also because he’d called me handsome again.

“What are you smiling that? Who’s THAT texting you?” my mum exclaimed as she walked into the kitchen.


“Naomi!” I lied.

“Hmmm. A likely story!” she said. “I bet it’s someone you’ve met from one of those Internet gay sex chat lines.”

How the fuck did she always know?!

“You know there’s no such thing, right?” I teased, knowing full well she meant a dating app.

“Well, whatever they’re called! I know you’re on them. Sex, sex, sex, That’s all you ever think about.”

I groaned, rolled my eyes and walked out of the room, hoping that my mum hadn’t seen that I was secretly smirking in amusement. Just because I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction. Or encourage her.

“You know normal mum’s don’t talk to their sons like that!” I shouted back to her as I walked to the stairs.

I broke into a smile as I retreated to my bedroom. I couldn’t deny that my mum made me laugh. As well as annoying the hell out of me, obviously. She’d been wrong about the sex thing, though. I thought about a lot of things besides sex. For the days leading up to my personal training session with AJ, for example, I thought about a whole variety of subjects.

AJ’s biceps. AJ’s tits. How big AJ’s arse looked in his trackie bottoms at the gym. AJ’s cute button nose. AJ’s adorable sticky out ears. The pictures of AJ on his Facebook page of him in competition, tanned from head to toe and shredded to the bone (FUCK). AJ’s lime green posing trunks (slurp fucking slurp)! AJ’s hilarious comment about bodybuilders being gross. The big, cheesy grin he’d given me as he’d tried to tempt me into signing up for a personal training session, and the fact that I was going to be spending yet another hour in the company of someone so huge, funny and fucking cute.

In fact, I thought about that training session so much that when the Friday morning in question came I felt incredibly nervous. My heart was even pounding as I waited for him in the reception area of the leisure centre. This wasn’t helped by the fact that, when he did arrive, he looked even sexier than he had done two days before.

His arms looked extra pumped, his t-shirt seemed just a little bit tighter and his hair was styled with just a little more precision. I also couldn’t help but notice that he had a bit of a tanned glow. I momentarily wondered whether he’d made an extra special effort for me, before reminding myself that I wasn’t a hot, twenty year old female fitness model.

I instantly started to swell, which I was beginning to suspect might just be the natural reaction to seeing AJ in the flesh (or in pictures on his Facebook profile, for that matter).

He was giving me a cute little grin, but he didn’t look quite as relaxed as he had done on our previous encounters. There was something written on his face and I think I knew what it was; he’d noticed that I was nervous.

“You OK, mate?” he asked me with a tone of adorable sincerity.

I told him yes as if nothing was wrong, because who wants to admit that they’re bricking it? And why would I even be nervous in the first place? I was just someone going for a personal training session. A session with someone who, a week ago, I was wanking off to a picture of while he cranked a front lat spread with his lips arrogantly pursed, fully displaying what a beyond human muscle freak he was.

We sat at a little round table facing each other, which made me even more nervous. Partly because he was looking directly at me, but also because it provided me with possibly the hottest view I could imagine. I wanted to either melt, shrink or disappear. But, equally, I also just wanted to sit there looking at the insanely hot bodybuilder before me.

“Been up to much, mate?” AJ asked.

Hmmm. Have I been up to much? Let’s see. Thinking about you. Thinking about your biceps. Thinking about you yanking up the straps up your shiny, lime green posers and your perfect pecs jumping up to your chin as you blast a front lat spread. Thinking about how much I’d love to just sink my average sized body into your cushions of outrageously thick muscle mass.

“Erm … just chilling out really.”

“How long do you get off uni for the Summer?”

“Three months!”

“Lucky bastard!” he replied, playfully shaking his head. “I knew I should have gone to uni! Going on holiday anywhere this year?”

I shook my head. “How about you?”

“Yep. Ibiza! The third week of August!”

“Very nice!” I replied. I suddenly had an image of AJ in a big Ibiza super club, dancing away with his top off. Sweat pouring down his tanned face. A huge, cheeky grin on his oh-so-gorgeous face. His humongous sized tits out for everyone to gawp at.

“Yeah, my cousin’s getting married over there so all of my family are flying out,” he informed me. AJ at a wedding? How on Earth would he find a suit that fit?

He then looked over his shoulder, before leaning towards me (oh God!) and speaking in a hushed voice.

“So … we’re not really supposed to do this for the half price sessions, but I’ve drawn you up a training and diet plan.” He slid a few sheets of paper over the table towards me.

“Oh, wow!” My heart fluttered.

“No pressure to stick to it, and you don’t have to be that strict, but if you do want to build a bit of muscle, this would be a great plan to help you!”

“Wow. Thanks!” I didn’t really know what else to say. AJ gave me a coy and adorable little grin and, again, I want to fucking melt. Either in the chair, or straight into his obscenely huge arms.

I momentarily wondered whether this was actually just a sales tactic to build trust, and get me to book another session. But my intuition, and the genuine, heart melting smile he was giving me, told me that AJ was simply just being nice to an old friend.

“You’ll be walking around in a vest by the end of the summer!” he said, once more looking at my arms and making me blush.

He went through the training and diet plan with me and gave me lots of pointers about doing every set to failure and other such things I vaguely already know about.

“OK, why don’t we do legs and arms today?”

As we headed towards the gym he asked me another question which threw me a little. “Nervous?”

“Ummmm …”

“Don’t worry. I’ll go easy on you!” he said with a cheeky smile. I couldn’t get over just how fucking gorgeous he looked that day. I could have sworn his biceps were bigger. Maybe he’d done an arm workout before he’d met me? Or maybe it was his t-shirt, which was different to last time, and had the words “I’M IN TRAINING” written on the back, which, for some reason, I find outrageously horny. He was such a fucking muscle boy. He must have just constantly thought about lifting, eating, flexing and getting as huge and shredded as he possibly could.

Despite his promise, AJ didn’t go easy on me at the gym. At all. In fact, I’d never had a gym experience like it. He pushed me on every machine and every set. By the end of it, I was a hot, sweaty, tired mess. I was also fairly sure I wouldn’t be able to walk for the next week. But AJ was a brilliant trainer. He was calm, friendly and encouraging. And all throughout the session I pondered just how reckless it would be to use my emergency student credit card to pay for two and half month’s worth of personal training sessions with AJ.

When the hour came to an end, I was as equally gutted as I was relieved. I couldn’t help but feel giddy when he threw me a compliment and told me I’d done really well as we exited the gym.

“I’m not gonna lie though, mate. You’re probably gonna ache a bit tomorrow!”

I suddenly remembered the first time I ever went to the university gym. I could barely move for the following two days.

“Any plans for tonight, mate?” AJ asked.

“Erm … just going to town for a few drinks. With a friend.”

I had my second date with Eddie, but all I wanted in that moment was to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening collapsed on my bed.

“Anyone I know?”

“Ummm. No. He doesn’t live around here.”

For some reason I blushed. It felt weird discussing going to meet a boy with AJ. Not that my sexuality was exactly a secret. I’d been officially outed in Year 11 by my then so-called best friend, Reece Miller. Cue a few months of gay jokes from some of the more immature lads in the year. There was little chance that had bypassed AJ. I’m sure some of his friends had even been amongst the lads who’d made the jokes.

“So … any questions about the training plan?”

After the faces I’d pulled in front of AJ squeezing out every last rep to failure, I was feeling considerably less shy at that point. “Hmmm … I do have one. How long before I look like you?”

AJ chuckled and beamed. “Ahhh. See, mate, this is a training plan to build muscle. If you wanna become a shredded muscle freak, that’s a whole other plan!” he said grinning.

Shredded muscle freak? Did he actually just say those fucking words?

“It starts with quitting this gym and coming to Scorpio’s with me!” he said, with a mischievous grin.

I suddenly felt an almost overwhelming rush of excitement at the thought of going to a notoriously hardcore gym with Little Denton’s only competitive bodybuilder. Or maybe it was just the thought of doing anything with AJ. I’d loved those last two words he’d spoken. “With me.” I had an image of walking into Scorpio’s. AJ bulging out of a tight vest. Me in a baggy t-shirt. Possibly Harry Potter themed. AJ proudly introducing me to the other meatheads at the gym. “Alright, lads? This is Noah. My new boyfriend. That’s right, lads! My boyfriend.”

I couldn’t help but notice a little glint in AJ’s eyes as he insinuated that I accompany him to Scorpio’s. Maybe he just liked the idea of corrupting me. Taking a slim, bookish uni student and throwing him into the crazy world of a hardcore bodybuilding gym. I wondered whether he sensed that I very much liked the idea too. When I thought about it, he’d always had a liking for leading me astray when we’d been friends at school.

As we reached the reception area of the gym and AJ turned to face me, I felt a huge wave of sadness. Our session had come to an end. The weird thing was, I couldn’t help noticing that he looked a little deflated too.

“So,” he said, almost with a sigh. “You did really good today, mate.”

Face to face with him I just couldn’t get over how absurdly sexy he was. I wanted more than anything to nuzzle into that huge chest. To sink into that incredibly muscular torso and wrap my arms around his ridiculous back. How would that feel? To melt into the body of a painfully gorgeous bodybuilder? Would it be everything I imagined it would? Would I spunk in my pants the minute my body met his? And would I ever want to let go?

“See how you get on with the plan, anyway. Let me know if it’s not working for you. But don’t book another personal training session. They’re a rip off!”

I suddenly felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach. There went my fantasy of a whole summer of personal training sessions with AJ.

What happened next was strange. “Unless you want to, of course!” he quickly said. I couldn’t quite work out his expression. Had he seen something of the disappointment in my face? I also couldn’t help sensing a slight hope in his expression. Did “if you want to” mean “on second thoughts, please, do”? And if so, why? Maybe AJ had simply just suddenly realised he’d talked himself out of potentially more business for him and the gym.

A weird awkwardness was hanging in the air.

“I wish I could do “mate’s rates”, but it’s not up to me!”

My heart fluttered, again. Mate’s rates. The idea of me being mates with a bodybuilder. Fuck! I suddenly had the urge to whip out of my phone and tell all my muscle contacts on Twitter that I, Noah Cook, was fucking mates with a bodybuilder. And an insanely fucking hot one at that. I’m pretty sure the majority of them would go nuts if I shared a picture of AJ flexing in his lime green posers. And then I would break the news that, “Yes, guys. I know him. We went to school together. How fucking nuts is THAT?”

“Have a good one tonight, Noah. And if you do want another session just let reception know!”

I said my goodbye’s and watched AJ walk away. His lats bulging out of his black “I’M IN TRAINING” t-shirt and his outrageously big and crazily cute bum sticking out of his trackies. I was buzzing that I’d spent time with an actual competitive bodybuilder, but gutted that I had no idea if and when I’d see him again.

I could, of course, have booked another personal training session. But wouldn’t that have looked suspicious after AJ had told me they were a rip off?  But I couldn’t shake the feeling that he’d wanted me to ask for another one.

There was only one thing I knew for sure in that moment; even if I only had the briefest of encounters with AJ, probably through accidental run-in’s at the gym or in Tesco, from that moment forward, I’d at least always have an amazing story to tell any future muscle contacts and fellow lovers of huge, freaky bodybuilders.


Every single time I’ve been on a second date with someone I’ve met from the Internet, it’s gone considerably better than the first. There’s no first date nerves of having to spend the evening with someone you don’t know, or potentially might not like. And, perhaps more importantly, there’s a confidence that comes with knowing both parties actually liked each other enough that they wanted to meet for a second time.

My date with Eddie was no exception. Since saying goodbye to AJ that morning, the rest of the day had taken on an almost poignant tone. With my head fluctuating from sadness that AJ Jones would never be more than just an old school friend who’d transformed into a genuine, bona fide muscle bull, who I’d amazingly ended up having a personal training session with, to feeling this incredible buzz that that very experience had actually happened in the first place.

That had subsided a little as I’d ventured out to spend the evening with Eddie. It was one of those summer nights where you walked out of the house and it felt like anything was possible. The pubs were packed, with people spilling out onto the street. Eddie and I were sitting by the window of a bar slightly trendier than the one we’d been to on our first night. We’d taken advantage of a two for one cocktail deal, my choice of which just so happened to be the strongest cocktail I’d ever tasted. I was only on my second one and already feeling tipsy when I started to tell Eddie about my personal training session.

“Ooooh! So you’re going to be all big and buff in a few weeks then?”

I grinned uncontrollably at the suggestion. Probably way more than I should have. I suddenly felt like I’d had just a tiny slither of an idea of what AJ must have felt like when people praised him for being a shredded, flexing, mini muscle monster in tiny, shiny posers.

“I’d like to meet this personal trainer!” Eddie exclaimed. Every time AJ came up in mine and Eddie’s conversations I felt this incredible buzz.

“Well, you obviously think he’s hot,” Eddie continued. “Every time you mention him your face lights up and you have this cute little grin on your face.”


“Hmmm. He is kinda hot,” I replied. And then I gave Eddie a coy smile, which I knew completely gave away my feelings. With the alcohol diminishing my inhibitions I felt a surge of bravery.

“Wanna see a picture?” I asked.

Eddie said yes, and as I took my phone out of my pocket, my heart started to pound. I would never have done it sober and I knew that I was risking freaking Eddie out by showing him a picture of a shredded, tanned up bodybuilder cranking out poses on stage with his face scrunched up, his mouth wide open or his tongue sticking out.

As very such pictures of AJ flashed up on my phone, my stomach twisted and I suddenly regretted my offer to Eddie, so I quickly scrolled through to find a less extreme photo. I landed on one of him on holiday wearing a vest and sunglasses and flexing his biceps for the camera.. An oh-so cheeky grin on his face, and looking heart meltingly cute.

“Oh my God!” Eddie exclaimed in shock when he looked at my phone. Which made me laugh, and wonder what his reaction would have been if I had shown him one of AJ’s competition shots.

“He’s HUGE!” Eddie cried.

“This is a guy who used to have sleepovers at my house!”

“So, is that what you’re gonna look like then by the end of the Summer?”

I scoffed. “Hardly!”

“Well I’d fully support you if I did. But I think you look fine as you are!” he said. “More than fine.”

Oh God. I had absolutely no doubts about Eddie’s intentions at that point. And while I did enjoy his company, I still wasn’t completely convinced that I liked him as anything more than a friend. Even though a part of me wanted to.

After a third cocktail we headed to the pub where we’d had our first date. The music was cranked up high and it seemed twice as busy as it had been the week before. At that point, I was feeling a bit drunk, but it was a nice, happy drunk. My limbs didn’t feel quite so stiff and heavy from my monster training session either.

We bumped into two slightly older guys that Eddie knew. They were friendly and nice and one of them obviously liked me by the way he was talking to me and looking at me. The fact he asked if Eddie and I were “together” was a bit of a give away too. I told him we were on a “sort of date” and hoped Eddie hadn’t heard me, because I was pretty sure he’d very much categorise the evening as a date (no sort of’s about it).

As we drank and talked in the pub’s garden area I was very much in the present and not thinking about any of the other events of the day, or the past week. All of that changed, however, when I checked my phone for the time in a while to find a Facebook notification waiting for me. My heart literally felt like it was about to burst, because staring back at me from the screen of my phone were the words: AJ Jones has sent you a message.

With my head spinning, I headed to the toilets. I could not open AJ’s message in front of Eddie. Or anyone for that matter. I was scared of what my face might give away. As I retreated and walked past the crowd of pub goers I literally could not stop smiling. Because AJ had messaged me on Facebook. Fucking YES!

Locked in one of the toilet cubicles, my heart pounded as I opened up his message.

“How are the legs?” And there was an emoji too. The one with the big teeth bearing smile. It suited him perfectly.

I wrote a message back. “Hehe! A little sore. I think the alcohol is numbing the pain a bit.” I included my favourite emoji. The cheeky one with the one eye closed and the tongue sticking out. The “AJ emoji”. As soon as I hit send I regretted the, “Hehe!” Because only a fucking twelve year old girl would say, “Hehe!”


I laughed at his reply. Twelve year old girls and lime green posing trunk wearing competitive bodybuilders with twenty inch biceps, apparently.

Three dots appeared. AJ was writing another message.

“Hmmm. Funny, but I don’t remember putting beer on the diet plan I made you.”

I was grinning like crazy. I couldn’t believe how engaging in cheeky banter with a bodybuilder over Facebook was causing such a fucking rush.

I replied to his message. “I know! It’s bad.”

And it was only because I was drunk that I had the courage to write what I did next.

“I’ll never be a shredded muscle freak like you.”

As soon as I sent it I panicked. Fuck, bugger, fuck, I thought. Why the HELL did I just write that? But then his reply came.

“HAHA! I told you. You’ve gotta come to Scorpio’s for that!”

I relaxed instantly and felt like I was gonna melt into the cubicle door. Fuck, I love this! I thought.

“Gulp! I’m worried I’d be mistaken for a bodybuilder’s one of six meals a day and getting gobbled up whole.”

Three dots.

“HAHAHA!!” And then he sent two crying with laughter emoji’s.

I made a bodybuilder laugh. I just made a fucking bodybuilder laugh! OK, that means me and AJ are now officially boyfriends, right?

And then he sent his best message yet.

“I’ll look after you.”

And suddenly my heart wanted to burst. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever wanted anything more than I wanted to be looked after by AJ Jones in that moment.

I had no idea how to respond to that message. A gay guy tells you that and you smile, or blush or you say, “Awwww” or, “Bless you”. But what’s the appropriate response when it’s coming from a two hundred pounds future 212 class bodybuilder?

And then it hit me.

“My very own bodyguard? Awesome!”

I had no idea whether it was a good response, or a shit one. AJ paused for a few moments. No dots. And then he sent the “AJ emoji”. Sometimes people use emoji’s when they don’t know what to say. I think that was one those times. But then he followed it up.

“Yep! If any muscle bull tries to put you in a protein shake, I’ll squeeze a mean most muscular in their face. GRAAARR!”


I couldn’t believe he’d used the words “most muscular”, which just so happened to be the bodybuilding pose which turned me on the most. I also couldn’t help picturing AJ squaring up to some meathead bodybuilder in the gym and cranking out that very pose in defence of me. His huge slabs of muscle bulging out of a white gym vest. His mouth wide open as he aggressively roared in the face of his victim. “GRAAARR!” FUCK YEAH!!

Another message from AJ came through.

“Sorry! Most muscular = bodybuilding term.”

I grinned at the irony of the message, but also suddenly had the overwhelming urge to tell AJ I knew exactly what a most muscular is. Along with every other official bodybuilding pose, and probably every other “bodybuilder term” that he did, for that matter.

Three dots.

“You’ll get to know all about those when I take you to Scorpio’s.”

I started to wonder whether AJ was actually serious about taking me to the hardcore bodybuilding gym which had played a huge part in his journey to becoming a huge, shredded muscle bull.

And then another thought came into my mind. What if AJ was taking the piss? What if he was with a group of his bodybuilder mates right now who were all crowded round him and laughing at my messages? What if AJ had told them all about this gay guy he used to be friends with at school who he’d trained that morning and who could barely push 50 kilograms on the chest press? And they’d dared him to message me and they were all looking at his phone in that moment, laughing and taking the piss?

I realised I’d been in the toilet cubicle for an usually long amount of time, so I replied to him with a single “AJ emoji” and headed back to Eddie and his mates.

“We thought you’d gotten lost!” Eddie cheekily said.

“Or pulled!” one of his friend’s added.

“He better not have done!” Eddie exclaimed.

Fuck. I was starting to think that maybe my chance to tell Eddie that I was actually just looking for drinking buddies and nothing more had gone. And yet, that didn’t stop me from kissing him again at the end of the night. Maybe kissing him in that moment was just the easiest thing to do?

I got a text from Eddie on the train journey home.

“Thanks for another great night out, handsome. That kiss was definitely more intense than last time! x”

I smiled as I looked at the text and a warm feeling washed over me. Maybe I could grow to like Eddie as more than a friend? He was handsome, smart, funny and nice. The type of guy I should be going for. The type of guy I would probably eventually end up with one day.

But you either feel the butterflies, or you don’t. And so far, with Eddie, they just weren’t there. And then I thought about AJ Jones. For the forty-fifth time that day. Impossibly cute AJ with his twenty inch biceps and t-shirt straining muscle tits and his cheeky, funny Facebook messages.

And holy fuck, the butterflies. One hundred thousand, fuck off massive butterflies.

COMING UP IN PART 3: AJ and Noah continue their cheeky, bodybuilding related banter over Facebook messages, then AJ invites Noah to Scorpio's, the local hardcore bodybuilding gym.

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